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made in japanIt is a free game app Simple compete the speed to thegoal. ■ ■ How to play Aim continuous correct tap, slide the doorknob of the same color as the door knob of the sample! Just asimple game of it. Themselves, able to compete the time with peoplefrom all over the world in the rankings! [Let's try the power ofhis own challenge in the four modes available] - Does the trainspeed at 10/30 door mode. Or - Does the train endurance at 100/1000door mode.

App Information The door forever

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    The door forever
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    May 9, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    福岡県福岡市中央区今泉1-12-8天神QRビル7F 株式会社グローバルギア
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Make Action! PicoPicoMaker 3.8.0 APK
[PLAY] [MAKE] [SEARCH] The Power of imagination can touch the sky!Make your very own action game stages and share them with yourfriends & family! You can play this game absolutely free! Thisgame is perfectly suited for everyone including KIDS. -BasicInstructions- There are [PLAY], [MAKE] and [SEARCH] option buttonson the main menu. Tap [PLAY] button: Play the games all you want!You have a variety of stages to choose from. The range of stagelevels are widely prepared, from beginners to advancedlevel,including the extreme levels that are crazy difficult! Tap[MAKE] button: Make your own stages. You become the game creator!Simple tap controls make it easy! Select from 30 types of items youcan place anywhere you want. Tap an item on the list and then tapon the position where you want to place it. (Squares like a chessboard are shown in a stage screen in order to make this processsimpler.) Once an item is placed, you can place the same itemcontinuously by alternating between tapping the position (square)in a stage and the "PLACE" button. You can also tap an item you'vealready placed to see additional options. (e.g. You can choosespecific settings for the speed of cannon shell movements and themoveable range of blocks!) Play & find out if you can completethe stage you made! You can even do the test play during theprocess of making a stage by using the "TEST" button in the upperright corner of the screen. Try your own brand-new stage rightaway! Tap [SEARCH] button: Find popular stages -- stages made byother users and more. -Random: Search for random stages made byplayers using this App. -History: Look through stages you'vealready played. (You can also check if you've completed a stage ornot.) -Official Website: Open this App’s official website to startthe search. When you have found the one you want to play, tap onthe stage and use "START" button. -Enter ID: Paste the GameID andtap "Enter ID" button, if you are unable to start the stage afterusing "START" button in the official website. (32 alphanumericcharacters shown on the official website is the GameID.) Now,you're ready to start the game you found. Enjoy! [Send youroriginal stage to friends & family] If you want to share youroriginal stage with someone, send them the copy of your stage's URLvia email! (Downloading this App is required in order to play yourstage.) Post your original stage on Twitter, Facebook and LINE arealso available! You can also have fun searching online for"PicoPicoMaker" in your free time! Enjoy finding new stages otherusers have made! Everyone loves the retro-looking pixel graphicsgames they grew up with! Connect with people from all over theworld with PicoPicoMaker! Start your global action game adventure!
444回目のただいま 1.7.3 APK
新しいまつげの長いお人形を買ってもらった。 その日から、日本人形と遊ばなくなった。 最初は可愛く思えた黒目がちな瞳が、不気味に思えてこの手で、捨てた。 たしかに、捨てたのに・・・ どうして、お家に、いるの・・・? あなたは、漫画(マンガ)やテレビ、もしくはネット上で「捨てた人形がいつの間にか帰ってくる」 そんな都市伝説を聞いたことはありませんか?電車の中や、休憩中などでちょっぴりヒヤっとしたい・・・。 暑い夏にはぴったりのちょっとホラーな育成&放置ゲーム。本編となるストーリー、さらにあなたのスマホに訪れるさまざまな怪奇現象!?ホラーゲームや心霊、都市伝説や怖い話、階段、肝試し等のホラーが好きな人にお勧め I had bought a long doll ofnew eyelashes. From that day, it no longer plays a Japanese doll.First black eye tend eyes that seemed cute it is, seemed creepy Inthis hand, it was discarded. Certainly, it was discarded to ...Why, in the house, Il ...? You, manga (comics) and television or onthe net, The "doll that was discarded comes imperceptibly back."Have you heard such urban legend? The train and, ... you want toInnovation little cooling is such as during breaks. Perfect for alittle horror and training and left the game on a hot summer. Mainbecome a story, a variety of strange phenomenon further visit toyour smartphone! ? Horror games and psychic, recommended citylegends and scary stories, stairs, to people who like horror ofliver test, etc.
air.jp.globalgear.picow 1.2.2 APK
Wide Version (Horizontal screen)------------------------------------------- [PLAY] [MAKE] [SEARCH]The Power of imagination can touch the sky! Make your very ownaction game stages and share them with your friends & family!You can play this game absolutely free! This game is perfectlysuited for everyone including KIDS. -Basic Instructions- There are[PLAY], [MAKE] and [SEARCH] option buttons on the main menu. Tap[PLAY] button: Play the games all you want! You have a variety ofstages to choose from. The range of stage levels are widelyprepared, from beginners to advanced level,including the extremelevels that are crazy difficult! Tap [MAKE] button: Make your ownstages. You become the game creator! Simple tap controls make iteasy! Select from 30 types of items you can place anywhere youwant. Tap an item on the list and then tap on the position whereyou want to place it. (Squares like a chess board are shown in astage screen in order to make this process simpler.) Once an itemis placed, you can place the same item continuously by alternatingbetween tapping the position (square) in a stage and the "PLACE"button. You can also tap an item you've already placed to seeadditional options. (e.g. You can choose specific settings for thespeed of cannon shell movements and the moveable range of blocks!)Play & find out if you can complete the stage you made! You caneven do the test play during the process of making a stage by usingthe "TEST" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Try yourown brand-new stage right away! Tap [SEARCH] button: Find popularstages -- stages made by other users and more. -Random: Search forrandom stages made by players using this App. -History: Lookthrough stages you've already played. (You can also check if you'vecompleted a stage or not.) -Official Website: Open this App’sofficial website to start the search. When you have found the oneyou want to play, tap on the stage and use "START" button. -EnterID: Paste the GameID and tap "Enter ID" button, if you are unableto start the stage after using "START" button in the officialwebsite. (32 alphanumeric characters shown on the official websiteis the GameID.) Now, you're ready to start the game you found.Enjoy! [Send your original stage to friends & family] If youwant to share your original stage with someone, send them the copyof your stage's URL via email! (Downloading this App is required inorder to play your stage.) Post your original stage on Twitter,Facebook and LINE are also available! You can also have funsearching online for "PicoPicoMaker" in your free time! Enjoyfinding new stages other users have made! Everyone loves theretro-looking pixel graphics games they grew up with! Connect withpeople from all over the world with PicoPicoMaker! Start yourglobal action game adventure!
元カノ(仮)と今カノと僕 1.8.0 APK
僕には今、彼女が二人いる。 でも、【二股】なんかじゃない。 ……まだ別れてないだけだから。 彼女と二人で過ごす、穏やかな午後に、何気なく鳴ったインターフォン。 それがすべての始まりだった。 新感覚ノベル×脱出×サスペンスあなたの選択で、3人の運命が天国から地獄へと…? マルチエンディングシステム採用! ★登場人物★ ■主人公面倒事は回避したい、優柔不断な主人公。 ■元カノ(仮) 半年前から主人公と恋人どうしの、ちょっぴりメンヘラでヤンデレな彼女。 ■今カノ主人公が一目惚れで最近付き合い始めた、もう一人の彼女。一見しっかりもののお姉さんだけど…?ドラマ仕立てのストーリーで、スリル満点な修羅場シミュレーション。 男も女もつい共感しちゃう、浮気中の「あるある」要素たっぷり?ある意味ホラーなリアル系アドベンチャー登場。 ★こんな人にオススメ★・すぐに別れようと思っているけど、ついつい長引いて二股してしまった経験がある人。・少女マンガみたいな甘いだけのラブじゃ物足りない!ドロドロした人間関係を観察してみたい人。・ちょっとした空き時間で、漫画っぽい感覚でひまつぶしできるから、ゲームが苦手という人にも大丈夫!・リア充な気分・モテてる気分になりたい人。 ・不倫、浮気、修羅場などのまとめ話の読み物をネットでつい検索しちゃう人・放置や育成、パズルはもう飽きちゃった!新しいゲームをやってみたい人 Now to me, she has two. But[fork]'m not. ...... And because only not goodbye yet. Spend withher and the two people, in a peaceful afternoon, Casually rangintercom. It was the beginning of everything. New sense Novell ×escape × suspense In your choice, with three of fate to hell fromheaven ...? Multi-ending system adoption! ★ character ★ ■ heroCumbersome that want to avoid, indecisive hero. ■ The original Kano(provisional) The hero and lover together from six months ago,yandere of her little in Menhera. ■ now Kano Hero started datingrecently in love at first sight, of another person her. It 's oldersister of seemingly firmly thing ...? In the story of the dramatailoring, thrilling a shambles simulation. Men and women alsowould sympathize with, "there there" in the cheating elementplenty? A sense horror realistic system adventure appeared. ★Recommended for People ★ - And I'm going to soon a breakup, peoplewho have experience I've been bifurcated by carelessly lingering.You only love 's and not enough like a sweet-girl cartoon! Thosewho want to observe the muddy the human relationship. • In somefree time, because can kill time in cartoon-ish sense, the game isall right also to people that weak! - Those who want to be a moodyou are rear charge and mood-Mote. Flynn, cheating, would thereading of the summary talk of such shambles and with search on thenet people • Pass and training, puzzles got bored anymore! Thosewho want to try a new game
間違い探し劇場。動く絵。難易度ちょい高。子供も大人もお勧め 3.0.2 APK
【間違い探し劇場。かわいい絵がうごくよ】 アニメーション付きの2枚の絵を見比べて間違いを探そう! 完全無料で遊べます!動くイラストの間違い探しだからとっても面白い! 一つの絵に間違いが5つあります。間違いを探してタップしてね!"まりいずめいと"のゆるキャラ達が、間違い探しに登場。 今回はなんと!かわいいイラストが動いちゃうよ!まりいずめいとのキャラクター達を、よりキュートで明るく演出! 大人も子ども、みんなで探して楽しめる事間違いなしだよ!【動く絵は随時更新!】 3~4週間ごとに20問ずつ間違い探しを追加していく予定です。 応援よろしくお願いします!【このゲームは誰にお勧め?」 幼児、子ども、キッズ、女子、子育て中の親、かわいいキャラ好きの男子、ファミリーにお勧めです。【このゲームの世界】 5つの国が広がる島。その名も"まりいずめいと"ちょっとフシギでかわいいゆるキャラ達が日々、まったり生活しています。 ...モンスターじゃないよ。 【お父さん、お母さんへ」当ゲームは子ども・女子向けになっており、教育に悪い有害な表現や広告の表示は一切ありません。ゲーム内は完全無料で遊べます。安心してご利用下さい。 【みんなへ】 主に子ども・女子向けの簡単なゲームを無料で提供しています。アプリを通じてみんなに「まりいずめいと」を知ってもらえたらと思っています。 【公式サイト・twitter】公式サイトでは、スマホで遊べる無料ゲームアプリのリリース情報を随時UPしていくよ。まりいずめいとを密着取材する記者「オラ・ロイド」氏が送るスクープも、HP・twitterで毎日配信中!公式サイトから是非、フォローしてみてね! 公式サイト: http://mmate.jp 【アンドロイダー公認デペロッパー】https://androider.jp/developer/597ed024c27b888f0dc562f1500c6cc1/
air.jp.globalgear.panel 1.1.0 APK
■□ 開発者が導き出した、最短の答えを見つけられるか? □■   ■■■■■   ■■■■■   □□□□■   ■□□□□  ■■■■■   ■■■■■   ■□□□□   □□□□■   ■■■■■   ■■■■■ ■□ 遊び方 □■押したボタンとその左右上下のボタンが反転する。 全てのボタンが暗くなればクリア。 少ない手順でクリアを目指せ。■□ クリア方法は様々 □■ 適当に押したり、友達と交互に押したり、分析しながら押したり。 自分に合った方法で面白さを追求しよう。でも、必ずどの問題にもシンプルな答えがある。 ■□ SNSで世界中の人たちと □■世界中で遊ばれているゲームだからこそ、クリア自慢できる。 君が全問クリアの1番目になるかもしれない。 ■□ 解除コード □■自分の解除コードを友達3人に入力してもらうと、特別ステージが遊べるようになる。 ■□ こんなみんなにオススメしたい □■・ひまつぶし、暇で仕方がない人 ・小学生から中学生、高校生や社会人、男女ともに ・子供でも大人に負けたくないと思っている・漫画(マンガ)や育成、放置ゲームに飽きた ・たまには脳トレしたい、脳を鍛えたい ・脱出や謎解きが好き ・おしゃれなゲームが好き ■□ developers was derived, or find the shortest answer? □ ■ ■■■■■■■■■■ □□□□ ■ ■ □□□□ ■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■ □□□□ □□□□ ■ ■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■ □ □ ■How to Play Press button and button of the left, right, up, anddown is reversed. Clear if the familiar all of button is dark. AimClear in fewer steps. ■ □ clear how the different □ ■ You can pressappropriately, you can press alternately with friends, you canpress while analysis. Let pursue fun in the way most appropriate totheir own. But, there is a simple answer to any problem always. ■ □and people around the world in the SNS □ ■ Precisely because thegame that has been played all over the world, I can clear boast.You might become the first of all the questions clear. ■ □ unlockcode □ ■ When asked to input the three friends my unlock code, itbecomes play a special stage. ■ □ I want to recommend this toeveryone □ ■ -Killing time, helped people in spare time - Fromelementary school junior high school, high school and workingpeople, both men and women • Even children are thought to not wantto lose to adult And manga (comics) and training, was tired ofstanding game - Sometimes you want to brain training, you want totrain your brain · Escape and mystery solving is love · I likestylish game
好きになったら負け。 完全無料!女性向けイケメン恋愛ゲーム 1.5.1 APK
先に好きになったほうが負け。 そんな恋愛論があるなら… 先に好きにさせれば、アナタの勝ちだ。 それとも、あえて負けちゃうのも、アリ…?・・・・・・ゲーム内容・・・・・・ ゲームは簡単! 彼から届いたメッセージに、返信するだけ!6人の彼と会話を進めて、エンディングを目指そう! 「早く返信がほしい・・・!」 彼に自分のキモチを伝えることで返信が早くなるよ!簡単に好きになってもイイの? 彼との未来はあなたの駆け引き次第! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ エンディングをすべて見た先に――新たなストーリーが、アナタを待っている ★こんな人におすすめ★ ・恋愛ドラマ、恋愛マンガ、恋愛ゲーム、乙女ゲームが好きなあなたへ!・イケメンとメッセージのやり取りがしたい人へ! ・メッセージ風アプリが好きな人へ! ・完全無料で恋愛ゲームを楽しみたい人へ!・読み物系暇つぶしアプリを探している人へ! ・恋愛ゲーム初心者の人へ! ・好きになったら負け、そんな経験のあるあなたにも!・彼氏はいるけど、気軽に女性向けゲームがしたい人へ! ・最近、ドキドキが足りないかも…なんて思っているあなたへ!・通勤中や通学中に恋愛ゲームがやりたい!そんな学生のや大人の女性にも! ☆楽曲提供☆ Music isVFR http://musicisvfr.com/ Losing is better to fall in love before.If there is such a love theory ... If ask is to love earlier, itwins you. Or, even the would lose dare, Ali ...? ...... Gamecontent ...... Game is easy! In the message I received from him,only to reply! Promoting him as a conversation of six, it will aimat ending! "Early reply want ...!" Reply faster by telling him hisfeelings! I like to become even of good easy? The future is up toyou bargained with him! · · · · · · · · Previously seen all theending - - A new story, waiting for you ★ Recommended for People ★- Love drama, love cartoons, love games, maiden games is like toyou! - Handsome and message exchange is to the person you'd liketo! Message-style app to a favorite person! • A perfect free topeople who want to enjoy the love game! - To people who are lookingfor a reading system killing time app! - Love game novice to thepeople! And negative Once you like to become, you also with suchexperience! It boyfriend is, feel free to anyone who wants to havewomen's game! - Recently, the pounding is thought might ... Nantenot enough to you! - I want love game is spear during or duringschool commute! Also to such students and adult women! ☆ providemusic ☆ Music is VFR http://musicisvfr.com/
無限チョコ工場 【放置・育成】 2.4.0 APK
・・・続いてのニュースです。 無限にチョコレートを食べ続ける方法が発見されました。一枚の板チョコをある決まった手順で分割することで、新たに一粒のチョコレートを取り出すことが出来るのです。●○●○●○●○ゲーム概要●○●○●○●○ サクサク進む!放置育成で無限にチョコを増やすゲームです。無料で遊べる簡単お手軽ひまつぶしゲーム! バレンタインやホワイトデーでチョコをもらえなかった人。――――――――――自分で増やせばいいじゃない。たかがチョコだもの。 ●○●○●○●○ゲーム内容●○●○●○●○ ①チョコをタップ   ↓ ②生産機を買う その繰り返しでどんどんチョコを増やして下さいタップで地道にチョコを増やすか、機械を買って放置で増やすかはあなた次第。 <生産機> ・チョコを自動的に増やしてくれる機械<フィーバータイム> スワイプでチョコを落としてボーナスをゲットしよう!暇でチョコやお菓子、スイーツが好きな女子やチョコが食べたくても我慢している人にも、 平等に淡々とチョコは増え続けます。スポーツ、漫画(マンガ)、アニメもいいけど、チョコもね。