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Visita y descubre el Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.Juega y resuelve cadapuzle para apreciar cada detalle y aprender curiosidades y detallessobre las obras.Construye La Anunciación de El Greco o el famosoretrato de Giovanna Tornabuoni, y muchos más. Descubre todo esto ymucho más en Puzle Thyssen app.Visit and discover theThyssen-Bornemisza Museum.Play and solve each puzzle to appreciateevery detail and learn interesting facts and details about theworks.Build The Annunciation by El Greco or the famous portrait ofGiovanna Tornabuoni, and many more. Discover all this and moreat Puzle Thyssen app.

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    September 24, 2017
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    Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
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Islands of Nubla 1.0 APK
The Islands of Nubla proposes us a journey to see where Nubla wasborn. Islands are all based on paintings from the MuseumThyssen-Bornemisza's collection and each, in its own way,reinterprets and becomes a habitable or uninhabited place, all partof a journey that has only just begun.With this premise we startedthe workshop Nubla Art Game in which the participants have imaginedthe islands we find in our journey from the search andinvestigation of the works and their adaptation to the world of ourvideogame. The result is "The Islands of Nubla" an app whose storyis halfway between the first and the second episode of the game.Ifyou want to participate in our workshop and to help us to createnew islands for the Nubla’s Universe, visit:http://www.educathyssen.org/talleres_art_game
Crononautas 2.0 APK
A different way to visit the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza with yourmobile device, a reality-fiction adventure that offers you timetravel through the pictures, known curiosities Villahermosa Palaceand important facts and figures related to the environment within aweb of adventure and mystery. You can search the Anacronópete, thetime machine would think Enrique Gaspar's first novel in Spanishscience fiction of 1887. But to find it you will have to unravelthe secrets behind the museum and his paintings. - This is a 3Daugmented reality application, thus requiring rear camera to work.- This application is optimized to run on Android 4.0 and higher. -Currently this application is not compatible with the Mali-400 GPU.
Discover the lives and works of the great 19th century painters whoexplored the unknown North American territories and who discoveredthe ways of life of the tribes that lived there.With the help ofdifferent historical accounts, geographical maps and art-historycommentaries, you can get to know the works of artists such asGeorge Catlin, Henry Lewis, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, KarlBodmer and Frederic Remington. You will also learn about how theseartists influenced the many cowboy and Indian stories.The Libraryof the Forest is a chapter that is ideal for more creative appusers. Here you can get to know the work of the contemporary artistMiguel Ángel Blanco by playing this exciting game of discovery. Youwill be asked to unearth different hidden treasures that are atribute to the artist himself as well as to the leading charactersof the Wild West.
Second Canvas Thyssen 1.12 APK
For smartphones and tablets, in Spanish, English and French. SecondCanvas Thyssen is the perfect way to unlock the secrets of theMuseo Thyssen-Bornemisza and use super-high resolution imagery toexperience its splendid masterpieces like you've never seen thembefore. Explore, browse, learn and have fun with stories andsecrets shared by the Thyssen's experts on any device: computer,tablet, smartphone, etc. You can even connect it to your TV screenat home or in the classroom. And you can share all of yourexperiences with friends on social media. Created by MuseoThyssen-Bornemisza and Madpixel with the exclusive sponsorship ofFundación BBVA, Second Canvas Thyssen lets you explore the museum'sgreatest artworks by choosing from a variety of themed itineraries.On this app, you'll find works by Caravaggio, Carpaccio, Vincentvan Gogh, Kandinsky, George Grosz, Degas, Franz Marc, Cézanne,Dürer, Pissarro, Gaspar van Wittel, Antonello da Messina, Chagall,Murillo, Pollock, the Master of the Magdalen and many others inimages of the best quality and resolution. Main features: •Super-zoom to explore the works in amazing detail, right down tothe individual brushstrokes and craquelure, thanks to the images’gigapixel resolution • More than 20 works in HD resolution •Infrared, X-ray and ultraviolet vision available for certain keyartworks to reveal the drawings hidden beneath the paint and theartist's corrections or pentimenti • Discover incredible detailsand the stories behind them from museum experts: characters,symbolism, technique, the artist's style, etc. • Share your ownstories on social media, choosing which details you want to post insuper-high resolution • Connect your iPad/iPhone to your home TV(via AirPlay, Apple TV or cable) or classroom projector to get afull-screen view of the masterpieces while interacting with yourtouch device • Download details of the works and their back storiesto your device so you can access them even when you're offline orin flight mode • New resources like audio tours, videos, lectures,etc., will gradually be added to make your experience trulyunforgettable • Available in Spanish, English and French We hopeyou enjoy Second Canvas Thyssen. Tell us about your experience withthe app and help us improve: SCThyssen@secondcanvas.net More aboutSecond Canvas: www.museothyssen.org www.secondcanvas.net
Experiment now! 1.2.4 APK
Would you like to paint? Want to create an artwork like you'rePicasso? Do you dare to compose a collage? Want to create a newstyle? Impress your friends with the new implementation ofThyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Experiment The App Now! promotes playfuland creative participation of users to present some of the mostimportant works of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, from aneducational point of view. The application encourages users toexperiment with the main artistic movements through free play modesand challenges that month will incorporate new creativepossibilities of self-discovery and put us in the shoes ofdifferent artists and will help us meet the great painters presentin the Museum, as Domenico Ghirlandaio, Edward Hopper, PaulDelvaux, Max Ernst and René Magritte.
Thyssen Puzle 1.0.0 APK
Visita y descubre el Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.Juega y resuelve cada puzle para apreciar cada detalle yaprendercuriosidades y detalles sobre las obras.Construye La Anunciación de El Greco o el famoso retratodeGiovanna Tornabuoni, y muchos más.Descubre todo esto y mucho más en Puzle Thyssen app.Visit and discovertheThyssen-Bornemisza Museum.Play and solve each puzzle to appreciate every detail andlearninteresting facts and details about the work.Build The Annunciation El Greco or the famous portraitofGiovanna Tornabuoni, and many more. Discover all this and more at Thyssen Puzzle app.
Museo Thyssen - Kiosk APK
Available from Thyssen Kiosk in the form of interactive magazinesis a wide range of publications relating to education and theexhibitions organised by the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.
Museo Thyssen 1.1 APK
This app of the MuseoThyssen-Bornemisza(Madrid) offers a practical calendar ofexhibitions and events atthe museum. It provides detailedinformation about the works of arton display. The app also includesthematic route suggestionsallowing you to get to know the museumthrough a special selectionof paintings.It is really useful for our regular visitors as well asforFriends of the museum who will be able to find details oftheexclusive Friends’ activities here. It is also ideal for thoseofus who want to prepare their visit in advance. If you areconnectedto the Internet the app allows you to buy tickets andaccess othergreat services such as our online shop, all from yourmobilephone.