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Tic Tac Toe Free: Multiplayer is a classic tic tac toe puzzle gamein which you can either play against the device or you can opt toplay a two on two match against a friend!Instructions:Draw X and Oalternatively. The first player to draw three of his symbols in arow (horizontal/vertical/diagonal) will be the winner! What are youwaiting for, give Tic Tac Toe Free: Multiplayer a try!One PlayerGame - Play against the deviceTwo Players Game - Two players canplay in tic tac toe multiplayer mode. Use your turns alternatively.Clear - To reset statisticsWe hope you have a good time playing TicTac Toe Free: Multiplayer!

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    Tic Tac Toe Free: Multiplayer
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    February 5, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Harshwardhan Singh
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    325 - A, Shrinagar Ext. Indore
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Tic Tac Toe Free: Multiplayer is a classic tic tac toe puzzle gamein which you can either play against the device or you can opt toplay a two on two match against a friend!Instructions:Draw X and Oalternatively. The first player to draw three of his symbols in arow (horizontal/vertical/diagonal) will be the winner! What are youwaiting for, give Tic Tac Toe Free: Multiplayer a try!One PlayerGame - Play against the deviceTwo Players Game - Two players canplay in tic tac toe multiplayer mode. Use your turns alternatively.Clear - To reset statisticsWe hope you have a good time playing TicTac Toe Free: Multiplayer!
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Scientific Calculator - a calculator for android among the verybest. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, it for sure won'tdisappoint you. Comes in with an array of features ranging from thebasic calculator to graphs to trigonometric calculations, restassured we've got you covered.Main Features:1. Can be usedOffline2. Perform all the basic Calculations3. Records yourHistory, 4. Multiple Panels to chose from, which can beactivated/deactivated based on your needs.5. Graph Plotter6. Workwith fractions7. Perform various operations on multiple 2x2Matrices8. Perform Trigonometric and Inverse TrigonometricCalculations9. Perform Logarithmic Calculations10. VariousScientific Calculations11. Completely FREE!12. Lite on memory13.The Calculator speaks your tongue, Available in 50 Languages!AnOverview: History:For checking the History, open options and selectShow History. It will list all the calculations you've done in thepast. The list is fully scrollable. You can also opt to Hide and/orClear History.Panels:You've got an array of panels to chose fromdepending on your needs. If you want to stick to the basics, thecalculator will start in basic mode. Swipe left or right to switchbetween various panels! Following panels are built into ourScientific Calculator:1. Graph Panel2. Hex Panel3. Basic Panel4.Advanced Panel5. Matrix PanelYou can chose to select multiplepanels or only the panels which you'll use. In an order to enableother panels, go to settings to enable the ones you want to use.Our Scientific Calculator stands out in a way that no othercalculator app does. Give it a try and you'll know the reason why!
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Are you looking to make/extract Android Application Package (APK)file from an application installed on your device? If yes, yourwait ends here, our app APK Backup and Restore: Free comes to therescue!With APK Backup and Restore: Free, you can backup andrestore APK files from the applications installed on your devicepowered by Android. APK files can be backed up on your phone andwhenever required, can also be restored directly so you don't needto go through the basic installation process. With APK Backup andRestore, following can be done:1. APK file backup (The app willextract an APK file from the chosen application) 2. APK filerestore3. The stored APK files can be shared via Bluetooth.NOTE:There are a few known bugs, restore option may not work in a fewdevices. Bugs will be fixed in the upcoming releases. There areknown issues with Android Marshmallow (6.0)
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Call Blocker: Block Calls Free is a lightweight call blocker appfor your daily needs. Are you worried about your privacy? Gettingirrelevant phone calls? Do you want to block all unknown calls? Howabout putting an end to all? Whatever your reason might be, here wecome to your rescue. Block unwanted calls with this app! CallBlocker: Block Calls Free is a block list app where you can blockphone calls by simply adding them to the block list. In a similarfashion, you can block all incoming calls or block unknown numberor block contacts.Features:* Block All Calls* Block all unknowncalls* Block Contacts* Create a Blacklist* Get Last Number fromCall Log* Read Call Log* Cancel All BlocksBlock All Calls - AllIncoming calls will be blockedBlock Unsaved Contacts - Do you wantto Block unknown calls? All unknown numbers will have a hard timereaching you!Block Contacts - You can select a contact to beBlocked from your contacts list. It will only be white-listed ifyou chose to do soCreate a Blacklist - All numbers that you choseto block will be displayed under the list. This will enable you toblock incoming calls which are added to the block list. You canlong press a number for a few seconds for delete popup menu to showupGet Last Number from Log - Call Blocker will fetch the lastnumber from your call log. You can blacklist it if you want. Yourwish!Read Call Log - Call Blocker will read your call log anddisplay relevant information including call duration inseconds.Cancel All Blocks - You can stop the call blocker fromblocking anything. It will only stay active until you've chosen toselect this option * Why is "Call Blocker: Block Calls Free" bestin its class? *Easy to UseLow on ResourcesIt's free*Note*1)Remember to Add the Country Code before the number.2) If you wishto unblock the number, you'd need to long press the list and deleteit from there. You can, however, add the number back later.3) *Some features may not properly work with Android Marshmallow (6.0).It will be fixed as soon as Google releases an update *We hope youlike our call blocker app Call Blocker: Block Calls Free.*Supportfor Android Marshmallow (6.0) is still experimental. There areknown issues with it incl. crashes*
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Root Checker Pro: Free is a tiny tool which lets you quickly andeasily check whether your device has root access. In my rootchecker app, you'd be notified of a root access by the use oftick/cross images.What do you mean by Rooting/Root Access?Rootingis the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and otherdevices running the Android mobile operating system to attainprivileged control (known as root access) over various Androidsubsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Androiddevice gives similar access to administrative (superuser)permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operatingsystem.Your device will have enhanced privileges allowing it to runa lot more apps. In other words, your device can run sudocommand.Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcominglimitations that hardware manufacturers put on some devices. Thus,rooting gives the ability (or permission) to alter or replacesystem applications and settings, run specialized applications("apps") that require administrator-level permissions, or performother operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normalAndroid user. On Android, rooting can also facilitate the completeremoval and replacement of the device's operating system, usuallywith a more recent release of its current operating system. ✔ ->You have root access, Congratulations!✘ -> Sorry, you do nothave root access!If you get a superuser popup, select grant. I hopeRoot Checker Pro: Free helps you.Note:This app won't ROOT yourphone, it just will verify your root access status.