/ December 15, 2016
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AIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a weapon and killthem all. The Mission Sniper is the latest evolution to snipergames.

It’s a tough job and don’t take it lightly. Shooting on the wingwas originally thought impossible or perhaps more to the point.Only you, the most elite Mission Sniper shooter in the squad, canpull off the high-skill head-shots. Put an end to enemies and theirvillainous terrorist games, and liberate the world from the mostruthless killers in the world.

Ultra REALISTIC graphics which has exquisite game screen, simpleoperation, full of passion, let you can't stop shooting games.Explore various locations like the mountains, hangar sheds,helicopter and other blood curdling locations to complete yoursniping missions. Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, makeyour blood boil up; do not let the terrible criminals out of yoursight. The Mission Sniper game feature multiple snipers, bestprotective amours that defends you from the attackers and healthkits that helps you to increase your life when your beingwounded.

Equip yourself with most modern latest sniper 3D weapons and playin three different sniper 3D regions and 60 most addictive sniper3D levels that challenge you at every step. Get all your guns andweapons ready with bullets loaded for this extreme hunting! Youhave got enough artillery to attack them. This is the best chanceto test your sniper shooting skills. Here you will become one ofthe world's top sniper, you need a cool head anomaly analysis andfast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices. Get out on theBattlefield and obliterate the gangsters, as they have come to yourland to enslave it!

One of the most intense free games in the first person shootergenre. You will be an avid shooter of your entire life!

The Mission Sniper Key Features:-

* Free to play!
* Most glancing sniper 3D actions and graphics: Live 3D shootingsand realistic
detailed environments come to alive!
* Rich weapon system: There are many different types of weapons,such as the M14 EBR, Sniper MSR, AW 50, * * * Sniper SVD, DRAGUNOVand so on!
* Different themes of game play with breathless time chasinglevels!
* Collect cash and billions to keep a steady supply of ammo.
* The Mission Sniper utilizes advanced amours like SDEU 12, USMCMOD 2,
UTG 76and health kits to hold this aggressive battle!
* Kill terrorist commandos with a single silenced shot and become aformidable sniper!
* Easy to pick up and play, tough to master with multiple scenariosand targets!
* Smooth controls with challenging fights against the uncongenialkillers!
* UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leaderboard!
* Intense game-play with great visuals and sounds!

How To Play:-

-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and to zoom in &out.
-Tap on left side to navigate the area.

Please rate and give your feedback for further improvements in thegame.

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App Information The Mission Sniper

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