1.01 / March 25, 2016
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You have spent an awesome night. You had a great time, everythingwas perfect and, as it has to be, the night has ended in the bestway.However, there is a little inconvenient... both of you gotcarried away by the moment and you forgot to use anticonceptivemethods! How will you tell mom and dad? You will give them such asurprise!Nevertheless, everything is not already lost. With thehelp of your fingers and the magic pills you will get along withthe situation and save the day! But be careful, the ovule must bedefended come what may, and the "guys" are coming faster andfaster. Are you faster than them?Have fun with this humorous andoriginal game,,, the fecundation game!

App Information The fecundation game

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    The fecundation game
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    March 25, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ay Carumba
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