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The Story of the Game; The magician's country has been attackedonthe godric hollow. Difficult times are experienced. The lastfreemage will join a series of battles to save other friends. Ineverybattle he will take the gold of the enemy and save some ofhisfriends. But there are hard ways ahead. Dungeons, besiegedcities... Will the last magician save all his friends?

App Information The Wizard : Save Friends

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    The Wizard : Save Friends
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    March 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Cumhuriyet bulvarı no 232 Tarsus Mersin
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Voice, Video and Message Chat Platform Voice, Video Chat andMessagePlatform
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▪ You can play comfortably using the joystick and jumping buttons.▪Clean, simple and easy to understand. ▪ Supports touch, keyboardandjoystick controls out of the box. ▪ Advanced poolingmanagerincluded. ▪ Fully optimized for Android devices
The Wizard : Save Friends 1.0 APK
The Story of the Game; The magician's country has been attackedonthe godric hollow. Difficult times are experienced. The lastfreemage will join a series of battles to save other friends. Ineverybattle he will take the gold of the enemy and save some ofhisfriends. But there are hard ways ahead. Dungeons, besiegedcities... Will the last magician save all his friends?
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