1.0 / April 7, 2015
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This simple timer with major controls indispensable in the kitchen,with cosmetic procedures, the repair of the car when the hands areoften soiled, and press the timer can be the back of your hand orfingers or elbow or foot :)Start / stop timer implemented largetouch button with time in the center of the screen. Set the time inthe timer is carried out large +/- buttons on the top and bottom ofthe screen, touch or retention.Other features of the application:-Timer will work even if you are in countdown timer turned off themain window and use other programs on your device;- Does not go offscreen device when seen application timer - you can watch thecountdown, but you can minimize the main window timer countdowncontinues and the screen will be repaid system;- Autostartapplications when the device is reset when the timer countdown hasbeen included at the time of restart;- Automatically remembers thelast set time and restores after the end of counting down, whichsimplifies the cyclic count of one and the same time;- The maximumtime the timer is not limited;- Works in any orientation of thescreen;- Does not contain advertising.

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    April 7, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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Clock on the home screen 1.0 APK
This widget clock on the home screen (desktop) with a lot ofunusual fonts.You can choose:- Font. Many unusual.- Font color.Anyone, not only from a limited set.- Transparency of the font.Clock not disturb the harmony in your home screen, and will fit inany style pictures.You can place multiple widgets on multiple homescreens with individual settings font, color, transparency, sizefor each screen.You can even put multiple widgets on one screenwith different settings for each instance.This is a widget, it isset to the home screen from appropriate section of your device.Onceinstalled on your home screen you can change the size of the widget(depending on the version of Android). Tap on it, keep your fingeron it for a while, release. There will be a point beyond which youcan stretch the widget to the desired size and / or you can move itto the desired position on the screen.If you tap on the widget,opens widget preferences.The app contains no advertising and doesnot require access to the Internet.
Sounds Fun 1.0 APK
This program can make funny sounds mooing cows, bleating of sheepor lamb, crowing rooster, pig squeal, the neighing of horses,mewing kitten, dog barking, buzzing mosquitoes, the laughter of thechild and the adult, the sound of the drum is not tuned violin,drill or punch, vacuum cleaner, parties , scandal, sighs, sirensand police sirens, trains, breaking glass, screaming, drippingwater and running water, a creaking door, kissing, coughing,snoring, shot, etc.The sounds you can use to amuse or confuseothers.And if you connect the smartphone to the big speakers, theprogram can be used as a "Military devices" in the "Neighborcrazy."The application no contains advertising!
FlashLight 1.0 APK
This flashlight works on all Android devices.The application nocontains advertising!
Правила дорожного движения 1.0 APK
Правила дорожного движения РФ. Новые!С картинками в тексте,штрафами, активными ссылками, поиском, автомобильными кодамирегионов и другой полезной для водителей информацией и функциями.Приложение не содержит рекламы! Не требует доступа винтернет.Особенности:- картинки прямо в тексте - не нужно метатьсямежду текстом и графическими объектами;- активные ссылки упрощаютпереход в другие пункты правил и возврат обратно;- поиск по тексту- есть возможность найти только то, что нужно и не читать всёподряд;- запоминает место последнего просмотра перед выходом изприложения и при следующем запуске перемещается к нему;-масштабирование отображаемой информации;- блокировка гашения экранана время чтения информации в приложении;- дополнительная информацияв приложении: Штрафы ГИБДД(ГАИ), Автомобильные коды регионов,Дорожные знаки, Дорожная разметка, Основные положения по допускутранспортных средств к эксплуатации и обязанности должностных лицпо обеспечению безопасности дорожного движения, Переченьнеисправностей и условий, при которых запрещается эксплуатациятранспортных средств;- приложение не содержит рекламы и даже нетребует доступа в интернет;- принимаются (на электронную почту)пожелания по дальнейшему наполнению приложения важной и нужнойводителям информацией.Russian traffic rules. New!With pictures intext, fines, active links, search, automotive region codes andother useful information for drivers and functions.The applicationcontains no advertising! Does not require access to theInternet.Features:- Pictures directly in the text - no need to rushbetween text and graphics;- Simplify the transition of active linksto other points of the rules and return back;- Text search - havethe opportunity to find just what you need and do not readeverything;- Remembers where you last viewed before exiting theapplication and when you next start moved him;- Scaling of thedisplayed information;- Lock screen blanking time to read theinformation in the application;- More information in theapplication: traffic police fines (GAI), Car region codes, roadsigns, road markings, main provisions for the admission of vehiclesto operate and duties of officials to ensure road safety List offaults and the conditions under which operation of vehicles isprohibited funds;- The application contains no advertising and doesnot even require access to the Internet;- Accepted (by email)wishes for the content of this application as important andnecessary information to drivers.
Defective pixels 1.0 APK
The program is designed to test the screen for the presence ofdefective (dead, broken) pixels. When you touch the screen withyour finger, it (the screen) will be fully painted in one color,and broken pixel (if any) will be different from the primary color.If you have not noticed such a pixel, congratulations - you have afully serviceable screen.The application no contains advertising!
GPS Speedometer 1.0 APK
This application is designed to measure using satellite positioningyour current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance andelapsed time on it. All these parameters can be calculated anddisplayed for all usage time for the current day, the time sincelast reset, in kilometers or miles. Also, the application can showyou your current location.This application can be used for exampleas:- Bike computer;- Controlling the speedometer;- In sports;- Forweight loss;- For health training;- Etc.Application can run in thebackground - you can then run it to listen to music, watch videos,run a browser - the application will run in the background and readyour movement.The application uses satellite positioning system todetermine the position, so the accuracy and other characteristicsdepend on the sensitivity and accuracy of satellite positioningmodule smartphone.The application no contains advertising!
GPS Tape Measure 1.0 APK
This application allows you to measure the shortest distancebetween two points on the ground, the length of the largeitems.This is useful for measurement of land, buildings and otherfacilities and structures, topographic and other measurements.It ispossible to remember the results of several measurements.Theapplication uses satellite positioning system to determine theposition of the points of measurement, therefore the accuracy andother characteristics depend on the sensitivity and accuracy ofsatellite positioning module smartphone.The application no containsadvertising!
GPS Guard Green 1.0 APK
The program sends messages about the location of the smartphonewhen leaving it outside the security zone.For example, you can givethe phone running the program your child when he goes for a walk.And if he leaves the territory of the courtyard, to you willreceive a message with the location of the child.In addition to theprotection of children, this program can be used as a car alarm.Ifyour smartphone attach to collar, the program can be used tocontrol your dog, big cats, horses, cows, and other pets.Ingeneral, the movement of any object can be controlled by theprogram, including travel, for example, if stolen, the smartphoneitself.When the device is reboot, the program automatically startswith Guard mode, if device at the time it was rebooted will in thismode.In guard mode program runs in the background and you can useyour device as usual.Working with the program:1. Enable thesmartphone GPS.2. When you run the program you must enter thepassword (if installed).3. Set the required radius of the securityzone, the frequency of sending messages to the location, phonenumber where messages will be sent, input password (ifnecessary).4. Wait for when your coordinates defined - green iconappears satellite and button Guard becomes available, press thisbutton.The message, that are transmit program, contains links thatcan be opened by any browser on devices running any operatingsystem (smartphones, tablets, PC).The messages contain two links.One simple, with map, location transmitting device - in the centerof the map. The second link allows you to build a path to locationtransmitting device.The program contains no ads!