9.0 / November 25, 2017
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Let down all the balls in the basket!If you like to throw ballsinto the basket this game is specially for you! You can not justthrow basketballs, but also football and even baseball! Go into theSettings menu and choose the ball that you like the most! Also youcan select the background of the game, the difficulty level, setthe timer, and select the color for the sight of the sword. Playbecause you like best! Each platform game with a level ofcomplexity, saves your best score. You can always come and surpassyour own score! An exciting game with cool gameplay! Excellentmanagement, which even a child cope! You can play forever, untilyou lose all of your balls. Cool music, bright interface,everything you need for a real game of basketball! Download andthrow balls into the basket with this exciting game!Features:🏀throwing balls in the basket;🏀 basketball, football, baseballballs;🏀 multifunctional game settings;🏀 exciting game;🏀 simulatorbasketball;🏀 excellent management;🏀 cool music;🏀 vivid interface;🏀game for a long time;🏀 not require an internet connection;🏀 freegame!How to play:To throw all the balls in the basket. To this end,point-sight straight into the basket.Twitter -https://twitter.com/Freetale_Media

App Information Throw in the Basket

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    Throw in the Basket
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    November 25, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Freetale Media Games
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    Новикова-Прибоя набережная, 8 к1 кв12 84/85 кварталы (Хорошёво-Мнёвники), Хорошёво-Мнёвники район, г. Москва, 123103
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Shoot the balls!For all the fans burst bubbles! Interesting arcadegame where you have to shoot the balls of the same color and burstas many balls! The most exciting and fun gameplay! Shootcolored bubbles and bursts. Do not let that all the playing fieldis filled with balls. Destroy as many balls as possible. Useauxiliary balls. Look for large accumulations of balls of the samecolor and shoot them with his ball of the same color. Aim better,if your ball touches a ball of a different color, it will stick toit and you will get in the way! Simple and fun game for thewhole family. Very convenient and easy to play for both childrenand adults there. Bright, beautiful graphics, pleasant music andendless gameplay! All this you will find only in our fascinatingpuzzle. After all shoot at different balls are very interesting,downloads quickly!Features:• interesting arcade;• addictive and fungameplay;• Easy and fun game;• for the whole family;• comfortableand easy to play;• beautiful graphics;• bright beads;• pleasantmusic;• infinite gameplay;• does not require an internetconnection;• a free game.How to play:Shoot the balls of the samecolor and burst as many balls!Write to us your comments and leaveyour marks!Subscribe to our group, where you will learn about newgames!Twitter - https://twitter.com/Freetale_Media
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Shooting from 2D bow - Bow and arrow is the most realistic andwell-designed (in terms of graphics) game. Be ready to hit thearrow at the target and increase your chances of archery. 2D Thisis a fabulous and exciting game for fans of archery. In this gameyou are an expert archer and your goal is updated. Move your fingerfrom the bowstring to shoot and hit the target. In every strokeinvest all your efforts to get as accurate as possible and aim tomaximize your score. With this game you become the best shooter inthe game of archery.  Test your skills of archery in avery exciting game called 2D Archery - bow and arrows. Operate justwith one finger and shoot the targets as possible moreprecisely. This is an incredibly addictive game that will not makeyou miss, you will not even notice how did hour. You've tried thegame of this type and in them it was impossible to play? Now,finally you have found what you need! The game includes acombination of the best features of all games = shooting of 2Darchery.  Features: * Realistic excitinggame; * Beautiful 2D graphics and the environment; *Amazing game physics; * Limited number of arrows, which can bereplenished exact hit the target; * Precise touchcontrol; And if you like this game, be sure to leave a nicecomment.Thank you;)
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Enjoy your virtual racing in heavy traffic car traffic!Yes, this isa super car!Be prepared to enjoy a very fast and beautiful sportscars, racing video game with a combination of endless traffic.Enjoy your virtual racing in heavy traffic car traffic, but pleaseobserve the traffic rules and be careful on real roads. Amazinggame, addictive gameplay, oncoming cars, collect bonuses and becomethe best racer. Feel the speed of the race and in the new freegame of survival. Teetering between chaos and control. Click on thegas and hang in as long as possible.No need to pay to come to avictory, it is absolutely free game. We know that you love todrive, so we decided to include in the game for more than 20coolest racing. Make the engine of his car and raced through thebusy highways, do the stunts, overtake rivals and prove to yourfriends that you're the best! Asphalt worldwide is glowing from thecrazy races. Will you have the courage to resist the temptation tocrash into oncoming car ?! Here you dictate laws! Buy a new car andtry to become the fastest and most successful driver in the globalplayers tops! Racing now - will WWTP other! The game sets a newstandard in the genre of racing at maximum acceleration. Drive thehigh-end luxury cars, and show everyone who's boss. Immediately getbehind the wheel and get ready for what you will capture the spiritas soon as you press the start button. In the game you can changethe settings and trip characteristics as you please. Increaseengine power upgrade their equipment, repaint your car. All thiswill definitely affect the realistic driving simulation. Openingthe elite race cars, you will feel the lord of the roads.SPEEDRIDINGTake part in high-speed races, drive a car in the flow oftraffic and overtake other cars!In our game there are norestrictions. More danger - more coins!High-quality graphicsEnjoythe most advanced 3D-graphics with realistic atmosphere andincredibly detailed vehicles.Your dream carImprove your car to thelimit, give it a personal touch with colors, wheels andbumpers.Make it better, faster, more powerful and morebeautiful.Features:- 3D-graphics of the first level and gnarlyimpact-crash sound effects,- Upgrade and customize your own car,-Earn free money to unlock new cars,- Race for your own ways: youcan touch and mouse, tilt,- Enjoy more than 10 hours of gameplay inthe massive career mode with 48 levels,- Realistic car racingexperience,- Excellent high quality graphics,- Enjoy the race fromdifferent angles,- Real-time car racing physics,- Ability to useanother machine,- HD-quality games to enjoy,- Wacky Races,-Excellent 3D graphics,- Racing cars and improved bumper, spoiler,-Ability to pump the car for themselves,- A wide choice of routes,-Dynamic gameplay arcade racing - board hated rivals,- Pleasant andrealistic management- Different cars to choose from: bizneskary,sports cars, luxury cars,- Detailed environments of the world,-Exciting engine sounds and excellent background music,- Easymanagement,- Coloring car unexpected colors.Control:-Use Gyroscope,keys,-No Brakes, only forward!