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"Tumulus Trip! The Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus" is an applicationthat you can experience the appearance of the Mozume KurumazukaTumulus at the time of construction at the site in Muko City, KyotoPrefecture. In addition to being able to experience the sight andscenery at the time of construction at the site, you can enjoy thesight of 360 degrees around the mound and the interior of the stoneroom with VR, without going to the site. And there is a littletrick in the sarcophagus .... There are many old tumuli that can bewalked on the tumulus, as well as ancient tumulus that have beenmaintained in Muko City and in the vicinity. Together with the"Tumulus Trip! The Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus", from now about 1,500to 1,800 years as well as enjoying the ancient kofun era, enjoy theancient tumulus tour.(It corresponds to the Japanese / English /Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)■Map ~ theancient tumulus tour― Five tumuli in Muko City designated asHistoric site Otokuni tumuli group including the Mozume KurumazukaTumulus are displayed on the map. Let's enjoy the ancient tumulustour along the recommended course. It also works in conjunctionwith the application "AR the Nagaoka Palace" that can experiencethe restoration experience of the ancient capital city and theNagaoka Palace.(There is the thing that the display position of thegraphic shifts, depending on the accuracy of GPS.)■MozumeKurumazuka Tumulus Restoration AR/VR― Experience a life-sized,full-CG recreation of the Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus at the time ofits construction in your current location using AR and VR.■MozumeKurumazuka Tumulus Burial Chambers VR― Explore the burial chamberinside the Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus in VR. Tap the button withsarcophagus drawn and something will happen!(You don't have to beat the actual location to use this feature)■Commemorative photowith a great person― Emperor Keitai and the King of Mozume willappear in your current location using AR. Take a commemorativephoto alongside them.■Taken after getting into the King of Mozume―Take a photo using a special frame that will turn you into the Kingof Mozume. Tap the photo once you've taken it for anothersurprise!(You don't have to be at the actual location to use thisfeature)■Tumulus Top VR― Enjoy VR from the top of the MozumeKurumazuka Tumulus. Take in a 360 degree view of the scenery fromthe time the tumulus was first constructed. You can also overlookthe Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus from the sky.(You don't have to be atthe actual location to use this feature)■Marker Card AR― Displaythe marker card to the marker camera and a 3D model of the MozumeKurumazuka Tumulus as it stands today will appear, small enough tosit in the palm of your hand. Blow on the screen for anothersurprise!Utilizing a regional revitalization acceleration grantfrom the Japanese governmentTourism strategy project making fulluse of the history of Muko City "Digital contents business ofhistorical resources"Production : Muko City, KyotoPrefectureApplication development : xeen Inc.This application, weuse the RTC Inc. AR library Vufora. Vuforia sends such as OSversion information and other information to the RTC Inc.. If youdo not accept, please do not download this app.Please check thefollowing URL for moreinformation.https://developer.vuforia.com/legal/statisticshttps://developer.vuforia.com/legal/vuforia-developer-agreement

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    The Mozume Kurumazuka Tumulus
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    May 18, 2017
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    大阪市淀川区西中島3-9-12 空研ビル
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Navi Tagajo 3.1 APK
This application is the perfect application it is possible toacquire information of historical heritage charming while Tour ofMiyagi Prefecture Tagajo city, there are many in the city, to walkaround and historical walk of Tagajo city.In addition, you canrestore by using CG and VR AR, Tagajo-Haiji and Tagajo Governmentoffice Main hall of time is reproduced, and to witness theappearance of past days.In the attendant this app by all means,please try to touch the charm of historic heritage in many inTagajo city.(It corresponds to the Japanese / English / ChineseTraditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)(In order to install theapplication, the rear view camera is required to terminal)■Travelaround the historical heritage― There "Map" "Historical heritagelist", "Collection" and "Album" feature. Point of historicalheritage is shown on the map, expository writing, photographs willbe displayed on the screen automatically when you go to that pointactually. In addition, expository writing, photography is alsodisplayed by tapping the point on the map.― There is also a funfeature that slide into the collection items related to Tagajohistorical heritage with increasing over the city. Further, imagetaken by the app are stored in the album. In doing so, you can alsofill the comment.■Restoration by AR and VR― You can enjoy therestoration CG in remains of Tagajo-Haiji and remains of TagajoGovernment office Main hall. Please experience the restoredbuilding from various angles to roam free.※There is the thing thatthe display position of the graphic shifts, depending on theaccuracy of GPS.※The display position of graphic may not bedisplayed correctly or else, will be out of alignment based on thetype of terminal.■Bonus<Tagajo-Haiji Bonus AR>― You can enjoy therestored sight of Tagajo-Haiji by full CG from a certain pointwith. You can enjoy without going to the local.<Bonus AR>― Youappear to be "something" related to Tagajo If you project a markerin the camera. Marker has been published on the posters andbrochures.[About Inquiries]Inquiries answer, you will be sent bye-mail.If you contact from a mobile phone,After the status of theuse of the terminal of the reception setting of confirmation,please set as capable of receiving domain the [@ xeen.co.jp].Onyour own, even if you do not set and reception refusal of junk mailprevention function,Mail from other than the mobile phone so as notreceived, there is a thing that has been the standard setting.※Setting method, please check your phone's manual. If you have anyquestions, please ask to the mobile phone company of yourcontract.The regional vitalization project which harnessed theAgency for Cultural Affairs cultural heritage of Tagajo citycultural heritage practical use promotion projectProduction :Tagajo cultural heritage practical use promotioncommitteeApplication development : Sanwell Co.,LtdDevelopment :xeen Inc.This application, we use the RTC Inc. AR libraryVufora.Vuforia sends such as OS version information and otherinformation to the RTC Inc.If you do not accept, please do notdownload this app.Please check the following URL for moreinformation.https://developer.vuforia.com/legal/statisticshttps://developer.vuforia.com/legal/vuforia-developer-agreement
Marugame Castle Restored 1.7 APK
An application that uses AR/VR technology to allow you to restoreMarugame Castle to its former state and experience its history.This is the ""Marugame Castle Restored - The Marugame HistoricalExperience App."" Marugame Castle still retains its stone wall,Main Keep, Front Gate and more, but it once consisted of twelvetowers that lined the mountainside. The majestic figure of MarugameCastle as it would have been in the Edo period (1603-1868) has beenbrought to life in this application.(It corresponds to the Japanese/ English / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese /Korean)■Marugame Castle restoration VR― It can be satisfied withformer majestic figure of Marugame Castle by the high-definitionrestoration CG which was reproduced excellently to the stone wallwhich is the biggest charm of Marugame Castle. Wicket the Main Gatein VR, and go up to ""Look Back Hill"" of Marugame Castle specialtyaims to Outer Bailey, appearance of Marugame Castle of Edo era withstunning high stone wall you will see gradually. While walkingaround freely Marugame castle, please enjoy plenty of your highdefinition restored the Marugame Castle. Then, safely whether it ispossible to escape from the square courtyard!?■AR commemorativephoto with people on the Marugame Castle― Appears in a ARhistorical figures related to Marugame Castle, Marugame, you can bea ceremonial photograph together. Some people of the sad legend in.That when you read the description of the person ...■Let's goaround the Marugame Castle while solving a quiz― If you go to 10places a quiz point will appear on the exam is a quiz about theMarugame Castle. While solving the quiz and learn fun MarugameCastle.■Introduction of cultural assets― Explanation of culturalassets of around Marugame Castle appears. You can also enjoy AR isKaitenyama Ancient Tomb in the place that was a littleaway!■Appearance that popular swords ""Nikkari Aoe"" in AR!― Onceit reflects the marker card in this application, that Sword""Nikkari AOE"" of Kyogoku house treasured will appear on the AR toscale! Please take a good pose in hand the Nikkari Aoe!In addition,you can enjoy Marugame Castle restoration VR and Nikkari Aoe VRexperience with head-mounted display at the time of the event.Byall means, download the ""Marugame Castle Restored - The MarugameHistorical Experience App"", please enjoy the Marugame historysearch.Production : Marugame City, Kagawa PrefectureApplicationdevelopment : xeen Inc.This application, we use the RTC Inc. ARlibrary Vufora. Vuforia sends such as OS version information andother information to the RTC Inc.. If you do not accept, please donot download this app.Please check the following URL for moreinformation.https://developer.vuforia.com/legal/statisticshttps://developer.vuforia.com/legal/vuforia-developer-agreement
AR長岡宮 4.0 APK
Historic sites of four areas of Kyoto Muko (Chodoin park,Daigokuden park, Dairi park, The remains of mud wall) in, using theVR and AR this application, ""Metropolitan Palace of ancient ""theNagaoka Palace"""" it is an application that can experience but asif you were there in front of me. Please enjoy authenticMetropolitan Palace you have installed this app by all means, itwas practiced in the turning point of the times the ""the NagaokaPalace"". (It corresponds to the Japanese / English / ChineseTraditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean) ■AR the Nagaoka Palace ―This mode is to enjoy Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park,The remains of mud wall. In the sight of reality reflected in thecamera, the building at the time of the Nagaoka Palace will appearin the original position in full size. And, in fact around and inthe building ... and, if you do not imperative in advancethroughout the year ... ■VR the Nagaoka Palace ― This mode is toenjoy Chodoin park, Daigokuden park. The Nagaoka Palace of the pastdays will be restored in full CG. You can get around the NagaokaPalace restored. ■Person Camera ― This mode is to enjoy Chodoinpark, Daigokuden park, Dairi park. Person associated with theNagaoka Palace will appear in AR in the park. You can also take acommemorative photo together. And, something may happen to sunsetduring ... ■Map ― (Chodoin park, Daigokuden park, Dairi park, Theremains of mud wall) historic sites four areas that can be enjoythis application is displayed. Also, I can see not only thisapplication range of movement, also historic sites specified range.■Collection ― When you start up the application on a particularday, the Nagaoka Palace relevant text was published inhistoriography, such as Shoku-Nihongi will appear. What kind ofsentence or to appear, I enjoy. ■About the Nagaoka Palace ― You canfor the emperor Kanmu, the Nagaoka Palace, and Nagaokakyo, to knowin the image text chronology. ■Ghost Hunt ― Nagaoka-kyō is renownedas the location of one of Japan's most famous onryō, a spiritseeking vengeance to redress the wrongs it sustained while alive.This ghost hunt game requires you to banish this vengeful spiritand save Nagaoka-kyō! * This game can also be enjoyed with VRgoggles. ■Bonus < Dairi main hall AR > ― The Dairi main hallappears in AR. You can walk along the circumference of the Dairimain hall which appeared, or it can go into inside. * It can walkand turn, looking at a screen. Please be sure to experience at asafe large place. Since it is dangerous, please stop experience ona road absolutely. < Marker AR > ― You appear to be ""something""related to the Nagaoka Palace If you project a marker in thecamera. Marker has been published on the brochures, cards. <Chodoin VR > ― You can enjoy a full CG sight from the center ofChodoin. You can enjoy even if I do not go to the local. * There isthe thing that the display position of the graphic shifts,depending on the accuracy of GPS. * Depending on the type ofterminal, the graphic may not be displayed correctly or the displayposition may be misaligned. The regional vitalization project whichharnessed the cultural heritage (Comprehensive practical usesupport promotion project, such as historic sites) Raising CulturalEngagement by Integrating Historical Sites within the City of MukōProduction : Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture
Mannō Complete Navi 3.0 APK
An application that helps you to understand the Cultural Propertiesand many attractions in Mannō Town, and features the legendarydragon that jumps out from Mannō Lake. This is ""Mannō CompleteNavi"". In addition to other, AR flight of Tailless biplane, suchas Mannō Town unique Sanuki Udon quiz, you can experience a varietyof fun while Tour of the Mannō Town. Further, character of ""Ace ofDiamond actⅡ"" appear at AR in seven places in town! (Itcorresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional /Simplified Chinese / Korean) ■Character of ""Ace of Diamond actⅡ""appear at AR! ― Character of ""Ace of Diamond actⅡ"" appear at ARin seven places in town! You can take a commemorative phototogether!! ■AR Dragon in Mannō Lake ― The legendary dragon willappear in AR from Japan's largest pond ""Man'noike"". PleaseExperience on him here the dragon of the strong force, which comesto ultra-close all means. Moreover, what the dragon of color willchange every month according to the four seasons of the landscape!■Let's go around the Mannō Town, while solving a quiz ― And goaround the Mannō Town quiz will appear. A total of 55 questionsquestions in all 55 locations. There is also ""Sanuki Udon Quiz""more than 20 questions. Correct answer is increased to go when thedragon you are in the map screen will continue to grow. And what... by all means reach the highest rank, please enjoy the fun MannōTown tour while solving a quiz! ■Introduction of attractions andcultural assets ― Description of attractions, cultural assets ofMannō Town 30 locations will be displayed. ■Chūhachi Ninomiya'sTailless biplaneis flying in AR! ― Tailless biplaneis that was notbuilt in fact, will fly away in AR!   You can also enjoy the 360degree AR flight video flying over Mannō Lake resting on itsTailless biplaneis! By all means, download the ""Mannō CompleteNavi"", please enjoy the Mannō Town tour. Production : Mannō Town,Kagawa Prefecture Application development : xeen Inc. Thisapplication, we use the RTC Inc. AR library Vufora. Vuforia sendssuch as OS version information and other information to the RTCInc.. If you do not accept, please do not download this app. Pleasecheck the following URL for more information.https://developer.vuforia.com/legal/statisticshttps://developer.vuforia.com/legal/vuforia-developer-agreement
AR Mongol Invasion 3.0 APK
"AR Mongol Invasion" is an application that you can experienceoverlooking the world's largest "Mongol Empire feet of the Mongolinvasions" from various places in Matsuura City, NagasakiPrefecture using AR(augmented reality) and VR. You also can getinformation of "underwater ruins" Takashima Kōzaki Site andcultural property in Matsuura City. Why don't you install thisapplication and enjoy the history of Matsuura City in the 13thcentury.(It corresponds to the Japanese / English / ChineseTraditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)■Mongol Empire ShipsAR/VR Experience― The Mongol Empire ship will materialize in frontof you through the magic of AR. As you approach it, you will betransported onto its deck and be able to look around at the sceneryof the great Mongol Empire fleet. You can also walk around thedeck. Please enjoy Mongol Empire ships that have been virtuallyrestored with high-definition.(It is possible experience in the GPSvalid outdoors)(You can even experience no matter where in thecountry)In addition, you can also rotate and enlarge the 3D modelof the Mongol Empire ship that was restored to high definitionfreely at hand.■Mongol Empire Fleet AR― If you hold your smartphoneor tablet over the ocean through this application, the MongolEmpire Feet AR will appear at the 10 locations such as TakashimaKōzaki Site, Museum of History and Folklore, Hatsusaki Beach,Imafuku Port, the Road Station in Matsuura City. Of course, you cantake pictures. If you are on the ferry, you will be able toexperience AR that rush the midst of the Mongol Empirefleet.■Photos of Seabed Excavation― Here you can see a topographicmap and photos of artifacts found at the Takashima Kōzaki Site, thefirst underwater historic site in Japan.In addition, you can alsorotate and enlarge the 3D model of the Takashima Kōzaki Site thatwas restored to high definition freely at hand.■Memorable Photowith Matsuura Matsunosuke― Matsuura City's official character"Matsuura Matsunosuke" will appear in AR 10 locations of MatsuuraCity such as Takashima Mongolian Village, Hoshika JoyamaObservatory. Please enjoy taking picture with him. Matsunosuke'spose changes randomly.■Guidance of Cultural property― 30 CulturalProperty in Matsuura are introduced. There is a navigation functionwith the map.■Mongol Invasions Quiz― Mongol invasion and Matsuurawill appear on the exam 10 questions at random. Since there are upto a difficult problem from a simple problem, please Good luck withthe aim all the questions correct.■Bonus― Use the listed markers onthe brochure of this application to enjoy AR for a littlemore!Feature of the region there Archaeological leverage businessof the 2015 fiscak yearProduction : Matsuura City, NagasakiPrefectureApplication development : xeen Inc.This application, weuse the RTC Inc. AR library Vufora.Vuforia sends such as OS versioninformation and other information to the RTC Inc..If you do notaccept, please do not download this app.Please check the followingURL for moreinformation.https://developer.vuforia.com/legal/statisticshttps://developer.vuforia.com/legal/vuforia-developer-agreement
松島ダテナビ 2.3 APK
"""Matsushima Datenabi"" is an application that you can experienceof following the footprints of ""Narrow Road to the Deep North"",takeing the AR commemorative photo with great persons, VR fullrestore the Date palace ""Kanrantei"", and experience in the fieldat the old photographs AR sight of Matsushima of Meiji - Showa atMatsushima is a land of the three most scenic spots in Japan. Inaddition, in the mode ""The Moon over Matsushima"" where you canenjoy without going to the local, also supports the VR goggles. Byall means install this app, please enjoy three most scenic spots inJapan Matsushima history tour while thinking of at the time.(Itcorresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional /Simplified Chinese / Korean)■""Narrow Road to the Deep North""― Atthe ""Narrow Road to the Deep North"" AR points, you can takecommemorative photos with AR versions of the legendary Matsuo Bashōand Sora. You will also get the relevant sections of the text, andbonus conversations between Bashō and Sora.■The AR commemorativephoto with great persons― At the Historical Figure AR points, youcan take commemorative photos with AR versions of Date Masamune,Hōjō Tokiyori, and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro.■Kanrantei VRReconstruction― You can also enjoy a full restore experience of theDate palace ""Kanrantei"" that some have survived in the field now.In addition to the appearance of all of the buildings, evenluxurious interior and viewing the moon stage of Audience Hall ithas been restored. Please enjoy in the local high-definitionrestored Kanrantei. In the field you can enjoy with your sweets astunning spectacle of Matsushima.■The Moon over Matsushima― Thebeautiful Matsushima night moon from Audience Hall of Kanrantei canbe fluent in the VR. VR is also compatible with goggles, you canenjoy a 3D image if you use the goggles. Further, Audience Hallthat the warlords and the ruler! ?(You can experience without goingto the local)■Historic Photos― You can see the Matsushima nostalgicold photographs 30 sheets of the Meiji - Showa in the commentarywith.(You can see pictures and commentaries without going to thelocal)■Map― So we have to display the Kanrantei VR and AR point ofold photographs, the Historical Figure AR points to watch the mapin Matsushima town, you can enjoy the Matsushima history tourstarting from the map. You can also enjoy if he where you are inthe Meiji era of Matsushima of old maps on.■Bonus― Using the markeron the back of the pamphlet, I can get a helmet worn by DateMasamune with AR!The regional vitalization project which harnessedthe Agency for Cultural Affairs cultural heritageProduction :Regional activation business executive committee that takeadvantage of the cultural heritage of Matsushima townApplicationdevelopment : xeen Inc."