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The most difficult pattern to secure your phone, and the privacy ofyour phone becomes more awake in the presence of this difficultpattern!

App Information The hardest pattern

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    The hardest pattern
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    August 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Bracelet is a circular jewelry inserted or attached to one's wrist.The ankle-shaped bracelet is called an anklet.Traditionally, abracelet is usually made of precious metal; such as gold, silver,platinum or other precious metals, as well as sequences of pearlsor beads. Bracelets are sometimes studded with precious stones likediamonds and gems. There are also bracelets carved from intactrocks like jade. Besides being made of metal or rocky minerals,there are also bracelets made from plant fibers, such as from woodor roots (eg root bracelet), or woven and braided plant fibers.Thebracelet can serve as a jeweler or as a marker of the status of theperson wearing it. Bracelets have been used throughout history bymen and women. Used either as jewelry or to mark differences inmany cultures. In some cultures, bracelets can indicate the statusand social class of its users. The nobility, the royal family orwealthy people usually use fancy bracelets of precious metals likegold and silver and jeweled. In the ancient Middle Eastern culturesand Ancient Rome, bracelet or necklace special collar worn by theslaves to mark their status.
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Calligraphy art: neat and beautiful writing, or script that hasbeen formed by emphasizing the beauty contained in the forms ofletters that have been modified or digayakan so as to haveaesthetic value. KufiCalligraphy style is widely used forcopying the early Qur'an period. Therefore, this Kufi style is theoldest of all the styles of calligraphy. This style was firstdeveloped in the city of Basrah and Kufah, Iraq, which is one ofthe most important cities in the history of Islamic civilizationsince the 7th century AD Calligraphy style introduced by ArabCalligrapher, Ibn Muqlah, has a character that is very stiff,broken, and very formal. This style then developed into moreornamental and often combined with floral ornaments. From the wordKufa then this writing is known as Kufi.Nasakh or NaskhiFirstintroduced by a calligrapher master named Imam Muqlah in the 10thcentury. Naskhi style calligraphy is most commonly used by Muslims,both for writing religious scripts and daily writing. Naskhi styleincludes the oldest style of calligraphy writing. This style ofcalligraphy is very popularly used to write the Qur'anicmanuscripts until now.It is a modification of the Thuluth byintroducing small and subtle, simple, almost no additionaldecorations, making it easy to read and read. Since this type isrelatively easy to read and write, it is mostly used by Muslims andArabs in the world .Riq'ah Calligraphy style Riq'ah is theresult of the development of calligraphy style Naskhi and Tsuluts.As is the case with Naskhi style writing used in everyday writing.Riq'ah was developed by the Ottoman calligrapher, commonly used forregular handwriting or for other practical purposes. The characterof the letter is very simple, without a vowel, making it possibleto write quickly.
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