1.0 / August 7, 2017
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Endless Temple Jungle Run Oz : Lost Castle 2017!Endless TempleJungle Run oz an amazing endless running adventure game is herewith golden brick road of Temple magic gold castle oz.Dash as fastas you can and explore different kind of oz worlds of lost templejungle and lost castle having dungeon Bats.Collect Gold Coins toUpgrade your powerUps which will increase you capacity to fightwith Evil and other dungeon Monsters in Temple horror run. Dragontook you Princess and destroy your city and Temple castle. To saveyour Temple Princess, run through every dungeon Environment of gamelike lost Jungle oz, and snowy castle but keep your mind open asthese temple pyramids and castles will trap you in serious templemaze from which no one escape till now.Endless Temple Jungle Run:Lost Castle Features:1. Free to play Temple jungle endless run.2.Endless running game play in Endless Run Snow: Oz.3. Infiniterunner mode.4. Escape from lost jungle maze in Temple maze as Mazerunner.

App Information Temple Jungle Run Oz: Lost Castle

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    Temple Jungle Run Oz: Lost Castle
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    August 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    360 Degree Games
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Endless Run Snow Temple: Oz 1.0.1 APK
Endless Run Snow Temple: OZ The Most thrilling mega-hit Temple GoldEndless Rush Runner is now available on android! The most addictiverunning experience for you that comes to you in a Golden MagicTemple. Every One is playing! Can you Beat their Score in theEndless Run Snow Temple Jungle runner? Keep Running in GoldenTemple to Survive! Join the Relic runner from Temple Gold Relic Runas you run,slide,jump and shoot the Temple Jungle Monsters. Themost Epic Relic Endless runner in snow Temple gold Adventure.Endless Temple jungle Run is the free adventure,fantasy andexcitement of an action RPG game. Endless Run Temple Escape is abrand new endless running game Who like to Play in Temple Jungle oztheme. This Temple Danger Run gives you thrilling illusions ofmysterious danger endless fort for your Temple Gold Rush Oz. Themost Exciting news is Temple Relic Run is free on Play Store. As aTemple Rider you are on a secret mission to bring the Ancient GoldTreasure contains millions of Gold Coins, diamonds jewellery andantiques .The key to find the Gold Treasure in the dungeon templejungle oz is the map that shows the location of treasure in thisdangerous temple gold mission. You must visit all the temples astemple rider in order to find all clues if gold treasure fromCastles. Beware! In all the Castle Pyramids Dangerous monsters arehidden to save their gold treasures in this temple jungle dangerendless run!The mysterious lost temple jungle castle Endless run isfull of dangerous paths, monsters, goblins and Fire dragons. Try torush as fast as you can! Snow gold temple run OZ is the action aswell as arcade style game of 2017.Temple jungle Epic Rush oz is themega hit brand new 3D Endless runner game that gives to theultimate pleasure of a Endless run game in a beautiful butdangerous Temple Magic Pyramids environments. Upgrade new weapons,armor and Power Ups that will enhance you ability to fight and youwill become stronger as you Unlock new abilities and Power Ups toattack. Grab you Weapons and set out an Epic running adventure fullof shooting action and sword fighting.In Endless Run Magic Templegame run like a real Gold hunter.Dragon took your princess anddestroy you beautiful magic castle. In order to save your Castleprincess we named that mission is Save Temple Princess Run. Themission complete when you safely back home with Princess and Lotsof Gold treasure for your Princess. For this Purpose you need topass all dungeons lost Temples such as Temple Jungle, Dark Forestfull of monsters ready to kill you, Magic Castle and dangerousfields full of snakes.Get pass all the hurdles in order to find andremain alive in this temple dash run and run as fast as you can torun away from this monsters. The path is packed with full ofsuspense and Endless fighting action. It is hard for everyone toget pass through these lost Temple jungle paths but only a truewarrior like you have the courage to do it for your Princess andfor your Village. Temple danger Subway Run is an Ultimate Templegame of 2017 which is better then ever and will give you what youlooking in a Real Endless Run: Lost Snow Temple OZ and Endless run:Lost Temple Jungle Oz Run.Endless Run: Snow Temple OzFeatures:-> Swipe to Turn,Jump and Slide.-> Magical, StunningDungeon Gold Temple Map for Running.-> Realistic DifferentEnvironments like Jungle, Dark Forest, golden Castles.-> Endlessrunning game play in Temple gold lost jungle run.-> Free to PlayEndless Run: Snow Temple Oz.-> Explore mysterious dungeonTemples, golden Castles, lost Jungles.-> Infinite run GamePlay.-> Escape from lost maze as a Maze Runner.-> Best TempleDash gold Run of 2017.-> Best Temple Escape Endless Run Storygame.Dash as fast as you can to survive and stay alive. Are youready to Rescue you Princess and your gold in this Temple Dungeonrun! Start with your friends as see how far you and your friendsgoes in this dangerous maze of 2017!.
Endless Run Temple Princess Oz 1.0.1 APK
Endless Run Temple Princess Oz.Endless Rush, Surfs in EndlessTemple Snow Princess Oz.Princess Temple endless Runner is a modernprincess temple wild rush themed running game.Rush , Run in themysterious dungeon temple and help Princess Merida escape fromdragons and other temple Monsters as there is no way to go but runin this 3d endless run away simulator.. The game play starts as anendless runner in this temple Wild run simulator game.Dash fast isthe secret in this temple brave oz & fast endless running game.Run as Fast , Find the temple dash & Escape from the Dash! Findthe temple dash secret with your skills of running to escape fromoz castle in jungle. Endless Temple Princess Run 2 Snow ozFeatures:* Top Temple Castle running game of 2017.* Infinite runnermode. * Free to play snow temple endless gold run* Run in templewild to escape* Maze Tunnels gives you endless trip of game.* Fullof dragons and other monsters.* Realistic Sound Effects.* Explorethe mysterious dungeons temples, golden danger temple.* Escape fromtemple dark maze, get rid of evil orcs.* Best Temple Dash Run Gameof 2017.* Gives the taste of Temple Relic runner when run asPrincess.* Ride on balloon to get more Gold coins.* Best endlessrunner simulation run for the 2017* Beware of Temple monkeys as thelook cute but are dangerous.* lost jungle, dark forest, castle,pyramid environments for you to run.
FRONTLINE COMMANDO WAR MISSIONS GAME 2017.One Man, Different DeadlyWar Missions You are a Frontline Commando.Welcome to the War ZoneCommando!you are a frontline commando shooter to attack on enemyfrontline comando baseto destroy ruthless army base and mercilessDictator. As a frontline Commando Shooteryou are assigned a missionto get into enemy base to attack on enemy frontline and takerevenge of your fallen soldiers in World War 2. Use your frontlineCommando specialized Skills, different kind of deadly weaponsagainst the enemies. This is a modern battlefield so you have touse your best Survival Skills to defeat hidden and frontlineCommandos Enemy.Fight for your country and prove your war CommandoSkills by Completing the 10 Deadly missions against againstruthless Enemy Officers and War Commando's. Different Frontline WarCommando Missions 2017!Use your Commando skills and Complete allthe deadly war missions.Short Description of all the deadlymissions Level.1. Attack the enemy Army base and kill all the enemyCommando's2. Attack the enemy frontline and Destroy all the campsof Frontline Commando's.3. Use your Skill and Attack Enemy CommandCenter and kill all the Commando Officer's.4. Attack the MainOperating Base and destroy it.5. Destroy the Enemy Camp base andArrest all the enemy Commando's.6. Attack on Enemey Barracks andmade the Enemy to lay down all their Weapons otherwise ready to bedestroyed. and many more Missions......Command Weapons ArsenalShop!Maximize your firepower with multiple, up-gradable weaponincluding sniper rifles, AK-47, shotguns, M4 , MSG and machineguns.how to play !Be ready and Use your enemy transport and go tothe frontline with your sniper gun and other deadly weapons.Aimyour gun , shoot and kill all the Frontline Enemy.Frontline WarCommando Survival Missions Game Feature !-> Easy game playcontrols-> Amazing 3d graphics-> high definition ShootingSound Effects-> Different kind of deadly Weapons to use.->Destroy Enemy Base and Kill enemy Commando's.Note: If you like ourgame please leave a positive review. In case of any bug or gameCrashes found or any other suggestion please Email @bestfreegames1@gmail.com instead of leaving a bad review..we alwaysappreciate your interest in our games.
Target Dead Zombie Shooter 3D 1,0.1 APK
Dead Target Zombie Shooter 3DBest Shooting Game to Shoot Zombie andSave the World.After a apocalyptic incident dead will rise fromgraves and spread all over the world.The dead target the innocentsand it will so vast that will turned the world into a war zone. theevil powers triggered Death and cemetery become alive. the deadwill rise from their graves and turned into Man eaters Zombies andtry to escape from the graveyard and walk toward the cities todestroy them and kill as many people as they canAs a shooter it isyour responsibility to become a zombie shooter and fight with thesezombies as front line commander and save the world from theseZombies by fighting a desperate and dangerous war against all thedead zombies.you are a shooter so act like a shooter and jump intothis zombie war by carry as weapons as you can. you have a sniperrifle and unlimited ammunition to fight with these dead zombies. sogrease your weapon and ready to enjoy the best sniper and shootinggame of this century.and ready to shoot the zombies and end thiswar through out the world.Game Play (How to Play):This game is easyto play your duty is to shoot the dead zombies rise from thiergraves and try to run from the graveyard. your target for this gameis to shoot dead zombie and stop the zombies to go out the graveyadby shooting them from the weapon you hold. don't get tiredotherwise zombie will get out and cause you your life.KeyFeatures:1. Entertaining game play2. good 3d Environment withdetail textures3. high resolution graphics4. gun changingscenario5. unlimited bullets fire6. zoom to exact target zombie7.full free version and unlimited game play
Temple Jungle Run Oz: Lost Castle 1.0 APK
Endless Temple Jungle Run Oz : Lost Castle 2017!Endless TempleJungle Run oz an amazing endless running adventure game is herewith golden brick road of Temple magic gold castle oz.Dash as fastas you can and explore different kind of oz worlds of lost templejungle and lost castle having dungeon Bats.Collect Gold Coins toUpgrade your powerUps which will increase you capacity to fightwith Evil and other dungeon Monsters in Temple horror run. Dragontook you Princess and destroy your city and Temple castle. To saveyour Temple Princess, run through every dungeon Environment of gamelike lost Jungle oz, and snowy castle but keep your mind open asthese temple pyramids and castles will trap you in serious templemaze from which no one escape till now.Endless Temple Jungle Run:Lost Castle Features:1. Free to play Temple jungle endless run.2.Endless running game play in Endless Run Snow: Oz.3. Infiniterunner mode.4. Escape from lost jungle maze in Temple maze as Mazerunner.
Frontier Target:Zombie 1,0.1 APK
Frontier Target : ZombieIn this modern era Country frontier changeddue to access of deadly bio weapons to every country. Due to whichacountry try to spread the deadly virus into their enemy country butthis mission is failed and virus spread into their own countryandresult are disastrous as people in the world are becoming flesheating zombies day by day.In this frontier target zombie game youfeel like a lone survivor in this zombie apocalyptic world ofterror who is in a war acting frontier sniper to target zombies andsave yourself with this deadly virus. you can do this by usingmodern warfare weapons, grenades and other deadly weapons to savethe city from these deadly zombies.these flesh eating monsters aretarget the humans and make them zombies.As a Commando sniper facethe apocalyptic frontier target situation and act like a frontiersniper by using modern deadly weapons against man eaters. and don'tget caught by these creatures as they will also make you maneater.their is no chance for you to make any mistake which willlead you get caught by these zombies and you will pay with yourlife.so there is no chance for you to run from this hell, so actlike a frontier soldier and face the situation to target zombies.oryou will be the next victim of this virus and you will join yourdead man eaters. Human destiny is now in your hand to find the safepath for remaining humans in the world and find safe land away fromzombies.So Pay Attention to the Environment Objects around you , asingle accurate shot will save you from these deadly creatures.KeyFeatures:1. Frontier Target : Zombie will provide you differentzombies comes toward as tsunami.2. Experience 3d shooting asFrontier target Zombie Shooter3. Interactive 3d Environment 4. KillDifferent Kind of Zombies and Stay alive to kill more.5. entangledhorror Sounds6. Different Deadly and modern Weapons.
Frontline Army Commando Warfare!Welcome to Frontline Army CommandoWarfare - Best shooting game of 2017.Frontline Army Commando is anamazing battle game for war heroes. you are a commando and a lonesurvivor sniper shooter assignedto attack and kill enemy frontlinecommando's base to destroy and invade the enemy base and protectyour country from the enemy threats. you have to take actionagainst the top military enemy force. Go and use your specialtraining and skills of modern combat in this modern warfare. youhave to gear up your weapons and plan the attack with multiple anddangerous weapons armory and finish your mission. you must protectyour base and team and make them proud by counter attackingterrorists and win the day from unseen enemy who wage a war againstyour country. Accurate and precise aim will lead to more accuracyand eliminate terrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Keep in mindyour enemy is the vicious terrorist you are going to swat &kill. Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget. Take a breath...and pull the trigger to Kill yourenemies.Fight for your country and prove your Commando Skills byCompleting the 15 Deadly missions againstagainst ruthless EnemyOfficers and Commando's. Frontline Army Commando Warfare Game isblend of amazing first person shooter and strategy games full ofaction and war games as you are playing the role of lone survivorarmy commando at frontline in a outrageous mission against aruthless and brutal firepower of enemy.This is a extremechallenging and full of bloodshed action and war game to wageassassin sniper missions against the enemy forces with a fury styleagainst the secret enemy equipped with modern gunship helicopterready to wage battle with help of enemy military troops. How toPlay frontline Army Commando Warfare game.->User friendly gameplay. Use Joystick to move your commando, press the fire buttonfast to kill enemy as if they see you might not get proper chance,use your best shooting skills and take down your enemy.-> Killall the enemies in a level to go to next level.-> Use sharpshooter guns to take down your enemy.-> Use fire button to fireand kill you ruthless and merciless enemy-> Use Zoom button totake exact target of your frontier enemy.-> Use reload button toreload ammunition in your modern riffle.-> Use radar to checkthe location of frontier army.-> For power gaining and increaseyour power in game collect power bank cubes work as med kits.Leadyou soldier squad and ultimate war team to the victory and destroyenemy army base and terrorist military training centers. Takerevenge from frontier army Commando's.Frontline/Frontier ArmyCommando warfare Features.* HD and Eye catching 3D graphics.*Multiple battlefields.* Limited time and power to Complete highprofile mission and Complete the level.* Complete the level tounlock other next stage level.* frontier sniper commando shootingwith 15 different breath taking missions.* Zoom in and out forclear view and target.* Amazing sound and after effects.* DifferentFrontline/Frontier Enemy AI.* Advance weapons to unlock.So Be readyand check all you weapons to start a new and modern age warfareagainst a unseen frontier enemy.Frontline Army Commando Warfare isfree to play so what are you waiting for download and have fun.Note: If you like our game please leave a positive review. In case ofany bug or game Crashes found or any other suggestion please Email@ bestfreegames1@gmail.com instead of leaving a bad review..wealways appreciate your interest in our games.
Temple Lost Pyramid: Gold Rush 3D 1.0 APK
Temple lost Pyramid Gold Rush Run Oz 2017!Temple Gold Rush is themost thrilling running game now comes with the temple greenish roadto run. The ultra addictive new generation mega hit Temple lostPyramid Gold Wild Rush game ready to Play on Your android mobile!you lost in the golden pyramid Templeand you need to keep runningto survive from temple monsters. join merida the temple princess tohelp here and make sure she's passes through temple Gold Brave runand snow temple princess run.In Temple lost jungle pyramid thegolden Warrior is here in the city of Temple's called Egypt alsocalled land of gold. But to get the gold from Temple that's not aneasy task for anyone because there are temple mummy awake from deadand a fire dragon to protect temple gold. so be a temple hero andrun in temple maze to reach the gold and defeat the dragon byshooting it and take the gold treasure in the Temple jungle run:Pyramid Rush.Endless run temple dash Run Oz is the action packedRPG game where you shoot temple dragon and other jungle monsters,jump, Slide from different obstacles and explore the differentTemple magic oz running worlds like lost jungle, dark templejungle, golden pyramid, snow temple princess and lost temple castleand keep your temple spirit alive .Are you a Maze Expert? thenSolve this temple maze problem and find the exit and rush out ofthe dangerous temple dungeon full of mummy's dead awaken. Endlessrun snow temple: Oz is the best infinite runner game of 2017available on android google play store now! Enjoy the temple goldcastle run 2 and the snow temple princess run 2 on your mobilephones and run through mysterious and dark magic temple tomb run asyou run, slide, jump, shoot and fly.Temple Epic endless run game isa quest of a temple warrior who fight with dragon, temple mummy's,jungle goblins, temple knights and much more dangerous templezombies in this epic battle for gold and power. collect gold coins,upgrade the weapons and armor that save you from temple dungeonmonster longer then normal and unlock new abilities.Temple Wildrush game in lost temple tomb castle gives you the experience of areal story based action movie of temple mummy wild rush run whereyou run to save the your temple spirit and snow temple princess andsurvive in this jungle oz run of temple spirit runner. so be braveand keep yourself calm as this is the key to survive in thisancient temple snow endless run oz 2. Temple Dash run is the key ofthis running game, dash as fast as you can and escape from thistemple dash and use your temple dash skills to eescape from ozcastle in jungle pyramid. While running in dungeon temple, keep thedirection in mind, or you will get lost in this temple maze andtemple mummy's will suck your spirit alive.Temple lost pyramid goldrush latest features:1. Best Temple Dash running game of 2017.2.free to play snow endless run temple gold.3. Endless running modegame play.4. explore the mysterious temple dungeons, lost jungle,endless jungle, lost castle, temple pyramid.5. Fantasy action basedRPG game of 2017.6. Best temple rush game of 2017.7. magicaldungeon and stunning golden temple oz worlds to explore.8. Endlessspirit run - oz 2.