1.0 / December 29, 2016
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Titan Tap Battle - tap battle game forancienttitan gnome in caves! Tap on screen for defence or toattackenemies! Collect weapons from enemies, who were defeated byTitan!Get experience and upgrade Titan! Titan Tap Battle - gamewhereevery battle and clash threatens to become last! Tap, tap onscreenin time in Titan clash with beasts in caves! Titan win enemywithyour help!

Titan Tap Battle features:
Tap on screen for fight with Titan enemies
Titan is controlled by simple tap on the screen
Upgrade skills of Titan
Collect weapons from beaten enemies of Titan

App Information Titan Tap Battle

  • App Name
    Titan Tap Battle
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 29, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Fresh & Mint
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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