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The cool 12 TinyMons and a blank sheet wanttobe painted of you with 12 colors and three differentpenwidth!
When you are ready you can take a screenshot of your amazingpaintedTinyMons!

This app is available for free and contains no advertising andnoin-app!

Have fun. The TinyMons are waiting for you!

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Soccerooz - Lite 3.2 APK
Lite Version! Get the full version for more fun!Play a round basedsoccer game with monsters!Play against your friend or CPU.Choosebetween 8 different monster types, 4 game modes, three fields andthree different weather conditions.The game modes are:singleplayer, multi player, tournament and penalty.The fields are grass,snow & ice and sand. Each field have different weather.
Tiger & Elpho in animal land 1.3 APK
These lovely illustrated game box for kids, toddlers and preschoolincludes 4 games with animals (tiger, elephant, whale, cat, dog,mouse, rabbit and many more), animations and videos. No languageskills are required. Navigate the app by selecting the symbols –even children with no reading skills can play without help. PUZZLE:choose your favorite animal and select between 4, 6 and 9 puzzlepieces and drag the pieces with your finger to the right place. Ifthe puzzle is completed you will see a funny video with the currentanimal. MEMORY / PAIRS: You can choose between 6 or 8 cards.If youhave found a pair (cards are chosen randomly) you will see a videowith the current animal. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Find all 4differences of the current randomly chosen picture. TicTacToe: Playas Tiger or Elpho with your friends or parents. MORE INFO:protected parents section No In-App Purchases No ads lovelybackground music and SFX No reading skills required ReviewsBestappsforkids.com : 4 of 5 starskidsappcorner.com "Tiger &Elpho is a very simple, but neat interactive game for kids"
TinyMons Coloring Book 1.11 APK
The cool 12 TinyMons and a blank sheet wanttobe painted of you with 12 colors and three differentpenwidth!When you are ready you can take a screenshot of your amazingpaintedTinyMons!This app is available for free and contains no advertising andnoin-app!Have fun. The TinyMons are waiting for you!
enchanted garden audio book 1.0 APK
Have a magical adventure with the fourfriendsMeredith, Tom, Susan and Nicholas into an adventure full ofmagicalthings.Meet unicorns, green mountain goats, a blue elephant, funnydressedmonkeys and much more ...This audio book adventure you will not forget soon....For parents:This children's book app includes 20 wonderful pages offantasyand magical things.You can choose between "read to myself" and "read to me".In the "read to me" option you can enjoy professionalnarrationwith word by word highlighting.Enchanted Garden is an interactive storybook, that willdelightyour child---Go ahead and tap the sparkles!You can change the language between german and english.This app does not contain any advertising or in-apppurchase.
Dobby Dog - hide & seek 1.4 APK
Dobby Dog likes to travel a lot. But what he likes even more, ishiding in the most difficult places during his travels. Therefore,it's very convenient for him that you will now accompany him on histravels. Can you find him? This lovely drawn children's App DobbyDog children discover a lot of colorful and exciting worlds.Thechildren plunge into a wet world below the sea level, into a hotsavanna full of dangerous animals, into a fluffy white South Pole,an imaginative fairy tale world full of surprises and to thescarcely explored Mars.„Dobby dog" supports:- interaction- supportsthe recognition of shapes and colors- problem solving skills-memorizing skillssummary:- 5 lovely drawn worlds with a lot ofhiding places- A new world is unlocked after you have find allhiding places in the current world- No In-App Purchases - No ads -lovely background music and SFX - No reading skills required- over170 hiding places- you can zoom in, out and move the image aroundto find dobby dog- After 45 seconds, you'll get a clue where DobbyDog is hiding
Soccerooz - monster soccer 3.4 APK
Play a round based soccer game with monsters!Play against yourfriend or CPU.Choose between 8 different monster types, 4 gamemodes, three fields and three different weather conditions.The gamemodes are:single player, multi player, tournament and penalty.Thefields are grass, snow & ice and sand. Each field havedifferent weather.