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Mrs. Tittlemouse is a tale in which no humans play a part and onein which events are treated as though they have occurred since timeimmemorial and far from human observance. It is a simple story, andone likely to appeal to young children.Mrs. Tittlemouse is a "mostterribly tidy little mouse always sweeping and dusting the softsandy floors" in the "yards and yards" of passages and storerooms,nut-cellars, and seed-cellars in her "funny house" amongst theroots of a hedge. She has a kitchen, a parlour, a pantry, a larder,and a bedroom where she keeps her dust-pan and brush next to herlittle box bed. She tries to keep her house tidy, but insectintruders leave dirty footprints on the floors and all sorts ofmesses about the place.A beetle is shooed away, a ladybird isexorcised with "Fly away home! Your house is on fire!", and aspider inquiring after Miss Muffet is turned away with littleceremony. In a distant passage, Mrs. Tittlemouse meets BabbittyBumble, a bumble bee who has taken up residence with three or fourother bees in one of the empty storerooms. Mrs. Tittlemouse triesto pull out their nest but they buzz fiercely at her, and sheretreats to deal with the matter after dinner.In her parlour, shefinds her toad neighbour Mr. Jackson sitting before the fire in herrocking chair. Mr. Jackson lives in "a drain below the hedge, in avery dirty wet ditch". His coat tails drip with water and he leaveswet footmarks on Mrs. Tittlemouse's parlour floor. She follows himabout with a mop and dish-cloth.Mrs. Tittlemouse allows Mr. Jacksonto stay for dinner, but the food is not to his pleasing, and herummages about the cupboard searching for the honey he can smell.He discovers a butterfly in the sugar bowl, but when he finds thebees, he makes a big mess pulling out their nest. Mrs. Tittlemousefears she "shall go distracted" as a result of the turmoil andtakes refuge in the nut-cellar. When she finally ventures forth,she discovers everybody has left but her house is a mess. She takessome moss, beeswax, and twigs to partly close up her front door tokeep Mr. Jackson out. Exhausted, she goes to bed wondering if herhouse will ever be tidy again.The fastidious little mouse spends afortnight spring cleaning. She rubs the furniture with beeswax andpolishes her little tin spoons, then holds a party for five otherlittle wood-mice wearing their Regency finery. Mr. Jackson attendsbut is forced to sit outside because Mrs. Tittlemouse has narrowedher door. He takes no offence at being excluded from the parlour.Acorn-cupfuls of honeydew are passed through the window to him andhe toasts Mrs. Tittlemouse's good health.

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