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The Battle of Hastings 1066 is historylearningApp of The Battle of Hastings which has occurred on 14October1066
during the Norman conquest of England, between theNorman-Frencharmy of Duke William II of Normandy and the
English army under King Harold II. It took place at SenlacHill,approximately 10 km northwest of Hastings,
close to the present-day town of Battle, East Sussex, and wasadecisive Norman victory.

This app include photo gallery of Battle of Hastingsreenactmentwith 250 photos and movies.

The Battle of Hastings reenactment is a yearly reenactment oftheBattle of Hastings, held at Battle Abbey in Battle,
East Sussex, UK, and drawing participants from aroundtheworld.
It takes place every year on the weekend nearest the 14 Octoberonthe site of the historical battle,
although is often arranged across the hill rather than up it,totake account of the smaller number of
participants and the need for spectators.
The event is run by English Heritage, which owns the site,andattended by several thousand people yearly.
For many years it was an event for amateur groups of reenactors,butmore recently has involved scenes by professional actors.

You can also enjoy The Battle of Hastings reenactmen withphotosand YouTube movies.
(Language:text is Japanese and english only. )
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Please enjoy Traditional Battle of Hastings Photo andYouTubegallery!!

Photo data include various pictures of The BattleofHastings.

This photo gallery app is good for learning historyandbackground of The Battle of Hastings.
Please enjoy Battle of Hastings, the photo gallery of The BattleofHastings with 250 photos and movies.

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