1.3 / June 21, 2017
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Jump over spikes, dodge arrows, and fly high as long as you can!

App Information The Orange Head Who Believed It Could Fly

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    The Orange Head Who Believed It Could Fly
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    June 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    King Jaam
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Civ Clicker 1.6 APK
King Jaam
Civ Clicker is a strategy click-based game.It was made for a Senior Project in order to graduate.There are three difficulties; easy, medium, and hard.Eachdifficulty brings a new challenge into the game which makesitharder to beat.Easy - Can not get attacked. Enemies have low health.Medium - Can get attacked. Enemies have low health.Hard - Higher chance of getting attacked. Enemies havehighhealth.The enemies' health points are secret, so attack them at yourownrisk! If you lose a battle, you lose health.For the medium and hard difficulties there is a chance ofbeingattacked when you gain gold or when buying an upgrade!Theprobability of getting attacked changes depending onthedifficulty.Be sure to build up your own health points because thetoughenemies can deal a lot of damage when they attack you!The music was recorded by me and all of the backgroundpictureswere created by me.***ATTENTION***Exit the game by using the BACK button to avoid any possiblebugs!Right now, using the home button to exit the app will causethemusic to keep playing in the background, which is okay if youlikethe music. ;)
Space Snake 1.2 APK
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The goal of Space Snake is to travel through space while avoidingasteroids. The more asteroids you dodge, the higher your scoreincreases.Eat Space Mice to increase your body length.Gold isearned after each round which can be used to purchase awesomeoutfits and upgrades for your snake.The game gets harder the longeryou play.Get a high score of 10,000 to unlock a secretoutfit.CONTROLS: Tap on the left side of the screen to move up. Tapon the right side of the screen to move down.Music by: Adam Beard
Monomyth 1.1 APK
King Jaam
Monomyth is a click-based role playinggame,which allows the player to explore a 100 x 1000 plot world.Thereare five main locations in the world, each withchallengingenemies.FieldsForestDesertWilderness (boss battle)Cloud CityThere are many items that can be found randomly throughouttheworld or can be bought from a merchant. Some items includeacompass, a sword, or a teleportation spell. Each item changesthegame significantly.Health Potion: Heals the player by 10Compass: Shows the coordinates on screenSword: Makes your attacks more powerful (required to entertheforest)Teleportation Spell: Teleports you to a random coordinateInvisibility Cloak: Makes you invisible to all enemies besidestheboss (very rare)Wings: Allows to player to fly to Cloud City (boss drop)Each time the adventurer reaches Cloud City, the world"levelsup" and the enemies get stronger.There is a Save/Load feature on the Menu tab, be sure to useitto your advantage!The game is never ending, and it gets tougher as it goes on!Howfar can you go?Questions or Bugs?email me at [email protected] apologize for any problems with the game. It is in a veryearlystage of development. Monomyth was tested on a Galaxy S4, sothelayout looks fine on that device. I am currently working onmakingthe layout look the same on all devices. I appreciateeveryone whohas purchased the game.Music and sound effects will be added into the game soon!
The Orange Head Who Believed It Could Fly 1.3 APK
King Jaam
Jump over spikes, dodge arrows, and fly high as long as you can!