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Amazing Time Pass Game. Play as Goblinandsurvive as long as you can.
Kill the Orcs. Reach higher levels. Unlock the great skills.CompeteInternationally.
With International Leaderboard. Amzing way to killtime.Downloadthis great time killing game. Get Addicted

App Information The Goblin Legend

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    The Goblin Legend
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    July 5, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    10 - 50
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The Goblin Legend 1.0 APK
Amazing Time Pass Game. Play as Goblinandsurvive as long as you can.Kill the Orcs. Reach higher levels. Unlock the great skills.CompeteInternationally.With International Leaderboard. Amzing way to killtime.Downloadthis great time killing game. Get Addicted
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