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The Orange Trial is a bright and engaging parkour map allowingyouto test your skills in Minecraft and just have fun at play. Inthefuture, the developed skills in parkour will help you easilycopewith any survival challenge, for example, with the SpiralParkourin Minecraft. DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend tobe apart of the Mojang AB Company, and the softwareapplicationsprovided by us are not official for Minecraft PocketEdition. TheMojang AB Company is the sole possessor of MinecraftBrand Name andall Minecraft-related assets. All rights arereserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesParkour inMCPEis a kind of sport, the aim of which is to run down a trackanddodge different obstacles. This Minecraft map is a real catchforthose who adore different challenges like jumping betweenfloatingblocks, escaping lava, ladder/fence climbing, and muchmore. You canmeet all these adventures in other MCPE maps, butonly here, you canlearn to get round versatile obstacles in mereseconds! ThisMinecraft map consists of 100 different levelspositioned on a largegrid. Due to a high gradation, this map isgreat for both beginnersand mature Minecraft speedrunners. Do notworry if you fail tocomplete any level at a first attempt – youhave a lot of time tolearn the parkour science in Minecraft.Eachsquare in the grid is aseparate challenge, with which you need tocope in order to proceedto the next level. You can play in thismap both alone and in amultiplayer mode. You can also use it as aracing map. Our verdict:this Minecraft allows you to compete withfriends and find out whoof you is the fastest, most dexterous, andquick-witted!

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Sea Animals. Underwater MCPE map APK
The Underwater World in MCPE is a special location inhabited bylots of rare and truly amazing creatures. Using this addon, you canpopulate a Minecraft map with the most unusual marine animals.DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part of theMojang, and the software applications provided by us are notofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Mojang is the solepossessor of Minecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-related assets.All rights are reserved. On the basis ofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThe mostinteresting blocks and mobs of the underwater world in Minecraftinclude:Kelp. It is a mob which can be used to spawn dozens ofdifferent ocean plants like seaweeds. Trident is a throwing weaponin Minecraft that increases the damage of your attack. You shouldnot move when the trident is returning to you – the item isslightly glitchy. The trident works at its best when you play inthe survival mode. Turtle is a mob that adores being underwater. Ifthe Turtle is on land for too long, it will die. The Turtle layseggs every 5-10 minutes. If it happens on land, eggs will fall onthe ground. If the Turtle is in the water, the eggs fall into thewater and then float to the surface. When eggs start shaking, it isa sign they are about to hatch. This aquatic creature can be tamedwith fish. If you don’t want it to follow you anymore, then juststop feeding it. Corals add a portion of naturalness to theunderwater environment. They make the deep-ocean terrain moreinteresting to explore. In total, there will be 16 new colorbocks.Some typical land mobs can be replaced by different types offish and dolphins. To create them, you need to use the spawn eggs.Puffer fish is a mob with a unique feature. If you approach closerto it, then it will swell, but once you have gone further away fromit, then the fish will recover its normal size. To enjoy suchmetamorphose, you should play in a survival mode, otherwise, itwon’t happen. The Great Hunger is a constantly hungry mob. On thetop of that, it is quite hostile. But you will not see that if youspawn it in the creation mode as it gets instantly invisible then.Opt for the survival mode and the Great Hunger will attack you.Download this MCPE addon and snatch an opportunity to meet unusualsea animals which never fail to strike with their amazing beauty!
Minario Video Game. MCPE Map. APK
An admirable gameplay on a video console inside the Minecraft PEgame will definitely be a welcome surprise for you. Insert a disk,take a joystick, and start playing Minario, a famous console gamein the Minecraft world. The MCPE map Minario provides you with theopportunity to play your favorite arcade inside the game that wasso popular on old-school TV-consoles. DISCLAIMER: we are not and donot pretend to be a part of the Mojang AB Company, and the softwareapplications provided by us are not official for Minecraft PocketEdition. The Mojang AB Company is the sole possessor of MinecraftBrand Name and all Minecraft-related assets. All rights arereserved. On the basis ofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThis role gamereminds us of our happy childhood. We bet, you remember well sucharcades with a classic storyline. Just move, jump, and shoot!According to the game legend, the main hero, Minario, wants torescue his princess that is locked in a castle and protected by adreadful monster – a dragon from Minecraft PE. On the way to hisprincess, Minario encounters different obstacles and challenges.Playing as the main character, you will need to deal with monstersand collect coins. A proven method to kill enemies here is to jumpup and impinge upon them from above. Gathering coins, you earnextra points and pleasant bonuses like an additional life or a newweapon, which will be very useful while fighting against a zombieBoss in Minecraft. How to play?The game mechanics are veryconvenient even for an inexperienced Minecraft PE player. You cancontrol the character with a controller – a joystick. Use thestandard control keys to go right or left. To jump, you need topress the (A) button. You can also save the game at any time andresume it later from the moment where you stopped. Download thisfree MCPE map right now and immerse yourself in the atmosphere ofnostalgia!
Entity 303 The Last Shadow. MCPE Adventure APK
Many centuries ago, there was a fierce war between the two worldsof the Minecraft Universe – a bloody battle between the humanityand the kingdom of shadows. People were the winners in this greatcombat, and shadows left, but not forever. They lost a battle, notthe whole war, it was just the beginning… DISCLAIMER: we are notand do not pretend to be a part of the Mojang AB Company, and thesoftware applications provided by us are not official for MinecraftPocket Edition. The Mojang AB Company is the sole possessor ofMinecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-related assets. All rightsare reserved. On the basis ofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesOne unhappyday, the shadows came back. Local villagers of the Minecraft gamecalled this monster Entity 303. It came to destroy this world andthe whole mankind. People were plagued with fear and unendingfeeling of helplessness in front of this other-dimensionalcreature. Someone had to stop it. And you were chosen for thismission! You have to pull through a series of incredibleadventures, which the Minecraft game has prepared for you on thismap. Once in the evening, you got information from the locals thatthe city library had been attacked by Entity 303. You wereimmediately sent to investigate the incident location, find, andkill Entity 303 in MCPE in order to save your city from theperpetual darkness. At the first glance, there was not any dangernoticeable. You continued your long investigations and suddenlydiscovered that many knights had been murdered! Turning around, yousaw it – Entity 303! A horror came over you – what should you do?Will you be strong and brave enough to stay and beat the forces ofdarkness? It is up to you!Such an adventure will take you throughall circles of hell in an effort to kill this heinous monster fromthe world of shadows of the Minecraft game. If you are a fan ofMCPE adventures with a deep storyline, this MCPE map is a must-havefor you!
Find the Out of Room Button. MCPE map APK
Find the Button is a popular Minecraft mini-game. Yourmainobjective here is to find a button to get out of a room. Atfirst,this task may seem very easy to complete, but with every newlevel,it will get harder and harder to find a button. This is whatmakesthis MCPE map so exciting and interesting! Each room in MCPEhas aunique interior design with lots of tiny details – some ofthemoften serve as a clue. DISCLAIMER: we are not and do notpretend tobe a part of the Mojang AB Company, and the softwareapplicationsprovided by us are not official for Minecraft PocketEdition. TheMojang AB Company is the sole possessor of MinecraftBrand Name andall Minecraft-related assets. All rights arereserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesHow to playinthis MCPE map?This Minecraft PE game features 10 levelsofdifficulty, each of which is a separate room of a house such asakitchen, a bedroom, etc. This MCPE map is great for bothbeginnersand experienced Minecraft players. Though the rooms areabsolutelydifferent, your objective remains the same – in eachroom, you needto search for a button in order to proceed to thenext level. Thistask is not that easy as it may seem! There roomswith puzzles,mazes, and other challenges. Tip: if you fail to findan exit froma current room, then read the hint book. This Minecraftmini-gameis a real fun for those who like solving puzzles andcompletingquests. It is suitable for both a single player andmultiplayermode. All levels have a button but some of them willtake you moretime to find. Download this MCPE map and try to findall buttonstogether with friends!
Klondike Survivors Trip. MCPE Map APK
DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part oftheMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Mojang is thesolepossessor of Minecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-relatedassets.All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesTheKlondikeSurvivors Trip is a Minecraft map meant to be played in asurvivalmode. A year ago, you got your grandfather’s map that seemstopoint the place of buried treasures. Gathering your brothersandsisters together and organizing an expedition called“Klondike”,you set out for a treasure hunting adventure.Unfortunately, yourexpedition gets lost soon because of poorterrain knowledge andinaccuracies on the map. Now you need tofigure out where you are,how to find treasures, and lead the lostexpedition to thecivilization. Your resources are running outbecause the Klondiketeam has been wandering for more than a yearalready. Fortunately,the terrain is rich with different items andresources. However, itis also populated with hostile monsters so becareful. Players willplay through a series of adventures. The gameobjective is toexplore the world around you, collect valuableresources, and killbloodthirsty monsters which you will constantlyencounter on yourway. In this game mode, the Minecraft player willalso receivevarious achievements. The Klondike Survivors Trip is agreat MCPEmap for those who want to test their survival skills in averyinteresting way!At the spawn point, you will find severalchestsfilled with different useful items which will help you tosurvive.Once you have finished the spawn exploration, start lookingfor thevillage. The map features a well-detailed navigation. Theroad ismarked with a sign so you will easily find the rightdirection. Theroad will lead you to the large village in Minecraft– you willencounter locals and iron golems here. On your way to thevillage,you will find a huge variety of resources such as food,weapons,armors, and much more. In this map, you will also be ableto:Findseveral portals to the Nether world with newmobs;Explorecaves, canyons, and a mine in search of rare items(buriedtreasures, which are the ultimate goal of the Klondikeexpedition);Get into the Hell Castle to obtain fire arrows.Avoiddifferentdangers, collect valuable items to survive, and enjoy anincredibleMCPE game!
Blitz Army Tanks. MCPE Mod APK
DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part oftheMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Mojang is thesolepossessor of Minecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-relatedassets.All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesWhat canbemore exciting and spectacular than a tank battle? The tank warinMinecraft is a WOW! This addon brings two army tanks to theMCPEgame. You can drive a tank and shoot rockets at your opponentsorhostile mobs which you encounter on your way. It is reallyamust-download tank addon for those Minecraft fans who havealwayswanted to take tank battles to the next level. The addonimplementstwo different tanks to an MCPE game, and each of them isused inthe same way: you need to press on a tank for a while andthenchoose the “Drive” button. The tank in MCPE moves normallyaroundbut you can also control it by jumping. The Army Tanks addoninMinecraft is designed as multiplayer gameplay between twoteams,varying in color. This addon for a Minecraft game alsodeliversexplosives, which you can throw at your opponent or enemy.It isbetter if you seat on a tank while doing that because theexplosiveimitates a rocket launcher in this addon. There are twotanks tochoose from. They slightly differ from eachother.BlueTank:-Advantages: high speed-Disadvantages: does notcausesignificant damageRed Tank:-Advantages: a powerfulrocketlauncher-Disadvantages: drives slowly Tank wars in MCPEgainedpopularity among all gamers owing to their insane dynamics!Arrangean epic PvP tank battle with your friends and enjoy anexcitinggameplay together!
Ice Hockey. MCPE Map APK
Do you want to play hockey even if it is summer outside? We canmakeyour dreams come true! Here it is – the Ice Hockey mapforMinecraft! The map comes with an addon which can replace therabbitwith a puck, the sword – with a stick, and much more. Thisexcitinggame for Minecraft is a right solution if you want toinvite yourfriends and kick a puck on the ice rink. DISCLAIMER: weare not anddo not pretend to be a part of the Mojang AB Company,and thesoftware applications provided by us are not official forMinecraftPocket Edition. The Mojang AB Company is the solepossessor ofMinecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-related assets.All rightsare reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThe mainrulesto follow in this Minecraft map:As you probably know, icehockey isa team game, that is why you need at least two players inthis map.If there are more people participating, one of them may beareferee of the match. The referee will make sure that nobodybreaksthe rules of a game. If somebody cheats, the referee canpunish thewhole team for it. Before the game begins, you shouldenter intothe change-room and select a team. Pay attention thathockey stickshave different knockback effects, meaning you shoulddecide onwhich type to select beforehand. You will meet up youropponents inthe center of the ice rink in Minecraft. By default,there isalready a puck on the ice. If there is no any, then youshouldspawn a new puck with the help of the Egg from inventory. Usethetext chat to ensure that all participants have joined theIceHockey game in MCPE. The main objective is to score goalswhilepreventing the opposite team from scoring. If a team scores,youwill be instantly notified about it. Currently, there isnoautomatic system to count scores, that’s why you will need tokeeptrack of scores by yourself. After making a goal, thepuckautomatically returns to the center of the arena. Just presstheminecart for it. Participants are not allowed to touch anyonefromthe opposite team. If someone does it, he (or she) willbeimmediately placed in the penalty zone and stay here for60seconds. Hope, you will enjoy Ice Hockey in Minecraft because itisa real fun!
Flood Escape. MCPE Map APK
It is a classic parkour map for Minecraft where your mainobjectiveis to pull through a series of different challenges andget to theroof of a building until it is completely flooded. ThisMinecraftcreation is really intense where you need to be very fast.Here youwill jump between sliding cylinder pistons, climb thestairs, andmuch more. But the time is limited and there is no roomfor amistake!DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a partofthe Mojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Mojang is thesolepossessor of Minecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-relatedassets.All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesYou are inabuilding which is getting flooded, and there is no another waytosurvive but running to the top. The water has alreadystartedrising and you need to hurry up if you want to stay alive.ThisMCPE map allows you to test your parkour skills in anemergency.The main rule here is to avoid touching the floor. Ifyouaccidentally do it, you will lose and have to start the gamefromthe beginning. To date, there is only one level available, butinthe nearest future, there will be two more levels added. Thereare3 floors on the first level and each of them has its ownobstaclesand puzzles you need to solve to save yourself. Tips:-Lapis Blockhelps you to move around the floor;- Emerald Block helpsyou toopen a locked door. Once you have started the Minecraft game,youwill have several seconds before the water begins to riserapidly.To stay alive, you need to get to the building top asquickly asyou can. Do you have enough skills to survive in MCPE?Try this mapand know!