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The Art of Living - First Aid Awareness App will create anawareness on First Aid through videos and quiz.

App Information The Art of Living - First Aid Awareness

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    The Art of Living - First Aid Awareness
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    April 19, 2019
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Health & Fitness
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    BVRIT city centre, Hyderabad, Telangana
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G1 Health - Ambulance, Emergency, Blood Donors 4.1.2 APK
Download the G1 App to get reliable assistance in emergencysituations. With the aim to elevate Medical Emergency Awareness inIndia, the G1 App is all that you need in times of emergency. Youdon’t need to Call Ambulance or fret in times of need. It virtuallyshrinks distances making it easier for you to get medicalassistance. From sharing your location with the Advanced LifeSupport Ambulance service provider, notifying specialized doctors,friends & family and first responders around you, the G1 Appwill not only do it all, but take you to the right hospital intime. Previously called as CallAmbulance App, if you are upgradingCallAmbulance App from a previous version, your account and dataare not affected by this change. People who must download the G1App: · Basically everybody, to be prepared for an emergencysituation · Especially those with Chronic Health issues Extendingour services into being an integrated health app for all yourhealth care needs (i.e. Emergency Care, Blood Donors, Chronic Careneeds), G1 offers the following features: + G1 RevolutionizingEmergency Care in India · We are India's first and only privateintegrated medical emergency service app that also integrates withGVK EMRI 108- Call Ambulance · Share your location in the hands ofemergency provider and also you family, so that they know yourlocation and reach you as fast as possible . G1 App has all thevideos right at your fingertips for various kinds of emergencies.This is a valuable tool for aged parents, young children or anyonefor that matter · G1 App provides your family with a single link bywhich they can track the progress on the emergency incident · G1App also allows you to upload your health records + EmergencyVideos . G1 App has emergency videos in many Indian languages andthe objective is to empower every citizen to step up and know whatto do in an Emergency! Definitely watch our most popular videos -Unconscious Video, CPR Video and Prevent Blood Loss Videos. + MicroInsurance . G1 app, you can buy a micro insurance policy for JustRs 249/- per year and have ambulance pickup, out-patient andin-patient expenses covered. More details in the app. + BloodyFriends . G1 app, allows you to build your own Bloody FriendNetwork. Also, with a couple of clicks can request for Blood GroupDonors by sending a message to your entire address book of thephone bypassing telecom limits of 100 messages. Your friends &family will step up to help you better, if the incident happensoutside of Metros, beyond immediate access to Blood Banks. + PillReminders · Taking Medicines on time is important. Not only yourmedicines, but you can also track your parent's pill reminders fromthe comfort of your phone. Especially if you live in a differentlocation from your parents. + Tele Consult - For some medicalproblems, all that you need is a having a doctor to do an immediatephone consult, navigate to our Tele Consult and you can book anappointment to have a call with a doctor at 1/2-hour notice. +Emergency Trigger Integration . G1 app integrates with G1 Rakshak,a charger-like device that goes into the car. The device made byBosch, senses a collision and automatically trigger an emergency toour platform. + G1 Community · You can rely on the G1 Community toget your queries on Diseases, Conditions, Nutrition, Diet &Fitness answered from top doctors and nutrition consultants · Youcan also benefit from suggestions and recommendations from otherswho have experienced similar health issues as yours + FirstResponders We are actively building a First Responder Network sothat someone who is trained in CPR, Trauma assistance can step upand help the victim before the Ambulance arrives If you find anydiscrepancies in the data/ language used please do send us yourfeedback. It will help million others too. Please feel to writeyour suggestions to help@g1.health
G1.Doctor 2.3.2 APK
G1.Doctor app empowers Doctor-Patient Relationship. It deliversaccess anywhere anytime and enables you to 1) Manage PatientRecords 2) Build your online presence 3) View your appointments 4)View Diagnostic Reports 5) Get Notified of Emergencies Please doprovide us an opportunity to respond to your concerns/feedback bywriting to us at help@g1.health
G1 - Manager 1.4.1 APK
This App will enable the manager to 1) View the status of eachambulance at all times including location 2) View list of allemergencies and status of each emergency including location 3)Ability to allocate and notify an ambulance driver about anincident
com.callambulance.driver 1.2.7 APK
This app helps ambulance drivers receive notifications of emergencyfor their hospitals. The app also helps in a) Receiving details ofthe person in emergency b) Location of Emergency c) Navigationdirections to the emergency d) View the nearest hospitals in anemergency This app can be together used with the Ambulance managerapp to help hospitals or ambulance providers to manage theemergencies they receive.
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Our Nutritionists spend quality time to understand your personalpreferences - Wake up, sleep time, exercise, work schedule, foodchoices veg/egg-veg/non-veg/Jain etc and create a personalized dietthat works for you ! 1. Carry your personalized diet plan with youalways on your mobile 2. Get hourly reminders on food, exercise,medication and vitals to track 3. Let your nutritionist see yourlog activity of Food,Exercise and Medication. 4. Your nutritionistbecomes your personal coach to help you track your goals and stayon course!
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Doctrz4Admins is an application that helps Hospitals/Clinics manageregistrations and appointments of patients at the Hospital/Clinic
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Collection of Data on the field from Hospitals, Pharmacies,Ambulance Service Provides, Diagnostics etc. This App will feeddata to the main G1 Platform from the field, this app has a featureto work in offline mode also.
The Art of Living - First Aid Awareness 1.0.6 APK
The Art of Living - First Aid Awareness App will create anawareness on First Aid through videos and quiz.