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Welcome to the Yojic Puzzles.This is an easy putting puzzle.<< How to play>>Puttng10 has one black shaped area andten colored pieces in each page.It is the puzzle how to cover theblack area with colored peaces.You can move pieces by slide tuchand you can rotate and turn over them.Please, give it a try! Andenjoy!by Yojic

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    September 12, 2012
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SoeDog 1.0 APK
SoeDog ??? I don't know what it is. ha ha ha! I can't explain aboutSoeDog so well. Is it a dog?? The dog name is Soe. No. just apuzzle. Everyone knows that puzzle. Many people in the word waste alot of time and energy for this puzzle. ha ha ha ! Probably youknow, too. Guess what. HA HA HA! SoeDog SoeDog SoeDog...What ?Soedog SoeDog Soedog ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 I'm good at oneonE oNE ONE.... I'm a Japanese dogYou got it? ... You are right.That's it. Could you waste a time for your brain? Train Train Trainfor your brain. Training will make braining........ ha! hA! HA!
Hexagon S 2.0 APK
Yojic Hexagon S Whaaaaaat ??.......? The Yojic Hexagon S is asliding puzzle. Reallllly ????? It looks a classical puzzle, Butnew one.It's an interesting discovery in the puzzles. Realllly ???? Yojic Hexagon puzzles have many types , Hex10, Hex12, Hex14, ....This puzzle use the same idea of Yojic Matrix.And Smeans small one.The Yojic Hexagon S has 14 colored hexagons.But thefeeling is a little different from Matrix and a little more easy.Reallly ??? The Small image on the device screen is your targetgoal. If you touch a center hexagon, You can move hexagons aroundthe center. You should make the same image to the small one.And Youcan whatch the Yojic Hexagon S on Youtube.Please, Google searchYojic. It needs a lot of your own ideas. << Every dayTraining for just Five Minutes >> Maybe, the Yojic will makeyou smart by your smart phone. Maybe, you can find many new betterways in the Yojic. Maybe, it will improve your geometric ability.Really ?? Maybe, maybe, maybe, it not sure, the puzzle is justpuzzle. Anyway, would you give it a try, please ! Details (GoogleSearch: Yojic Matrix) Thank you.
Rubik Plane 1.7 APK
This puzzle is on the development view of Robik's cube.Do you know?How will the moving of Robik be like on development view?How willit be like about different pattern?Some puzzlers may be thinking ofit.Is it sure? I don't know.Maybe, this puzzle will give the answerto the question. Really? I don't know.Anyway, it needs your smartidea.
Pentomino 1.4 APK
Welcome to the Yojic Puzzle. Pentomino is a famous classic puttingpuzzle.The puzzle is how to cover the taget erea with 12 pieces.Basically, four rectangles 6x10 5x12 4x15 3x20 are the targets. Butit isn't so easy to get the goal.I keep classic style but I madethem a little easier. Playing puzzles are good for your brain.<< Every day Training for just Five Minutes >> Maybe,Pentomino will make your brain clear. Maybe, it will improve yourcreative power.Anyway, would you give it a try, please ! Thank you.Yojic
Hexagon 12 2.1 APK
The 12 Hexagons is a kid of Yojic MatrixMany rotations can make atarget image. It is almost the same way how to play Yojic Matrix.Bytouching, you can move hexagons.Small picture is your targetgoal.You should make the same image.The 12 Hexagon needs your smartideas.Some of them are not easy.It's an interesting discovery inthe puzzles. This puzzle will make your brain clear. Just 5minutes Every day Training Maybe, you can find many new betterways.It will improve your geometric ability.Anyway, give it a try,please.Details (Google Search: Yojic Matrix)
Yojic34 Matrix 2.2 APK
Welcome to the Yojic Matrix.Ha! ha! ha!I have never heard about"Yojic".What is it? The Yojic Matrix is a sliding new puzzle. Butit seems classical puzzle.Ha! Really? I don't know. It has manydifferent quests. There are many different sizes, e.g. Yojic34,Yojic36, Yojic66, Yojic77...etc."Ha! Next? I don't know. TheYojic34 has a 3x4 type Matrix. It has 12 colored squares. Smallpicture is your target goal in the device screen. You can move thesquares to the target goal. Ha! Really? I don't know well. TheYojic34 is small and basic one in the Yojic Matrixs. But it is noteasy, the introduction of the Yojic. It has many ideas about theYojic. And It needs a lot of your own ideas.Ha! Can I? I don't knowwell. I am not sure you can or not. ha! ha! ha! << Every dayTraining for just Five Minutes >> Maybe, the Yojic will makeyour brain clear. Maybe, you can find many new fun ways. Maybe, itwill improve your geometric ability.Ha! Really? I can not believeit. I don't know so well. Please don't say that. Anyway, would yougive it a try, please ! Details (Google Search: Yojic Matrix)Yojic34 Matrix
Puzzle15+1 1.3 APK
Puzzle15+1 is a kind of sliding puzzle.It is a classical and famouspuzzle.The puzzle is made on Android device.So,it's maybe to playeasier than others. If you feel interesting about theone,please,give it try and enjoy.And please,guess what "+1" means.
Hexamond 1.6 APK
Hexamond is a kind of putting puzzle.The puzzle is how to cover thetarget area with 12 pieces. It has some targets of differentshape.Hexamond is a little more difficult than Hexamond 1, Hexamond2.A tablet device is better for this game. Playing puzzles are goodfor your brain. << Every day Training for just Five Minutes>> Maybe, Hexamond will make your brain clear. Maybe, it willimprove your creative power.Anyway, would you give it a try, please! Thank you. Yojic