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Get our deep dive, step-by-step training to enhance your managementand leadership skills in the areas that count. You will learncritical skills to help you be more effective in leading teams,managing change, and leading effectively. You will go on practical,real-word quests that will challenge, engage and help you learn keyskills quickly. All quests are proven and created by world expertsin the areas of leadership, team development, culture change andhow to create high performing and healthy workplaces. Our questsare fun and engaging that will help you gain critical insights,increase your influence, and create an impact. Whether you are anew manager, an experienced leader, or part of a team, there arequests that are just right for you! You may want to refresh somecore leadership skills, develop new skills at your own pace, listento a podcast on your way to work, watch a transformational video ordownload a practical tip sheet – we have it covered. We bring 25years experience in developing managers and leaders acrossvirtually every industry sector. FEATURES • Succeed on the go or atyour desk with our world-class app • Choose the option to have alive coach work with you via the app • Join a community ofworld-wide users or keep your progress private • Fun, playfulenvironment that encourages fast-tracked learning • Habit-formationtechnology – adopt and strengthen new habits • Dozens of videos(added to monthly) • Unique, downloadable content includingworksheets, leader guides to use with your team, white papers andsummary sheets. This web-based learning solution was developed aspart of our commitment to bring the best learning solutions toleaders and teams around the world. We specialise in globaldelivery, combining in-person workshops, coaching (in-person andonline) to create high performing and healthy teams through greatleadership. CONTACT US • We are here to help you! • Have questionsabout our Quests? • Comments? Ideas? •learning@theleadershipsphere.com.au FREE It’s free to download theTLSLearning app and all of our quests are either FREE or offer afree trial.

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MyQuest 20.3.12 APK
MyQuest Inc
On MyQuest, dreams do come true! Go on a real-life Quest to achieveyour wildest goals and dreams. All Quests are proven and created bytop world experts. Their experience and knowledge will empower,motivate, and help you achieve your goals. This is as close as youcan get to being personally coached by world-renowned experts... inyour pocket. Want to lose weight? Go on a weight-loss Quest withLiz Josefsberg, the private weight-loss coach of celebrities likeJennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and Katie Couric. Want to runfaster? Go on a running Quest with Sanya Richards-Ross, 4X USOlympic Gold Medalist and 6X World Champion Sprinter. Want to domore in less time? Go on a productivity Quest with Jonathan Levi, abest-selling author who started his $2 million business at age 16.A VAST VARIETY OF QUESTS ● Handstand Quest with Jen Esquer, Doctorof Physical Therapy ● Healthy Lifestyle Quest with Jenny Lei,health-expert with nearly 1M followers ● Morning Workout Quest withSam Star, an award-winning pole dancer ● Productivity Quest withJonathan Levi, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author ●Running Quest with Sanya Richards-Ross, 4X US Olympic Gold Medalist● Stress-Free Mornings Quest with Lauren Taus, yoga master andlife-coach ● Weight-Loss Quest with Liz Josefsberg, celebrityweight-loss coach ● Weight-Loss Through Meditation Quest with DinaProctor, mind-body connection coach and best-selling author ● Plusmuch more! FEATURES ● Succeed on-the-go or from the comfort of yourdesktop ● Supporting community of like-minded Questers ● Personaland group coaching by your mentor ● Fun, playful environment ● Earnpoints and win prizes ● Habit formation technology – create, adoptand strengthen new healthy habits ● Hundreds of exclusive videos ●Unique downloadable content including recipes, worksheets, tips,and more SIMPLE & EASY TO USE ● Fun and engaging daily missionsto help you reach your goal ● Easy to follow instructions ● Simpleand intuitive controls ● Step-by-step guidance GET RESULTS NOW ●All Quests are proven and created by top experts ● Excellent forwellness, weight-loss and fitness goals ● Never boring, always funand challenging ● Highest success rate in the industry -----CONTACT US ----- We are here for you! Have questions about ourQuests? Our mentors? Comments? Ideas? Info@MyQuest.co
co.myquest.effective 19.5.8 APK
MyQuest Inc
Equest היא מערכת דיגיטלית המזמינה אותך לאימון ניהול-אישי-דיגיטליבמקביל ללמידה הפרונטלית שנעשית בארגון שלך. המערכת תשמש אותך להעמקתמסע הלמידה באמצעות התנסויות, ידע וכלים ניהוליים. לאורך כל המסע,ילווה אותך מנטור מטעם אפקט-טיב באמצעות יומן מסע שיאפשר לך דיאלוגישיר, פתוח ודיסקרטי עימו. במערכת ישנן משימות אותן תוכל לשתף אתהעמיתים שלך למסע בפורום קהילתי שבו תוכלו ללמוד ולהיעזר אחד בשני.
AOC Journeys 19.5.8 APK
MyQuest Inc
Welcome to the start of your Ambassadors of Compassion L.I.F.E.Journey. During this journey you’re certain to discover qualitieswithin yourself that you never knew you had. You will learn how tofree yourself from old thoughts and patterns that have thepotential to hold you back from fulfilling your destiny andpositively shaping the world around you. Your thoughts, ideas, anddiscoveries are more valuable than you may realize. In these pagesyou will find concepts, principles, and insights designed to helpyou grow and to challenge you to become the person you would liketo be and to help build the capacity within yourself to thrive andaccomplish your goals and dreams. The future belongs to you. Itdoes not matter what people have said about you, how people havelabeled you, or what people have called you. They do not controlyour future … you do. Together we can define our futures and thefuture of our communities and our world. You are exactly who youneed to be today to begin your journey to become an Ambassador ofCompassion. May this journal help you find the inspiration andcourage to discover who you are today and who you want to become asyou begin your journey to become an Ambassador of Compassion. YourL.I.F.E. journey begins now. Together, we can lift our world!
Learn with... 19.1.22 APK
MyQuest Inc
Learn with... app is where you learn to live a more radiant lifewith holistic coaches certified by the Radiant Coaches Academy.This is where you LEARN FROM COACHES, GET COACHED or BECOME ACOACH! BECOME A CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL COACH: Radiant HealthInstitute is a social enterprise and prominent coach trainingschool that certifies individuals as holistic life coaches,wellness coaches and business coaches. The primary purpose ofRadiant Health Institute is to enhance lives through specialevents, holistic coach training and meaningful publishing. HolisticCoaching is a partnership where coaches support and encourage theirclients to come to their own understanding about their lives.Radiant Coaches implement the art of active listening, boundaries& body language, coaching vs. counseling, holistic paradigms,self-discovery, creating sacred spaces, taking the client's lead,asking vs. telling, goals & accountability, authenticity &presence and more. Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Coachtraining program is certified as 65 hours of Approved CoachSpecific Training Hours by the International Coach Federation. TheApproved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) designation isawarded to programs that meet professional standards for coachtraining programs established by the International CoachFederation. Join one of the globe's fastest growing careers andbooming industries! RadiantCoaches.com
Personal Development NO Fluff! 18.8.27 APK
MyQuest Inc
The life you want is on the other side of your biggest fears. Toget the results you want, the achieve the life of your dreams youneed to build a relationship with your fears. It’s for that reasonthat we’ve built our Have It All Academy. Our Academy has helped1000’s of people just like YOU to leap into the unknown and createMASSIVE shifts. The Have It ALL Academy is for the passionateleader determined to create an epic life. This is the community andtools I wish I had 14 years ago when Guy and I got started. Whenyou join our private community of global leaders you’ll beautomatically enrolled in our 10-day Master Class. Once insideyou’re going to uncover or REcover: * Your true identity and I’mtelling you right now, it’s not what you think. * How to trust yourfear and face her, head on. * And how to change the belief thatyou’re not good enough, or smart enough or just plain enough. * Andso much more… My brother, Guy and I, have spent the last 14 yearsperfecting the art of personal transformation. And we’ve committedour lives to transforming the lives of 100 million people. You maybe one of them…if you so choose. The people that work with us knowthey’re different. You know there’s more to life than a 9 to 5 job.You desire most to live up to your full potential. and most of all,you want to see results. You’re sick and tired of reading books,watching videos and going to seminars only to find that your lifepretty much looks the same. If you're committed to your greatness.If making an impact in the world is your mission. If leaving thisplanet a better place then when you came is your vision…. Then youmy friend have found a new HOME. Sign up now and join an elitecommunity of like minded, passionate, growth minded leaders. At thehave it all academy, we focus on things that actually work. Now Irealize that this approach isn’t for everyone. You might not beready for this level of transformation YET! And that’s totallyfine. We wish you the best of luck and when you’re ready, we’ll behere :) If you know, nay if you FEEL in your heart that you’reprimed and ready for massive expansion, then don’t wait. Join nowand get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Our community iswaiting for you on the inside with open arms! You deserve to havethe life you want. We’re here to show you how. We’ll see youinside.
co.myquest.synthesis 19.5.8 APK
MyQuest Inc
The Synthesis Agile Action Plan is based on agile softwaredevelopment. Agile software development is successfully used byhigh tech companies for rapid product development. By combining theprinciples of agile software development: sprints, hypothesis,experiments, etc. and applying them to people development,Synthesis has had great success driving incremental, substantialand meaningful change within leadership teams. About SynthesisSynthesis is a leadership assessment and development companysupporting growth companies and their investors in reaching peakperformance at the leadership level. Our unique assessmentmethodology is based on psychological analyses used in IsraelDefense Forces’ elite units. We validate our psychological analyseswith machine learning and natural language processing technologies.These are proprietary algorithms we use to ensure the accuracy ofour assessments. Our development strategies are based on expertisein executive coaching and agile methodology. By combining thesethree areas: psychological assessment, executive coaching and agilemethodology, we are able to drive transformational change in anorganization’s leadership. With Synthesis, high technology andleadership assessment and development have finally converged. Formore info please visit: www.agilesynthesis.com
CapstoneEdu 20.2.17 APK
MyQuest Inc
When you adopt a framework for your leadership, you gain controlover the results to be achieved. Even experienced leaders withadvanced degrees can struggle to lead their team or organization topeak performance and results. Out of necessity to gain control overresults, the Framework for Achieving Great Results© was assembledover a decade ago. Within this framework are powerful and practicalleadership solutions (aka “the leadership bundle”) which havebenefitted over a thousand healthcare leaders and entire healthcareorganizations. The CapstoneEdu app is your gateway to thesesolutions. The app will guide you through levels of micro-learningthat will advance your knowledge and application of each solution.You’ll also benefit from the My Journal, My Habits, and MyCommunity features. Within My Community, you’ll network with otherlearners and CapstoneEdu coaches. Customize a learning experiencethat is right for you. Maybe it’s one solution; or a few? Tomaximize your results, adopt the entire bundle – one solution at atime. And to gain synergy in your entire organization, get thesesolutions into the hands of all leaders. CapstoneEdu will evolve toinclude the Framework’s core 12 solutions, such as: Direct Dialogue(Formal and informal feedback, including difficult conversations,that elevate behavior, performance and contributions) WorkRelationships that Work (Building relationships with keystakeholders through the tactic of systematic and purposefulrounding) Creating a Robust Goal Cycle (Beyond managing day-to-dayoperations, leaders move the organization forward toward itsstrategies) Hire Tough, Manage Easy (Set high standards for who youhire and how you select and onboard your newest employees)Elevating Behaviors (Elevate behaviors as a major driving forcebehind great results) Changing How We Change (Change is hard.Overcome, and even prevent, the common challenges and barriers.)Start the transformation today. Download the app to Just Start!
The Journey Method 18.9.16 APK
MyQuest Inc
The Journey Method is a range of proven and simple, practical toolsfor healing and awakening, and has for over 20 years been taughtand shared around the globe, helping hundreds of thousands ofpeople worldwide to heal, naturally and completely, from countlessphysical ailments and emotional problems. The tools within TheJourney Method were created by US born Brandon Bays, who isrecognised and respected as one of the most dynamic, inspirationaland innovative teachers and speakers in the field of personalgrowth, mind-body healing and emotional and cellular healing.Together with husband Kevin Billett, Brandon is the founder of TheJourney and creator and pioneer of The Journey Method®. Throughthis app you will discover many of Brandon’s and Kevin’s powerfulteachings carefully selected to help you develop and uncover yourfull potential and live a life of freedom and fulfillment!