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Soft-firm – interesting game a task for children of youngerpreschool age. In the course of games children constantly learnsomething new about objects and their properties. They areinterested in everything that surrounds them, and try to learn andstudy as much as possible all new. Therefore it is worth paying asmuch as possible attention to development of thinking of the child.One of occupations with children is search of distinctions betweenobjects. Already just playing with the toys, the child learns todistinguish them by the size, weight, color and a form.The traininggames "Soft Firm" the kid should get acquainted with suchproperties of objects as softness and hardness. Soft objects it issuch which cave in from pressing them. Firm objects it is suchwhich do not change the form when pressing. With the game "SoftFirm" the child will be able to learn to determine softness orhardness of objects not only to the touch, but also by images ofthese objects.At each level of game the question will be set: "Whatis firmer?" or "What is softer?", and to be given two images amongwhich it is necessary to choose the correct answer. Willinterestingly play game throughout a long time as couples of imagesalways change. Also, during game pleasant music, and commentssounds.

App Information The training games: soft, firm

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    The training games: soft, firm
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    February 7, 2017
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