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Kendo is one of the oldest martial arts of Japan originating intheBudo tradition. In Budo, "do" has the meaning of a way or waytodevelop self through martial arts training. Kendo does notonlyteach physical physics, but also teaches the philosophyinheritedby Budo. In Kendo we can develop a strong Soul, a positiveoutlookand stand and respect for each other. Kendo players areswaddlingby using flexible bamboo swords (shinai) to hit targetsonopponent's protective clothing. Basic attacks in kendo: a.Men Men's Attacks are aimed at the opponent's head. Swordsarelifted up to the head and then swung up against theopponent'shead. b. Kote Kote attack is aimed at the right hand oftheopponent. The targeted part is the area around the wrist. c.DoDo's attack is directed toward the opponent's stomach. Do'sattacksare also carried out by lifting the sword upwards to thendirectedto the left side of the abdomen / chest of the opponent(the pointof view of the attacker). d. Tsuki Tsuki attack is apuncturetowards the neck. Tsuki usually begins to be taught tomedium levelkendoe. Tsuki is not taught to beginners, because thisattack isvery dangerous when it misses. KENDO TRAINING The firstimpressionof Kendo is a noisy, aggressive and hard martial arts (sodojo dojokendo cari ajajo the most noisy). Kendo is a dynamicmartial arts,but with more knowledgeable learning that Kendorequires highability and concentration, elegance and physicalagility. CONCEPTSKENDO The concept of Kendo is useful fordisciplining humancharacter through the application of theprinciples of Katana. Thepurpose of practicing Kendo is: - Unitingyour mind and body - tocontribute to the development of i'dadfisabilillah - and throughtrue and hard training, - to alwaysdevelop Kendo art, - upholdrespect and courtesy - relate to otherssincerely, - and to forevercontinue to develop myself. - growing aspirited soul, - and tocontinue to socialize peace and prosperityin society. for moredetails about anything that is playing with asword or what weusually call kendo, please download our app and getour facilitiesoffline as well as useful, happy to practice

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