1.0 / December 19, 2016
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We happily announce Episode 2 of Time Warriors. In this secondepisode, you will be in never existed time Steampunk. You will bein a well designed environments, characters, weapons and costumes.This is gonna be your best multiplayer action war game ever tested.Discover authentic block maps and environments, make your warstrategy and attack the enemies. You can stand against your enemiesas single or as a team. Multiplayer game modes let you play withreal players in gorgeous game levels. It is easy to play. There isno need to skip many pages and dialogs. You will start the gameeasily with just couple of clicks. Just select a map, choose yourwarrior avatar and weapons and then start the game. Offline gamemode lets you investigate advantageous points on the map. So youcan make better war strategies for attack and defense. In onlinegame mode, you will apply your plans over real players. Better planwins in real life. Online game modes: - Team Deathmatch: Kill moreenemy as a team to win. Higher kill numbered team wins. This gameplays with 2 teams. Red and Blue. - Capture The Flag This game alsoplay with 2 teams. Red and Blue. The team captures the flag ofopponent team for 3 times wins. - Gun Beast In this game mode thereare no teams. Eveybody plays as single. Player starts the game withmost powerful weapon. Weapon changes to the weaker one as soon askilling other players. At the end you will have only bare hands tofight. You will win when you kill anyone with punch. FEATURES: - 8special weapons - High performance - 6 gorgeous game maps - Just30Mb of space on your device - 4 siege weapons - Online and Offlinegame modes - 3 game modes - Game is free

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    Time Warriors - Steampunk
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    December 19, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Şehit Kubilay Caddesi Carpediem Sitesi, D Blok Daire : 36 Taşdelen, Çekmeköy, Istanbul - Turkiye
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