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"The Lost Treasure" from the series (Fun Mathematics)The game, isamultitask collection of simple arithmetic and consists ofthesimplest tasks in mathematics, but at the same time itisfascinating and cognitive for your child..Your child will learntonot complex arithmetic examples and tasks for addition,subtractionand multiplication, as well as a mixedversion.Mathematics is veryimportant in the development of thechild, it helps to increasesuch qualities as thinking, logic, andalso develops a good memoryThe action consists of two stages. Atthe first stage you need tohide the treasure and you need to choosethe computational methodsfor solving the examples for the child.Inthe treasury (map) youhave available six empty chests, in each ofwhich you awake to hidethe treasures for your child.It consists insimple take a picturefrom your phone of any place were you willhide any objects, candy,cake, what your heart desires, and at thesame time the place orobject should be a surprise for the child.Thesecond stage actuallycontains the process of playing and immersingyour child in theworld of mathematics. For every correct answer,Captain Hook giveshim a coin.After collecting enough coins, thechild will be able toopen the chest and find the treasure in it.Thus, the gamecontinues until the sixth chest.To open the chestnumber 1 willneed 20 coins, for 2 chests already 40 coins, 3 coins60 coins, 4chests 80, 5 chest 100 and 6 chest 150 coins.The gamehas a bonus,with 10 correct answers, Captain Hook gives the child10 coins.Thegame is designed for absolutely any age.

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    July 26, 2018
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This app is controller of rc spy car, for control this app you willneed instal in the other smartphone or tablet app "VideoControl"this two apps help you to build Rc Spy Car.Please see the videotutorial. MY WEB PAGE : https://www.neco-desarrollo.es LINK FORDOWNLOAD SCHEMATIC:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E_oKizCLYTfKv2nRPRnHzAZ41wsxwEzWLINK FOR DOWNLOAD ARDUINO SKETCH:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SgxDP_pwbyVA4F70Z5wVyWWoizqCxpnv
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Raal Metal detector Smart Hunter - this app will help you to builda metal detector very easy You will need: 1 - A arduino 2 - AMOSFET irf740 (you can you, any you have disponible MOSFET) 3 - Acapacitor 1mF and 0.47mF 4 - A wire ( 0.54 - 0.7 mm ) for thecoils. We need make to 2 coils, 80 turns both, of diameter 160 mmboth (for more sensibility we need to use biger diameter). 5 - Aswitch 6 - A handset with mini jack of 4 pins 7 - A resistance of10 k How it work: MY WEB PAGE : https://www.neco-desarrollo.es RealMetal detector can detect small objects like a gold ring atdistance of 20 - 25 cm. The objects with diameter of 16 cm, candetect at 50cm. The objects with diameter of 25 cm, can detect at100 - 150 cm of distance. When metal detector detect any metallsmartphone do vibrate! THis metal detector is easy to build andpowerfull If you have any problem for build this metal detector ,please contact us : [email protected] Download ArduinoSketch here: http://neco-desarrollo.es/smart-hunter DownloadSchematic here http://neco-desarrollo.es/smart-hunter Vídeotutorial here ( At the moment Russian language and soon willavailable in English) https://youtu.be/vQUgsobQtK0 In the videotutorial you can see how it work and adjustes of metal detector.For build the coils we use the wire of 0.6 mm, but you can use from0.4 to 0.7 mm The coils must be identical. Real Metal detectorSmart Hunter will help to find your treasure!!!
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Arduino Controlled Car Camera!This app is controller of rc spycar!For robot side you will need to install in the other smartphoneor tablet app "VideoRobot" this two apps help you to build Rc SpyCar.Please see the video tutorial!LINK FOR DOWNLOADSCHEMATIC:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E_oKizCLYTfKv2nRPRnHzAZ41wsxwEzWLINKFOR DOWNLOAD ARDUINOSKETCH:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SgxDP_pwbyVA4F70Z5wVyWWoizqCxpnvMYWEB PAGE: https://www.neco-desarrollo.es<3>Arduino ControlledCar Camera use the camera of smartphone and you can conroll it fromanywere through wifi connection!
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This app will help you to find resonance frequency of Metaldetectorcoils This app will scan your coil then show you theresonancefrequency of your coil!This app use headset microphoneinput toconnect to the coil!To build the measuring leads you willneed:1 -MiniJack 3.5 with 4 pins.2 - Capacitor of 1mF3 - Capacitorof 100nF4- CableIt is very easy to build and then you will able tomeasurethe resonance frequency of you MD coils.Sometimes MD VLFCoils losesensibility and it is dificulte to find where is theproblem.Thisapp will scan your MD coil then you will see if theproblem is inthe coil or not!