1.2 / February 21, 2016
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Poetry(kavithalu) that connects with heart.Thank you forEncouraging me.

App Information Telugu Kavitha

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Telugu Kavitha 1.2 APK
Poetry(kavithalu) that connects with heart.Thank you forEncouraging me.
Shadow Knight 1.3.1 APK
Shadow knight is a free endless fantasy game of survival of aknight flying on a angry giant eagle shooting the arrows of fire tokill the blood thirsty creatures and blast the super sharp ninjashurikens, iron weapons with spikes.Story of the knight in theshadows...our hero had a little brother and a special friend whichis a giant eagle. Knight also have a super power to vanish inshadow and attack enemy with power.On a full moon day our knightand his little brother were playing together near a cave. Suddenlysome rogue ninja attacked knight and his little brother for theirfun. The elder brother managed to avoid all the shurikens and ninjaattacks with his super skills to vanish in shadows and saved hisbrother, but then one ninja threw a flame shuriken into the cave torelease the big evil bats colony from cave and made them to attackthe two brothers. Knight skills to vanish in shadows were of no useagainst bats, he killed many bats with his flame arrows but at theend the evil bats killed his little brother and flew away. Thismade elder brother angry and he decided to kill all the evil bats.Then our hero started his journey of revenge on a eagle with a bowand arrows of fire.an endless fantasy game...in this game you arethe knight flying on a eagle. You can control the eagle by slidingyour finger on the screen and can evade the bats and shurikens thatattacks you on your way. You can also shoot fire arrows againstbats and ninja shurikens to blast them in air. Your score willincrease every time you kill a bat or blast a shuriken and also asyour distance of flight increases. There are some obstacles whichyou can not blast, you have to avoid them from hitting you withtactics. The speed and difficulty of game increases as you moveforward.features1.decent graphics.2.Fantastic gameplay.3.great timekiller.4.Awesome sound effects.begin the survival as a super shadowknight and try out your archery skills.All the bestmail me if youhave any suggestions srivdk888@gmail.com
Light Vs Dark 1.4 APK
Protect the Light - Avoid Black Dots, Capture Light Dots.UseArrowsavailable at the bottom of Screen to control the Shield.TheLightVs Dark Game is a simple free game with easy controls but hardtomaster. The game is to protect the light at the center whichwillbe attacked by black dots from all directions randomly. Youwillhave a shield which can be controlled by the arrow buttonsprovidedon the bottom of the screen , to reflect back the attackingblackdots.When the Light is hit by black dot then the brightness ofthelight will decreased and the range of view will be decreasedwhichincreases the difficulty of the game. And when brightnessdecreasesto zero then the game will end.There are glowing lightdots whichwill be coming randomly to help to increase thebrightness of thelight. You shall allow the white glowing dots tohit the Light inthe center to increase the brightness of thelight.Score increasesas the number of black dots are reflected backby theshield.Leaderboard is added to compete with people all overtheworld and prove you are the best.Light Vs Dark is Unique,Simple,Exciting, Cool game to play to pass the time and shiftyourmood.*Challenges the reflexes.*Quick Decisionmaking.*CoolGraphics.*Ultra Easy Controls.*Simple toUnderstand.Enjoy the FreeGame Light Vs Dark and please provide yourfeedback in the reviews.