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Tenebris is my new itc app based on wwii theme and as all my otherapps uses reverse audio banks. Using a new engine that should helpreduce strain on older devices.The sweep rate buttons now give youmore precise control as with a single press you can now go onepoint at a time. To jump 25 at a time you long press the sweepbutton until you get close to your desired sweep rate.Once you haveyou sweep rate just hit the power button to go and the app willrandomly sweep between the 9 banks of audio at your selected sweeprate.The banks use actual audio from the ww2 radio broadcasts andradio communication between the bombers and home base ect

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    December 31, 2017
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Brian Holloway
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    29 Timothy Hackworth Court The Avenue Eaglescliffe Stockton on tees TS16 9AD
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GeminusBox 1.0 APK
Brian Holloway
GeminusBox is our new ghost box app and is a joint venture betweenSoulSeekersUK and SPAIN PARANORMAL.The app has been written fromthe ground up and incorporates the best of both from our appdevelopment. Geminus has a total of 12 banks of audio again nowords and all reversed plus we have made it as easy to use aspossible.Simply pick you sweep rate from 25ms to 800ms and pressthe on button or if you want to keep things as random as possiblehit the AUTO button which removes the plus and minus buttons andstarts scanning with a totally random sweep rate that constantlychanges.We also added a magnetic compass plus a K2 feature butplease note these will only be available if your device has amagnetic compass. These are just added features and if not activewill not impact on the ghost box which will operate as normal. TheK2 feature is not as accurate as a real k2 but does work well butis not meant to replace a real k2 device. If a strong magnet fieldis detected the K2 will light up plus the compass will react andbecome erratic which is a possible indication a spirit maybeclose.As always we recommend you record all your sessions with anexternal recorder for best results
ParaVoice 2 1.3 APK
Brian Holloway
ParaVoice 2 is an itc app uses your devises magnetic compass todetect EMF fields which a spirit can manipulate to then pull a wordout from the 2500 word database. The app will not start to pickwords until it gets an EMF fluctuation and then you ask the spiritquestions and ask it to manipulate the device to pull out words.Please try not to use the app around electrical items that give offEMF such as house hold appliances as these will trigger the app andwill not give accurate communication. If you eliminate all possibleEMF interference and you the receive a spike the you know itssomething trying to manipulate the device and not a false hit. Youcan adjust the speed of the words spoken with the plus and minusbuttons and as with the original each session is stored and can beviewed via the H button. While in the list of words spoken ifyoupress and hold any of the words and release your entire historywill be saved to the internal storage of your device. If you wsihto clear the history simply long press the on off button.Everydevice has different quality components and some magnetic compassesare more aqurate than others so if the app spikes and does not stopsimple press the off button and then turn it back on againand thisshould re-calibrate the readings from the magnetic compass and youcan start again. This showed not effect many devices but if it doeshappen just follow those steps and the app will continue.PLEASENOTE BEFORE DOWNLOADING THAT YOUR DEVICE MUST HAVE A MAGNETICCOMPASS FOR THE APP TO FUNCTION SO IF UNSURE CHECK FIRST ON YOURDEVICES SPECS.
SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box 1.0 APK
Brian Holloway
An easy to use ghost box with enough features to make it a valuabletool to have on any location that uses sound bank design with nowords just human sounds and tones and all in reverse. You cancontrol the sweep speed with the increase and decrease buttons toset the speed to your liking and this can be also done while theGhost Box is actually scanning. I also included a proximity alarmthis can be activated using the proximity sensor button bottomright ( please note your device needs to have a proximity sensorfor this feature to work) if your device does not have a proximitysensor that this feature will not be available but will not affectthe ghost box in anyway. Once set anything that moves in front ofthe device will trigger an alarm. There is also a simple recordfeature in the settings page this can be used to do quick EVPbursts or to take voice notes about the location you're in ect andall audio is stored on your devices internal memory as stated inthe settings screen.You can also activate your devices camera bysimply long pressing the power button and all pictures are storedin your devices camera roll I hope you have as much success usingthe app as we did but please remember your results may vary youneed to be in a location that has an active spirit and that spirithas want to communicate. Any investigate will tell you that thetrick is to be patient as many people think that just by turning adevice or an app on will get an instant results which is not alwaysthe case. Used properly these apps can give amazing results and canbe a valuable tool in any investigators kit.
ParaVoice 1.1 APK
Brian Holloway
ParaVoice is an ITC app that holds a database of 2000 words andwhen activated starts picking words at random which are displayedand spoken. Each word is stored in a list for later review and canbe viewed by pressing the H button and the list can be saved to thedevices internal memory by long press on the list itself. You canclear the list by long pressing the power button on the app. Tostart ParaVoice simply press the power button and choose a speedand it will start to speak random words and you try and get thespirit to manipulate the energy around the device to pull outwords. If your device has a proximity sensor then the blue lightswill turn red and you will get a proximity warning indicatingmovement was detected close to the device. Also you have a compasson screen which should stay steady but if you get a strong EMFenergy field close to the device then is will disrupt the magneticcompass in your device which will cause the compass needle to moveerratically. If you device does not have a proximity sensor or amagnetic compass this will not interfere with the main appsfunction
The VoidBox 1 APK
Brian Holloway
The VoidBox is my new ITC app that builds on the work we are doingto bring real time communication ever closer and easier. The boxhas a unique sound and the audio banks have been designed to tryand remove as much human sounds as possible while still giving thatGhost box sound and feel.As with all our apps we use reverse audiowhich rules out false hits so just pick your seep rate and yourgood to go
The Gateway 1 APK
Brian Holloway
The Gateway is the next evolution to VerbisBox and has beenre-written to give it a unique look and sound. With 4 audio banksthat contain no actual words just human sounds and whispers. Banks1,2,3 contain human whisper sounds but as stated no actual wordsand band 4 has my favorite bank from VerbisBox which is a low bassdeep voice but again no actual words and all reversed. Its simpleto use just load the app and pick your sweep rate and hit the powerbutton and your off.You will start to hear replies in real timewithin the whispers.I recommend using an external recording deviceto record your sessions as you will find a lot of replies when youreview your audio. During testing we received some amazing and verycreepy replies so please be aware this is not a toy and it doeswhat it was design to do. Its for people who wish to look into theslightly darker side of ITC so please remember to open and closeeach session properly
GeminusBox Mark II 1.1 APK
GeminusBox Mark II is not just an update to the original GeminusBoxbut a complete re imagining and takes us one step closer to realtime communicate. With 20 banks of reversed audio split into setsof 5 which you can turn on and off to suit your personalpreference. You can now slow each set off banks down independentlyof the global sweep rate. You also have a K2 meter feature whichhas also been modified from the original and now auto calibrates onstart up and is more accurate than the original. GeminusBox Mark IIhas other features that make it both powerful yet easy to use so ifyou liked the original GeminusBox then its time to take things tothe next level
Brian Holloway
Verbisbox is the follow up to the successful SoulseekersUK ghostbox. It uses the same reverse audio banks which contain onlygibberish and no actual words and all audio is reversed.The audiobanks have been tweaked and for even better results and a new thirdbank has been added.I have added a camera mode the same as thefirst ghost box but this time long pressing the camera buttonlaunches your devices video camera. You can video your locationwhich Verbisbox is running and your capturing all the audio andreplies. The video is then simple saved to you devices normalcamera roll so easy to save to your computer for evidence review.Verbisbox has been designed to be as easy as possible to use justpick your sweep rate and press the power button to start scanningand your good to go