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Ready. Set. ROLL! Tilt your way through 18 levels, then roll forthehigh score in the endless arcade mode. Not feeling liketilting? Wegot you covered! Just switch to the touch controls andkeepspinning! FEATURES ★ 18 challenging levels – Can you earn 3starsfrom each one? ★ Tilt and touch controls – Play in portraitorlandscape with tilt or touch. You decide! ★ Endless arcade mode–Roll your way to the top of the leaderboards! ★ 50+ unlockableballs– Skulls, smileys and loads more! ★ Energetic EDM soundtrack– Musicfrom Pointless Payback, Jay Mata and more! ★ Google PlayGameleaderboards and achievements – Compete on the leaderboardsand be#1 ! Tiltagon Turbo is the remastered version of Kiemura'sdebutgame Tiltagon. Now on Google Play and with no adsormicrotransactions! Follow us online for the latest news:Website:https://kiemura.com Facebook:https://facebook.com/KiemuraHQTwitter:https://twitter.com/KiemuraHQInstagram:https://instagram.com/kiemurahq/ PrivacyPolicy:https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8030212

App Information Tiltagon Turbo

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    Tiltagon Turbo
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    March 1, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Kiemura Ltd.
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    Isäntämiehentie 20 C 14 48400 Kotka Finland
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Be hungry shark 🦈 or fierce piranha 🐟 in this fishy online andoffline io game ! OPEN JAWS ! It's munch time! Select a fish anddive deep under the tropical ocean waves. Eat fish and swimmers🏊‍♂️ to grow HUGE and swim as long as possible. SIZE DOES NOTMATTER ! Piranh.io is different from other io games because size isnot everything. Even a tiny piranha can turn the biggest Megalodoninto fish sushi 🍣 with a POWER-UP! Use lightning to shock yourenemies. Activate the ice beam to freeze others and escape tosafety. Or fire up the laser gun, yell 'pew pew pew' and blast allthe other fish! ONLINE AND OFFLINE IO GAME ! Looking for io gamesthat don't need wifi? We got you covered! While Piranh.io is areal-time multiplayer game, we also have two offline io gameexperiences: Rush and Classic! No matter if you are on a plane,underwater or just looking for offline games without wifi, you canstill open your jaws and satisfy the urgent Megalodon devouringdesires! FEATURES 😂 Unique and fun io game – Dive in and experiencethe dynamic gameplay! 🎮 Online and offline game modes – Swim withother players from all over the world or eat fish bots when you areoffline! ⚡️ Crazy power-ups such as lightning and ice cannon – Yes,we have hungry sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to theirheads! Pew Pew! 🐟 Lots of piranha and shark skins – Become theMegalodon, a hungry shark or a fish skeleton! 🎥 Record gameplayvideos – Turn other fish into sushi, then share the moment withyour friends! 👆 Touchscreen optimised controls – Use just onefinger or switch to virtual on-screen controls! 🥇 Achievements andleaderboards – Compete for the #1 spot! 🆓 Free to download –Piranh.io is completely free to play. However, there are someoptional in-app purchases available Using wifi connection is highlyrecommended when playing the online game modes. Please pick theclosest server to your location for best experience. Remember thatyou can also have fun with fishy offline games without wificonnection. Hungry for more free games? Follow us online for thelatest news: Website: https://kiemura.com Facebook:https://facebook.com/KiemuraHQ Twitter:https://twitter.com/KiemuraHQ Instagram:https://instagram.com/kiemurahq/ Privacy Policy:https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8030212
Mystic Marbles: Free Gem Match 1.14 APK
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*** Games Finder 9.5/10 ****** GirlGamer.com 8.5/10 ***Experience a completely new match-3 gameplay in this magicalandaddictive puzzle game! Play with up to 3 friends on one tabletatthe same time!Join the fun and play the game which players are describingas"innovative" and "incredibly clever". Match colorfulmarbles,increase your score multiplier and earn as many points in60blazing seconds as you can! Collect gems to use scoreboostingmagic amulets and items.Music by Whitaker Trebella (Pivvot, Polymer)!Features:* NEW & EASY TO LEARN way to match three* LOCAL MULTIPLAYER for 2-4 players* GET HIGH SCORE with special shapes, bonus marbles andscoremodes* COMPETE WITH FACEBOOK FRIENDS and battle for the #1 spot* LEVEL UP and unlock powerful boost amulets and magic items* LOCALIZED in-game textsMystic Marbles is the debut game of Finnish indie gamedeveloperJyri Kilpeläinen.#MysticMarbles
Super Line Rush: Hit Ball Game 2.2.1 APK
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***** Editors' Choice ataptoide.com********** Over 100.000 worldwide downloads *****New! Buy Super Line Rush merchandise at http://www.redbubble.com/people/kilpelainen/works/13766392-super-line-rush-game-iconWelcome to Super Line Rush. Feel the rush, stay in the lineandDO NOT let your fast ball hit the wall !Super Line Rush is a new fast ball racing game that is easytolearn but hard to master (but so fun and addictive you just wanttokeep on playing)Game features:* Tap the screen or tilt your phone or tablet to steertheball* Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements* Multiplayer head to head race battle for two players ononedevice* Online multiplayer & tournaments provided by Fuel* Share your records on Twitter* Night Mode with black on-screen graphics and text* Awesome trance / EDM soundtrack* Unique minimalistic and clean graphics* Fast bootup timeSuper Line Rush is inspired by Stay In The Line and otherhardand fast games. Enjoy this free hit game and have fun playing!Thank you for the support! Please remember to rate &reviewthe game. And do not forget to tell about Super Line Rush toyourfriends and family!Spread the word and use #SuperLineRush !Super Line Rush is made by Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen, aindiegame developer couple from Finland.
Hovercrash – 🚀 Fast hovercraft racing 1.4.0 APK
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Welcome to Hovercrash, a futuristic anti-gravity racer withthrills, tunnels and turbo boosts 🚀! Jump in to a hypersonichovercraft and test your reflexes on the high speed race track!Dodge crazy obstacles and fly at breakneck speeds as far aspossible. And when you have learned the basics, lift your fingeroff the screen and increase your score multiplier even faster! Theenergetic EDM soundtrack will give you an extra rush in the racefor the high score 🎵! FUTURISTIC FEATURES ★ Experience theadrenaline rush of futuristic anti-gravity racing ★ Minimalisticand colourful 3D visuals ★ Simple one finger game controls ★Unlockable anti-gravity hovercraft ★ Google Play Games leaderboardand achievements REVIEWS "A fast and sometimes furious game ofdodging, weaving, and pushing your luck" – Pocket Gamer BronzeAward "It's fun to pick up and play" – AppSpy "Now, when it comesdown to graphics, Hovercrash looks amazing!" – Edamame Reviews Ifyou are a fan of futuristic anti-gravity games like WipeOut, F-Zeroor Fast RMX, you should definitely download and play Hovercrash!Follow us online for the latest news: Website: https://kiemura.comFacebook: https://facebook.com/KiemuraHQ Twitter:https://twitter.com/KiemuraHQ Instagram:https://instagram.com/kiemurahq/ Privacy Policy:https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8030212
JiPPO Street 1.1.4 APK
Kiemura Ltd.
Emoji speaking characters? Check.Awesome blocky graphics?!Check!Simple & fun gameplay?!? CHECK!!!It's JiPPO! Street, thelatest game from JiPPO!Building a street has never been this funand easy! Just swipe and match falling dice to create new buildingsfor the funny JiPPO! characters!"Best Games of the Week" -AppAdvice"6 Mobile Games You Need to Download" - GamezeboSWIPE ANDMATCH DICE!It’s a mix of dice, match-3 and town building games!Rotate and match dice to build pizza places, horse stables, animojikaraoke clubs, pet stores and more in this endless arcade game.Play with just one hand while waiting for your coffee, duringboring meetings or while eating a hamburger!CUTE JiPPO!STYLE!Something old, something new! JiPPO! Street visual style is ablend of modern blocky graphics and retro 8-bit colour palette.Handcrafted block by block for you to enjoy!SHARE FUNNYPHOTOS!Enter the photo mode and visit the street you just created.Move around, zoom in, then snap a photo and share it with yourfriends. Emoji talking JiPPO! characters are always hanging aroundthe city so funny photo moments are guaranteed!UNLOCK NEWLOCATIONS!Start in small town, then unlock new locations such as atropical beach, animal-filled farm or a busy big city with hot dogcarts. Each theme comes with own buildings and theme music. Visitand build in them all!Welcome to the world of JiPPO! FOLLOWJiPPO!http://jippo.worldhttps://facebook.com/JippoWorld/https://twitter.com/JippoWorldhttps://instagram.com/jippoworld/JiPPO!Street is made by Kiemura, a husband-wife team from Finland. Checkout also our other games Piranh.io and Hovercrash!
Picky Package: 🚚 Drone Delivery Game 1.0.5 APK
Kiemura Ltd.
POSTAL WORKERS WANTED! Package and food delivery departments needyour help! Tie your shoelaces and warm up your legs because it'stime to run! DELIVERY DRONES INCOMING! Collect power-ups toactivate superhero mode, then crash into cars and send them flyingfor BIG scores! Fly above the streets with a drone and get thosepackages delivered pronto! LEVEL UP AND BE THE BEST! Unlock rewardsand new characters such as Alien, Football Player, Vampire,Gingerbread Man or even Santa Claus 🎅! Become the package deliverymaster and dominate the leaderboards! GAME FEATURES 📦 Tap todeliver – Fun and addictive offline game 👽 Unlock characters anddrones – Play as food delivery alien or get touchdowns as a blockyfootball player 🏖️ Run in different locations – Visit the city,beach or even the football stadium 🌙 Day and night cycle – Deliverparcels in early morning or mid-night 💯 Score big with power-ups –Collect superhero and drone tokens and get the high score 🎥 Recordgameplay videos – Share best game moments with your friends (videorecording requires Google Play Games) 🥇 Google Play Gamesachievements and leaderboards – Compete for the top spot on theglobal leaderboards 🆓 Free to download – Picky Package iscompletely free to play. However, there are some optional in-apppurchases available Follow Kiemura online for the latest news:Website: https://kiemura.com Facebook:https://facebook.com/KiemuraHQ Twitter:https://twitter.com/KiemuraHQ Instagram:https://instagram.com/kiemurahq/ Privacy Policy:https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8030212
Tap Roller – 🐱🐶🐻 Ball physics game 1.0.4 APK
Kiemura Ltd.
Tap Roller is a ball physics game with easy tap controls! Youhavethree balls and your mission is to escape the spinning room.Tapthe screen to change the room's spin direction and bounce allballsto the exit. But be careful: each room is filled with trapssuch aslaser beams, buzzsaws, spikes and bombs!Unlock and createfun ballcombinations with cat 🐱, dog 🐶, horse 🐴 and fruit balls 🍓!Someballs even have their own sounds!FEATURES★ Easy one tap game –Justtap the screen to change room's spin direction!★ Bouncyphysicsgame – Smooth gameplay even on a slower device!★ Cartoon3Dgraphics – Minimalistic and vibrant visuals!★ Huge ball selection–Create fun combinations with cat, dog, horse and fruitballs!★Share your score – Challenge your friends and see who getsthe bestscore!★ Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements –Battlefor the #1 spot on the leaderboards!★ Language support –In-gamemenus are available in English, French, German,Italian,Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish"👍 Gráficos coloridos ebonitos"–Baixaki"It's more challenging than you would think."–AndroidPoliceFollow us online for the latestnews:Website:https://kiemura.comFacebook:https://facebook.com/KiemuraHQTwitter:https://twitter.com/KiemuraHQInstagram:https://instagram.com/kiemurahq/PrivacyPolicy:https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8030212
com.kiemura.deliverystar 1.0.1 APK
Kiemura Ltd.
It’s a busy day at the delivery company! Pick up dogs and burgers,then deliver them to the drop zones! Crash into cars with superheropowers and send them flying for HUGE scores! Get airtime with adrone and deliver items even faster! Features: ● Simple one tapgame! ● Cute blocky graphics! ● Collect power ups and get HUGEscores! ● Deliver items with superhero powers and drones! ●Deliver. Fly. Crash. Score! ● Deliver packages, crash into cars andbecome a Delivery Star! Download now and be a Delivery Star!