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This applications is about the return of love.

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    The Return of Love
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    May 30, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Lucky Akter
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    Lucky Akter 11923 NE Sumner St Portland, OR 97220 United States
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Sun Path Understanding Course 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
Welcome to My Own course " Fundamentals of Solar Energy forElectrical Engineering"In this course we will discuss theconstruction of the PV(Photovoltaic) Cells , the connection of PVCells including series and parallel and when to use each of them,we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of PV Cells.Wewill learn about Sun Tracking to get Max Output power from PV Cellsalso we will discuss some of the Techniques of MPPT (Maximum powerpoint Tracking) to get Max Power from PV Cells .We will learn aboutthe Effect of Insolation ,Temperature and Load Resistance onPower.you will Understand difference between Renewable and nonRenewable energy sources.you will Learn about the Pros and Cons ofRenewable and non Renewable Energy sources.you will also Understandthe Gried Tied system , its components ,advantages anddisadvantages,Understand the off Gried system , its components,advantages and disadvantages and Learn about the Hyprid Solarsystem , its components ,advantages and disadvantages.you willLearn about the Different Types of Solar-Photo-voltaic Cells andtheir Efficiency.we will have an Example on Design of PV Cells .Wewill have an overview to DC-DC Converters including the BuckConverter, the Boost converter and Buck-Boost Converter to Step upand Step down the DC Voltage of PV Cells.Wish you a Happy Learning.
Sun Understanding Course 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
If you're creating any type of exterior rendering or aninteriorrendering of…space with lots of natural daylight, you'llwant thesun to be positioned…accurately to give you the correctshadows andlighting effects in your scene.…In the previous movieweestablished our project's geographic location andnorth…directionin the world.…This is all we need to get the sun inthe correctlocation with relation to our project.…In this moviewe'll look athow we can configure the settings of the sunfurther…to control itsexact position in the sky with respect totime and date.…So I'm ina file called Office Sun Settings, and I'mlooking at the siteplan. And…I've cleaned up the site plan just alittle bit. I wentto VG Visibility Graphics,…and I turned off thegrids, and I turnedoff the reference plane, just to get rid…of someof the clutter.…
KineticFacade 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
For a long period of time, architecture had been considered‘static’for most purposes. However, starting from basic individual‘movingelements’ like doors, windows, elevators, etc., technologyhashelped architects to design buildings that move as a whole orapart. Kinetic elements have more commonly found expression asmediaand interactive facades. This course covers manyinterestingexamples of facades.Further, integration of kineticsinto thefaçade inorder to modulate daylight, shading and/orventilationhave taken the climate responsive design to the nextlevel. Notonly such buildings are interactive, they serve specificfunctionsto enhance occupant comfort with reduced energy use. Thiscoursewill enumerate interesting projects having climateresponsivefacades.The dynamic nature of such facades requires thatthe designprocess to be iterative assessing numerous design andfunctionalparameters to arrive at a optimized solutions. An exampleof such aperformative design process using a suite of simulationtools isdiscussed in the last module of the course. The courseisstructured in 6 modules with two instructors and a moderator.Thiscontent is highly visual and engaging. At the end of thecourse,you can confidently identify what kinetic facades are andtheiterative design process that is required to design suchfacades.Who is the target audience?1. If you are fascinated aboutmovingelements on a buildings, you are interested inunderstandingdynamic facades2. Even if you are not familiar withbuilding designor architecture, but you are just curious to knownabout kineticfacades, then this course is for you !
The Righteous Will Never Be Shaken 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
The Righteous Will Never Be Shaken is an Application where youwilllearn about qualities that make you strong mentally.
The Return of Love 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
This applications is about the return of love.
Golf Made Easy ii 1.0 APK
Lucky Akter
You will learn about Posture, Grip, and Swing, fullyillustratedwith different camera angles, and photographs. You willmaster yourbackswing and forward swing with a full breakdown untilimpact, andthen drills to ensure you build the muscle memoryrequired to hiteach ball perfectly. You will then be guided aroundNew Zealandsincredibly scenic international course at Gulf Harbour- well inparticular, the 16th hole. You will be stepped throughtwodifferent strategies for playing the hole from teeing offtillputting including some etiquette along the way. At the end ofthiscourse you will confidently be able to play a round of golfknowingthat you are building on a technical foundation that willnot onlyhelp you enjoy the game, but may serve as the first step inyourgolf career. Who is the target audience? This course isdesginedtowards complete novices through to basic beginners.Keyfundamentals will be taught that can always be applied at anylevelof player. This course would help no knowledge golfers orstartersthe most.