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App Information TKBTV雲端學習

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    April 10, 2017
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    100 - 500
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商務英語會話100分 - 洋碩美語 1.0 APK
商務英語會話100分:一開口就錄取!專業無可取代,英語能力要及時培養!菜英文是上班族心中永遠的痛,它讓客戶遠離你、老闆fire你、主管不提拔你、後輩瞧不起你!其實商務英語很簡單~洋碩美語引進史丹佛教學系統,全世界超過30多所語言教育訓練機構採用,提供您多種單元英語會話,包含:★生活英語:含多種實用中英文例句、會話★面試英語:含多種實用中英文例句、會話★商務英語:含多種實用中英文例句、會話★簡報英語:含多種實用中英文例句★電話英語:含多種實用中英文例句、會話想要學好商務英文,就趕快好好利用【商務英語100分】APP,或趕快加入洋碩美語!台北:02-2311-6178 台北市中正區忠孝西路一段102號淡水:02-2625-7982 新北市淡水區大忠街161號1樓基隆:02-2425-0691 基隆市中正區義一路4號2樓桃園:03-337-1118 桃園市民權路6號7樓之1中壢:03-468-5910 桃園縣中壢市新興路102巷11號7樓新竹:03-523-8442 新竹市民族路31號9樓苗栗:03-727-3223 苗栗市為公路8號3樓台中:04-3506-2140 台中市中山路26號2樓台南:06-222-6938 台南市中西區成功路65號3樓高雄:07-950-2588 高雄市新興區八德一路332號9樓Business EnglishConversation 100: an opening to admit!Professional irreplaceable, English language ability to timelydevelop! English is the food workers never mind the pain, it allowscustomers away from you, fire your boss, supervisor does notpromote you, younger look down on you!In fact, very simple business English language - Yang Shuo Meiintroduced Stanford education system, more than more than 30languages ​​worldwide education and training institutions to adoptEnglish conversation gives you a variety of units, including:★ Life English: English with a variety of practical examples,the session★ Interview English: English with a variety of practical examples,the session★ Business English: English with a variety of practical examples,the session★ briefing English: containing a variety of practical Englishsentences★ Telephone English: English with a variety of practical examples,the sessionWant to learn business English, they quickly take advantage of[100] Business English APP, or come and join Yang Shuo AmericanEnglish!Taipei :02 -2311-6178 section 102 Zhongxiao West Road, Taipei,Taiwan:02 -2625-7982 Freshwater District, New Taipei City 161, 1st Floor,Zhong Street freshwater02 -2425-0691 Keelung City all the way to the second floor on the4th justice KeelungTaoyuan Taoyuan :03 -337-1118 public right of way on the 6th, 7thFloor, 17th Floor, Chungli :03 -468-5910 Xinxing Road, Lane 102, ChungliCity, Taoyuan County, on the 11thHsinchu Hsinchu :03 -523-8442 National Road No. 31, 9th FloorMiaoli Miaoli :03 -727-3223 highway No. 8, 3rd Floor:04 -3506-2140 Zhongshan Road, 2nd Floor, Taichung City, Taichungon the 26thTainan :06 -222-6938, 3rd Floor, No. 65, Chenggong Road, TainanCity9th Floor, No. 332, Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung :07 -950-2588 emergingarea Bade way
TKB TV雲端影音 2.3.4 APK
《TKBTV雲端影音》是提供同學或在職人士有更多元的學習模式,貼近數位生活時代讓學習雲端化。可讓夜校生、家庭主婦、上班族等使用者,可靈活安排學習時間學習最彈性!本服務平台是使用雲端影音串流技術,只要你有電腦或行動裝置並連接至網路上,即可線上學習。所有的雲端影音課程皆禮聘大碩、碩士、百官網專業名師授課,品質有保障。"TKBTV cloud video" is toprovide students or working people have more dollars learning mode,close to the digital life era of cloud technology to make learning.Allows Ye Xiaosheng, housewives, office workers and other users,the flexibility to arrange learning time to learn the mostflexibility! The service platform is to use cloud streamingtechnology, as long as you have a computer or mobile device andconnect to the network, you can online learning. All courses arecloud AV Lipin Dashuo, MA, Baiguan network of professional teacherinstruction, quality guaranteed.
TKB轉學考 1.1 APK
碩士龍門轉學考APP~全新上陣!超過24年的老字號轉學考專家,提供您最新轉學考資訊、簡章訂購、交叉查榜、衝刺課程~想要轉進好學校、想與我們分享轉學生的酸甜苦辣,趕快來下載吧!還有免費考古題、手冊等您來索取!Master of theLongmentransfer test new APP ~ battle!The transfer test experts for more than 24 years old, provideyouthe latest transfer test information pamphlets OrderCross-CheckingResults sprint course toYou want to turn into a good school, and would like to share withusthe ups and downs of the transfer students to downloaditquickly!Free exam and manual to obtain a copy!
TKB大碩研究所 1.2 APK
大碩研究所APP:提供最佳研究所考試資訊、最新考試日期、每天更新全國榜單、提供您最方便的交叉查榜功能、線上諮詢、課程資訊,以及考取學員獨家準備心得!The the InstituteofDashuo APP: Best Institute exam information, the date of thelatestexamination, updated daily national list, to provide you withthemost convenient cross recorder to check online counseling,courseinformation, and obtain trainees exclusive readyexperience!
TKB TV雲端學習 2.3.7 APK
TKBXO題庫測驗學院 1.8.9 APK