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App provides a collection of proverbs (samethalu) in Telugu whichwill be very much useful in our day to day life while havingconversations with others. Using proverbs in our conversation willbreak the ice and get the attention of the audience.

App Information Telugu Samethalu - సామెతలు - Proverbs

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    Telugu Samethalu - సామెతలు - Proverbs
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    August 7, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Sonu appz
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Do you want to test your typing skills on mobile? Do you want toimprove your typing skills? Do you want to challenge your typingskills with others? Then this app, Typing Hero is for you. This appcame up with new design and new game model. Typing Hero is a funand learn app where you can improve your typing skills and alsohave fun by earn score for your tying on the app. Typing Hero hasdifferent types of typing difficulties like Easy, Medium, Hard andHarder. Text will be displayed based on this selection. This showsyour confidence and your typing level on mobile or tab. The textdisplayed on the game screen has animations. To make itinteresting, select one the animation speeds from Slow, Fast andFaster. To make the app more interesting, it has two game types.One is with timer and another is no timer. If you select “Timer”,you will play till the selected time limit is over. If you select“No Timer”, you free to play until you press back button to come tohome screen. With the combination of above selections, your text totype on the screen will be shown. For each letter you type, youwill earn score, and the score will be submitted to google leaderboards. Hence, you can compare yourself with others who played thisapp. You can click on “Info” button on home screen of the app toget more details. Challenging is back. Now you can challenge yourtyping skills with your friends. Play a game. At the end of thegame, you get an option "Challenge". On click of it, a link foryour game will be created and prompted to share with your networkvia Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Gmail, etc which areavailable on your device. Please provide your feedback or commentswhich help us to improve the Typing Hero app. [Features] + Improvetyping skills on mobiles and tabs + Select from various typingdifficulties + Options to choose text animation speed + Time limitto challenge yourself + Google leader boards integrations + Sharethe result with friends via social networks like Facebook, WhatsAppand other sharing channels + Compare yourself with others on theapp with leader boards + Test your typing speed + Share the appwith friends Play and Have Fun !!!
com.sonuappz.telugupadhyalu 1.1.3 APK
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Telugu Padhyalu are one of the most unique and powerful tools ofTelugu language. And also Telugu poems are part of Teluguliterature. This app is a collection of Telugu Padhyalu of Telugulaureates. Read, learn and teach Telugu Padhyalu (తెలుగు పద్యాలు).This app offers poems of, Vemana Padhyalu, Bhaskara Satakam,Sumathi Satakam, Kumara Satakam, Sri Krishna Satakam, BhatruhariSatakam, Sri Kalahasteeswara Satakam You can share the app withyour friends. This app provides an option to share your favoritepadhyalu/poems with your friends via social network channels likeFacebook, Whatsapp etc. You can navigate between the poems of thesame category. You can also learn the meaning (bhavam) of eachpoem.
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This Social All In One is a one app solutionfor all your social networking activities. No need to install eachapp like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and Instagram etc.This app supports all popular social networking sites.Social All In One is a must have app for all your social networkingactivities.Why to install individual apps for each social network and loseyour device memory when you can access all of them in only one app,that is “Social All in One” app, it will become the primary SocialHub on your phone.Enjoy all top social media networks in one single app.When you open the app, you can see the social networks on the homescreen. Scroll on the screen to see more.The list of social networks in this app is shown in an alphabeticalorder. Once you select any network to open, it will be shown underyour recent visits on the home screen. So no need to travel to theentire list every time to visit your favorite and regularnetwork.Features of the app "Social All In One"One app solution for all your social networking activitesYou can see all popular social networking platformsSelect the network to visit from the list on home screenApp is not saving any user information outside of the appApp is not sharing any user information to anyoneRecent Visit section in the home screen captures the fivenetworks visited most recentlyApp can be shared with friend from the icon on the homescreenDevice back button helps to navigate back to previous visitscreen of the selected social netowrking siteBack button on the network screen helps to go back to the homescreenYou can access many social networks through this app, few arelisted below :+ facebook+ twitter+ linked in+ google plus+ instagram+ aboutme+ academia+ anobii+ badoo+ bussu+ buzznet+ cafemom+ care2+ classmates+ fotolog+ geni+ italki+ disqus+ flickr+ fotolog+ 9Gag+ habbo+ hi5+ linkedin plus+ medium+ meet up+ my life+ mymfb+ my space+ pinterest+ quora+ qzone+ reddit+ slack+ tagged+ tumblr+ twoo+ viadeo+ vine+ vk+ wayn+ we heart it+ xing+ yikyak+ foursquare+ livejournal+ meetme+ multiply+ myheritage+ xangaand more....
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You may have many apps on your device. You may also maintain groupson your device for those apps. When you want to open an app, youhave to travel till that app and click on it. If you have 5 screenson the home and if your app is on the 5th screen, you have tonavigate to the 5th screen and open the app.Search app will besingle point to search and open any app on your device. Just typefew letters of your app name in the search field and your app willbe filtered.Just tap on it, your app will be opened.
Board Puzzles 3.1.0 APK
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English News 2.1.8 APK
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"English News" app is a news app to provide what other newspaperswrite on the same news. This app "Business News" shows news oncards view. Each card shows a list of links from different newschannels talking about a single news item. This helps to study/readand understand more about a news from different newschannels/newspapers/magazines. We see different ways ofpresentation on the same news in different newspapers. To see thenews in the various newspapers, we need to visit each and everynewspaper. Few newspapers may not cover some news. To address allthese problems, our app “English News” comes up with a solution toprovide a list of sources from different newspapers for eachnews.When you open the app, you can see a news and links with whatdifferent newspapers write about it. Click on the link which youwant to read the full story.And the app comes with a very niceuser-friendly design where you can see each news like cards. Youjust swipe up to see next news. You can also save favorites newsand read in future.In short, you can also read titles of a news indifferent newspapers. Sometimes titles are enough to know thenews.ENGLISH NEWS APP FEATURES:Know more about the same news fromdifferent sources of news channelsRead news in offline also whenthere is no internetRich and user friendly user interfaceSettingsscreen to give more control to userProvides different categories insettings to read all news from the same categoryOption to share theinteresting news with friends and social networks like Facebook,WhatsApp etc. Feature to save news to favorites and read themwhenever you wantIt works when there is no internet alsoOption toshare the app with friends and social networks like WhatsApp, mail,Bluetooth, messaging, facebook, twitter and other channelsavailable on your device.You can read live updates, news headlines,latest news, political news, sports news, entertainment news,national news, international news, local news, business news, stockmarket news, business updates, crime news, movies news, India news,English news, news videos, NRI news, district news, expert views,religious news, regional news, special news, news photos, worldnews from the following ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS.Disclaimer: This app isa consolidation of the websites. All contents of the websites areowned by the respective websites. We have no copyright over thecontent/logo of other websites. We are not blocking any content ofthe websites including their ads. These third party sites haveseparate and independent privacy policies and terms. Please readtheir privacy policy and terms and conditions carefully. For anydetails please mail us.
Match Colors 1.1.2 APK
Sonu appz
The "Match Colors" is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzleboard game.It has no numbers or characters but it has only colorson the board.HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move thetiles. When two tiles with the same color touch, they mix into thenext color. A color panel appears on top of the board to know thecolor range which also highlights the highest tile in your board,so that you can watch and play where you are and what is the nextcolor to achieve.If you reach the final goal color in the colorpanel then you win.When there is no scope to move tile, your gamewill be over.Match Colors game doesn't have any time limit, so youcan continue playing till either you achieve the goal or the gameis over.You can share your score and game with your friends.AppFeatures:+ A cool variant of 2048 puzzle game+ Board has only colortiles+ Can share the game screen with friends through social apps+When the goal is reached, user can play new game+ Can share thegame with friendsStart playing Match Colors and have fun !!!