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This is the first application from RMGSoftwarePty Ltd.

Will you help us get to a million clicks? Maybe we couldevenreach two million.

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Police Scanner - CWScanner 1.0.1 APK
RMG Software
CWScanner is a police, fire and ambulancescanner for Central West NSW.
HTML Colour Picker 1.0 APK
RMG Software
An attractive and responsive app that lets youfind the right colour for you next project.The program lets you select the colour you want and return theRGB, HSB, HSL and HEX values.
30 Day Ab Challenge 3.5.1 APK
RMG Software
The 30 Day Ab Challenge will help andencourage you in getting the body you have always wanted.Whether you are new to fitness or someone who has prior fitnessexperience, the 30 Day Ab Challenge will encourage you and assistin getting the body you have always wanted.
MySAFE - Checklists 1.2 APK
RMG Software
"MySAFE - Checklists" allows you to quicklyand easily generate a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) auditreports based on almost any work site.The reports are than generated using our system and is deliveredquickly to the user.** We will add new screen shots of the app shortly **
Discover 1.2 APK
RMG Software
Discover lets you find random images fromImgur in a neat and easy way.
YouSaidWhat 2.52 APK
RMG Software
YouSaidWhat allows you to send instantmessages to your friends (and strangers) quickly and easily.You can send short text messages (280 characters) or smallimages. When they are opened and viewed they will only stick aroundfor a few seconds before being deleted for all of eternity.Have fun - and remember to keep this app updated as we continueto improve our services to you!
PlateMate 1.3 APK
RMG Software
Report good or bad drivers easilywithPlateMate.Submit their license plate number and a message. Searchforreports based on license plate numbers.This app is designed for Australian roads. If interest isshownin the app we will make a version for YOUR country.Please do not use this app while operating any vehicleandcontinue to obey all road rules accordingly.
The Million Click Button 1.0 APK
RMG Software
This is the first application from RMGSoftwarePty Ltd.Will you help us get to a million clicks? Maybe we couldevenreach two million.Every click counts!