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Thirty One HD brings the classic 31 cardgame to your mobiledevice.The cardgame "Thirty One" HD is also known as Scat, Blitz orsimply 31. It is very popular all around the world due to it'ssimplicity.The aim in Thirty One HD is to collect cards in a singlesuit worth 31 points or as near as possible to that total. At thestart of the game, every player is dealt three cards. Card valuesin a player's hand may only be combined if they are of the samesuit.At his turn, the player has two options:- Draw a card (Eitherfrom the stack or the waste)- KnockIf the player drew a card, inorder to end his turn, the player must discard one of the cardsfrom his/her hand onto the waste.If a player thinks he can win withhis hand he can knock which automatically ends his turn.After aknock, play continues normally until it is the knocker's turnagain.All players then reveal the current value of their hands.Thewinner is the player with the highest value of cards.The value ofeach card in Thirty One HD is:2-9: face value10, Jack, Queen, King:10Ace: 11There are three different difficulties in Thirty One HD:-Easy: The AI will rarely make a thoughtful move, play this mode ifyou want to have a relaxing session- Normal: The AI will sometimesmake a thoughtful move, however it is still quite relaxing.- Hard:The AI will always try to make the best move possible, it is themost realistic mode, since it is like playing with a realperson.You can unlock different backgrounds & cardsets inThirty One HD as you level-up!Some features:- Amazing HD graphics-Georgeous animations- Simple controls- Classic ThirtyOne/Scat/31/Blitz gameplay- Choose the amount of decks- Choose theamount of players- Choose the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)-Optimized for mobile & tablets- Unlock different cards - Unlockdifferent backgrounds- Level-system

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    Thirty One HD
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    February 12, 2017
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    Android 3.1 and up
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    Christopher Schmidt In den Matskämpen 9 46047 Oberhausen
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