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Chapter 2 explains how you can put the 80/20 Principle intopracticeand explores the distinction between 80/20 Analysis and80/20Thinking, both of which are useful methods derived from the80/20Principle. 80/20 Analysis is a systematic, quantitativemethod ofcomparing causes and effects. 80/20 Thinking is abroader, lessprecise, and more intuitive procedure, comprising themental modelsand habits that enable us to hypothesize what are theimportantcauses of anything important in our lives, to identifythese causes,and to make sharp improvements in our position byredeploying ourresources accordingly. Part Two: Corporate SuccessNeedn’t Be aMystery summarizes the most powerful business uses ofthe 80/20Principle. These uses have been tried and tested andfound to be ofimmense value yet remain curiously unexploited bymost of thebusiness community. There is little in my summary thatis original,but anyone seeking major profit improvement, whetherfor a small orlarge business, should find this a very usefulprimer and the firstever to appear in a book. Part Three: WorkLess, Earn and Enjoy Moreshows how the 80/20 Principle can be usedto raise the level atwhich you are operating in both your work andpersonal life. This isa pioneering attempt to apply the 80/20Principle on a novel canvas;and the attempt, although I am sure itis imperfect and incompletein many ways, does lead to somesurprising insights. For example, 80percent of the typicalperson’s happiness or achievement in lifeoccurs in a smallproportion of that life. The peaks of greatpersonal value canusually be greatly expanded. The common view isthat we are shortof time. My application of the 80/20 Principlesuggests thereverse: that we are actually awash with time andprofligate in itsabuse. Part Four: The 80/20 Future draws thethemes together andpositions the 80/20 Principle as the greatestsecret engine ofprogress available to us all. It hints at the usesthat could bemade of the 80/20 Principle for the public good aswell as forcorporate wealth creation and personal advancement. WHYTHE 80/20PRINCIPLE BRINGS GOOD NEWS I want to end this introductionon apersonal rather than a procedural note. I believe that the80/20Principle is enormously hopeful. Certainly, the principlebringshome what may be evident anyway: that there is a tragicamount ofwaste everywhere, in the way that nature operates, inbusiness, insociety, and in our own lives. If the typical patternis for 80percent of results to come from 20 percent of inputs, itisnecessarily typical too that 80 percent, the great majority,ofinputs are having only a marginal—20 percent—impact. The paradoxisthat such waste can be wonderful news, if we can use the80/20Principle creatively, not just to identify and castigatelowproductivity but to do something positive about it. Thereisenormous scope for improvement, by rearranging and redirectingbothnature and our own lives. Improving on nature, refusing toacceptthe status quo, is the route of all progress:evolutionary,scientific, social, and personal. George Bernard Shawput it well:“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. Theunreasonableone persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.Therefore allprogress depends on the unreasonable man.”15 Theimplication of the80/20 Principle is that output can be not justincreased butmultiplied, if we can make the low-productivity inputsnearly asproductive as the high-productivity inputs. Successfulexperimentswith the 80/20 Principle in the business arena suggestthat, withcreativity and determination, this leap in value canusually bemade.

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