1.0.6 / October 3, 2015
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Jot down a moment, notes and location !Include home widget, easy touse.

App Information Timestamp - Quick Notes

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    Timestamp - Quick Notes
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    October 3, 2015
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    WM Dev.
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Floating Timer (Stopwatch) 1.3.2 APK
WM Dev.
※ Features • Floating design, floating on other app. • Circle orrectangle style. • Millisecond precision, can be displayed to 0.1seconds. • Records recently used. • Widget, quickly createtimer*. • Google Now voice action (Android 4.4 above)*.※ How touse • Click: Start / Pause • Double-click: Reset • Drag it to trashof the bottom: Delete※ Google Now voice action description (Android4.4 above) • Open Google Now voice interface and say: set a timerfor [time] For example: "set a timer for 10 minutes", you can juststart timing.※ Note • If your device has a mechanism to prevent theprogram wake-up (such as power-saving mode), please join this appexceptions exclusion list, in order to ensure the properfunctioning of the countdown reminder (wake up only at thespecified time is short, does not affect the power). • Countdownreminder through the "notification channel" playback, please notethat the volume.
Quick Panel (home button) 1.4.2 APK
WM Dev.
Quick panel can provide you with informationand setting toggle in any case.You can follow their own preferences, select color or change eachpanel.※ Quick launch (Replace Google Now launch mode) • Virtual Navigation bar device: Press and hold the Home button,then swipe up; repeat to close. • Physical Navigation bar device: May long press or double-clickthe Home button(Note1); repeat to close.※ Information panel • Date and time • Battery power and temperature • Network and speed • Available RAM • CPU usage and frequency • Environment brightness※ Toggle panel • WiFi • Mobile data (Not support Android 5.0) • Bluetooth • Auto sync • Ringtone mode • Hot spot • Auto rotate • Keep screen on • Torch(Flashlight)※ Apps panel • Quick launch other APP※ Volume panel • Voice call • System • Ring • Music • Alarm • Notification※ Brightness Panel: • Screen brightness • Below zero mode(May be less than the minimum brightness)※ Note 1: Some devices may not support Quick launch.
Timestamp - Quick Notes 1.0.6 APK
WM Dev.
Jot down a moment, notes and location !Include home widget, easy touse.
高雄捷運 Widget (即時列車動態) 1.2.1 APK
WM Dev.
本程式為Home Widget (桌面、鎖屏小工具)提供高雄捷運的即時列車到站時間※功能• 顯示下一班、下下一班列車到站時間• 可自動判斷最近車站• 顯示車站距離• 列車行駛方向標示※如何新增Widget在HOME(主畫面)長按,即可新增 "高雄捷運Widget"。※使用技巧• 定位:此App採用網路定位,需先至設定 -> 位置資訊服務 ->開啟網路定位(Google定位服務),定位時開啟WIFI可增加準確度。• 調整Widget大小:長按Widget視窗即可調整大小,建議3X1(預設)或4X1。※備註• 列車時間單位:分鐘• 車站距離:是指到達車站中心點的直線距離。• 行駛方向:箭頭向上為往北This program is HomeWidget (desktop, lock screen widget)Provide instant Kaohsiung MRT train arrival time※ Function• Display the next one, the next time the next train station• You can automatically determine the nearest station• Display Station is• Train travel direction flag※ How do I add WidgetIn the HOME (main screen) Press, to add "Kaohsiung MRT Widget".※ Tips• Location: This App uses positioning network, you need a relativelatecomer Settings -> Location Services -> Open networkpositioning (Google location service), open WIFI increase theaccuracy of positioning.• Adjust Widget size: Widget Press to resize the window, it isrecommended 3X1 (default) or 4X1.※ Remarks• Train Time unit: minutes• Station is: is straight from the station to reach thecenter.• direction of travel: the arrow up to the north
高雄 CityBike 站點查詢 (+Widget) 1.2.3 APK
WM Dev.
高雄市公共腳踏車 City Bike - 即時租賃站點資訊查詢※ 特點•桌面小工具(Widget),不需進入App也可快速查看站點資訊• 前往站點建議路線、距離與時間(註*)•站點標記群集顯示,避免密集恐懼• 合併鄰近站點,方便查詢(註*)• 無廣告※ 備註事項•建議路線僅供參考,目前只提供步行模式,暫不提供腳踏車模式。•合併鄰近站點:中央公園站、中央公園站(2)市府四維站、市府四維站(2)文化師大站、文化師大站(2)後驛站、後驛站(2)三多站、三多站(2)巨蛋站、巨蛋站(2)高雄醫學大學站、高雄醫學大學站(2)文化中正站、文化中正站(2)光華公園站、光華公園站(2)高雄女中站、高雄女中站(2)市府鳳山行政中心站、市府鳳山行政中心站(2)海科大旗津站(1)、海科大旗津站(2)輔英科技大學站、輔英科技大學站(2)前鎮加工區站(1)、前鎮加工區站(2)圖書總館站、圖書總館站(2)鐵道文化園區站(1)、鐵道文化園區站(2)台鋁站(1)、台鋁站(2)九曲堂火車站(1)、九曲堂火車站(2)Kaohsiungpublic bike City Bike - Rental Site Instant Information inquiry※Features• desktop gadget (Widget), without the App can quickly viewthe site Information• Go to the site proposed route, distance andtime (Note *)• Site Seal cluster display, to avoid the intensefear• merge neighboring station, easy access (Note *)• Noadvertising※ Note matters• proposed route is for reference only,currently only available in the pedestrian mode, they will notprovide bicycle mode.• Merge adjacent site:Central Park station,Central Park station (2)Municipal dimensional stations, citydimensional station (2)Normal station culture, cultural NORMALstation (2)After the post, the post (2)More than three stations,more than three stations (2)Dome station, Dome station (2)KaohsiungMedical University Station, Kaohsiung Medical University Station(2)Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Station, Chiang Kai-shek CulturalStation (2)Park Station brilliance, brilliance Park Station(2)Girls station Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Girls station (2)Theadministrative center of the city Fengshan station, theadministrative center of the city Fengshan Station (2)Heiko largeCijin station (1), Heiko large Cijin station (2)Fooyin UniversityStation, Fooyin Technology University Station (2)Cianjhenprocessing zone station (1), before the processing zone townstations (2)Library Main Library Station, the main library booksStation (2)Railway Cultural Park station (1), Railway Cultural Parkstation (2)Aluminum station table (1), an aluminum table station(2)Nine Hall train station (1), nine Hall train station (2)