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The easiest way to learn the English language is utilizing yourbrain in a complete manner. In other words the learning processmust be carried out through employment of the brain's visual power.So this is the motive behind develop this App. We want to makelearning process more easy and interactive. Textbooks educationalsystem now gone away.Tiny taught is an application that has beendesigned to teach anyone, especially children who start learningABC (Reading and Writing). It has been developed for teachers andparents even, who want to teach their children at home. App hasthree unique features, namely:1. Interactive listening andpronunciation of word/consonant2. Learn how to write A,B,C...Z3.Pronouncing is also very crucial and important element of learningABC.INTERACTIVE LISTENINGThis screen has a visual image of theEnglish consonant, the way it reads in English and one can listento how it will sound and has to be pronounced. It also gives apicture of an object whereby the consonant has been used in thename of the object e.g. a picture of a house will be shown with thewords HOUSE alongside the consonant H. An easy way to learn bysound and picture illustration.AUTO WRITINGThere is an animatedillustration of the consonant that will allow one to write theconsonant by themselves.HANDWRITINGThis feature allows the user towrite and erase the consonant by themselves.

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ORATARO is a smart communication Platform for school, parents andteachers with a real time updates on Class activities, Homework,Circulars, Academic calendars, Progress updates and groupdiscussion for brainstorming and other project work within a classor at a school level. Super smart features of ORATOR will reinforcethe scale of teacher and parent interaction and will influence moreinvolvement of parents and teachers in advancements of the childeducation.Here are some silent features of ORATARO • Real timeHomework / Class work updates to parents Mobile.• Test and Examschedule calendar or academic calendar alerts via pushnotification.• Student can update status with course work, andother things on personal wall and share within his group, friendsor publically• Share pictures or albums and other importantmaterials among the group, projects or within friends• Student canDownload test exam papers to practice at Home.
Ank 4.1 APK
Numbers, in any language are important as they form part of ourdaily conversation. A language is incomplete without numbers.Therefore, it is important that one learns numbers as well asvowels and consonants of a language. It is therefore imperative toknow what the role of numbers is in the structure of Gujaratigrammar.However ANK app has been designed to teach cardinalnumbers. It helps the user learn, pronounce, recognize and writenumbers. It is a relatively easy app to use and teaches the rightway to write numbers.ANK has three unique features, namely:1.Interactive listening and pronunciation of numbers, alongsideobject graphics representing the number2. Learning by autowriting3. Learning by writing on the mobile screenitselfINTERACTIVE LISTENINGThis screen has a visual image of theGujarati numbers, the way it reads in English and one can listen tohow the number will sound like. It also gives a picture of anobject representing that particular number. E.g. the Gujarati digit૪ will be written as ચાર, alongside its English counterpart 4.Alongside the digit there will be a pictorial representation of 4,maybe four balls so that the user can relate the number correctlyby counting. An easy way to learn by sound and pictureillustration.AUTOWRITINGThere is an animated illustration of thenumber that will allow one to write the number bythemselves.HANDWRITINGThis feature allows the user to write anderase the numbers by themselves.ANK is a fun way to learn Gujaratinumbers. The wonderful graphics and illustrations take away theboredom that is associated with any language learning, especiallynumbers. The menus, commands etc are easy to follow. Get your kidsthe app and let them play with it for about 20 minutes before goingto sleep. See how fast they learn the numbers. You can also playgames with them on a particular number. Everyone spends so muchtime, money and energy on games that this application makeslearning numbers fun and connects the user to their Gujarati roots.
Class IX Maths Theorem 2.1 APK
Today is the technology world. Over the past few years technologyhas taken over society. Everyone uses technology, from children andteenagers to adults and elders, that why we tried to convert someof CBSC mathematics theorem in mobile application In mathematics, atheorem is a statement that has been proven on the basis ofpreviously established statements, such as other theorems—andgenerally accepted statements, such as axioms. In this applicationwe have covered class IX theorems of CBSC board, student can learnthe theorem with step by step process mentioned in the application,Also we are providing the video illustration for every theorem.Student will have to download the video in-order to play it. we areconstantly trying to add more and more theorems in the application.
PeriodicTable 1.1 APK
Our periodic table Mobile App is fact-filled and info-rich app. Forthis Mobile App targeted audience should be a student, teacher orjust who have an interest in the chemical sciences. The periodictable is a tabular display of the elements, organized on the basisof their properties. Elements are presented in increasing atomicnumber. The main body of the table is a 18 × 7 grid, with gapsincluded in to keep elements with similar properties together, suchas the halogens and the noble gases. For the students we alsoprovide information regarding how easily we can remember wholeperiodic table? • Every element come up with its basic informationwith image • Structure about element and more information is alsodisplay after selecting element from periodic table • Link Up withWikiPedia for further information or detailed information aboutthat element. • Through videos you can check how it’s created andapplications of that element. • Use our simple table for quickaccess to data – like sorting elements in order of increasingdensity.
Biology Dictionary 6.2 APK
Now no need to search on Google and in pages of biology books forany biology terms because we try to put all biology terms in ourapplication - "Biology Dictionary". All the biological termsrelated to biology which are always comes in use. That all arementioned in this dictionary and small description is alsoavailable with text to speech option. It is helpful to find wordsin alphabetical manner with search option. This biology app isfully loaded with essential terms useful for biology students.Features : simple to find terms and fun to learn from this app.Definitions are speeched by Text to speech feature. Easy tonavigate. Thesaurus with over 310 straightforward definitions.Works completely offline! No internet connection needed! Perfectfor your Biology studies. If you are like biology, then you willdefinite like this app.
Vowels 6.0 APK
With the pressure to give our kids a decent upbringing and thegrowing expense of basic survival, gone are the days when oneparent, usually the mother, stayed at home to teach the kids. Bothparents have to work to have a decent lifestyle and by the timethey come home, they are so tired that apart from having dinner andrelaxing a little, there is very little they can do before going tobed in readiness for the next day. As a working Mum, I personallyfeel the pressure and guilt all the time that I cannot spend timewith my two daughters and help them with their studies. This is theproblem faced by most families today. We don’t have enough time toteach our kids. Thanks to technology and mobile applications ourchildren can now study without our presence. That does not meanthat we shirk from our responsibilities but at least the kids havesomething to help them with their studies.Mothers like me don’teven know Gujarati, then how can I help my children learn it? Forus Vowels application is a Godsend. This is a mobile applicationthat has been specifically designed for anyone who wants to learnGujarati. This app will help you and your children to learnGujarati. It is also a helpful app for anyone who wants to teachthe language. Vowels has three unique features, namely:1.Interactive listening and pronunciation of word/vowels2. Learningby auto writing3. Learning by writing on the desktopitselfINTERACTIVE LISTENINGThis screen has a visual image of theGujarati vowels, the way it reads in English and one can listen tohow the character will sound like. It also gives a picture of anobject whereby the vowels has been used in the name of the objecte.g. a picture of a pomegranate will be shown with the words A andઅનાર alongside the vowel અ . An easy way to learn by sound andpicture illustration.AUTOWRITINGThere is an animated illustrationof the vowel that will allow one to write the vowel bythemselves.HANDWRITINGThis feature allows the user to write anderase the vowels by themselves.Vowels has been developed in such away that if used regularly and religiously one will be able tospeak, read and write Gujarati in no time. The application is funto use. The wonderful graphics and illustrations take away theboredom that is associated with any language learning. The menus,commands etc are easy to follow. Vowels application is accessiblefrom anywhere and everywhere in the world, at any time, day ornight. Mobile learning is fast becoming the future of all educationso why not Gujarati?
Physics Dictionary 6.0 APK
Now no need to search on Google and in pages of physics books forany physics terms because we try to put all physics terms in ourapplication - "Physics Dictionary".All the physical terms relatedto physics which are always comes in use. That all are mentioned inthis dictionary and small description is also available with textto speech option and also give image related to physical terms. Itis helpful to find words in alphabetical manner with search option.This app is fully loaded with essential terms useful for physicsstudents.Features :simple to find terms and fun to learn from thisapp.Definitions are speeched by Text to speech feature.Easy tonavigate.Wikipedia link for more detailed description.Thesauruswith over 452 straightforward definitions.Works completely offline!No internet connection needed!Perfect for your Physics studies.Ifyou are like physics, then you will definite like this app.
Math Table 4.1 APK
You might remember that the days when we adults are in the age oflearning tables during our childhood, how difficult was that duringthose days, but manual learning of tables is the only way in thosedays. All these advancements has encouraged us to create a mobileapp which is very interactive and lets the children learn the tablefrom 1-10 in the best and easiest possible way. This Math Table Appis developed especially for children to learn the table easily andcan test their skills too with the help of this mobile app. Thisapp is divided into 2 sub sections, which are: Learn table: This isthe first section, of our math table app, which as the name refersis to help children to learn the tables from 1-10 in the easiestand effective way. On the first window of the application, you canselect the section learn table and start learning the table. Theway of learning with this app is very easy that even your kid isable to start learning the table without any problem, but an adultsupervision is also the best. The table designed in this app arevery easy, that any kid with little supervision during earlier dayscan start learning and remembering the table for very long period.Working: Consider that your kid start learning the table and he islearning the table of "6" and he is looking for the answer of"6*10", In this app "6" will be added 10 times to get the answerlike "6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6" and then the answer will be "60", inthis way you get the answer for the value of "6*10=60". This is howthe children will start learning the table, the addition ofnumbers, and the multiplication of the number. Play Puzzle: This isthe 2nd subsection of this app. In this you can check the abilityof the children that how fast and accurate he/she can solve thepuzzle of the multiplication of the selected number within theselected table. From this screen where you are seeing the buttonsdisplaying the numbers from 1-10, you can press any button of anynumber displayed on that number. As you will press the button ofthe displayed, you will be entered into the puzzle game of our app.Working: Now let’s consider, you have selected the number 7 andpressed the button from the given 10 numbers. Your selection meansyou are ready to play the multiplication puzzle of number “7”. Nowthe puzzle starts and you have to start playing. As the puzzlestarts you will see the set of numbers with the multiplicationsign. Along with the numbers you will get some of the options belowthe question. From the given option one number is the correctsolution of the given question and other 2 are just the randomnumber. You have to select the correct solution of the givenquestion. Additional Feature: There is also an added voice featureis available which will say the actual multiplication, addition orwhatever process is going on in the application, when you are usingit. This feature is introduced to make this application moreinteractive in terms of making a sense of connectivity of app withthe children.