2.4 / August 25, 2018
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To mp4 3gp webm Video Converter is a smart handy app to convertmost popular video extensions to .mp4 file to be played on devicesthat running Android OS. By using our video converter you will beable to change video and audio settings like file format, codec,bit rate and others. Features: - Sports most popular videoextensions including 3gp, avi, mpg, wmv and more. - Simple andpowerful GUI. - You can choose output video settings like fileformat, codec, bit rate, frame rate, rotation and video dimension.- You can choose the audio settings like file format, codec, bitrate, channels. - Uses FFmpeg library the leading multimediaframework. Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.

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    To mp4 3gp webm Video Converter app
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    August 25, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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Looking for an easy and simple video cutter or merger app withprofessional features? VEdit Video Cutter and Merger is what youneed! “VEdit” is very simple and easy to use video editor with manypowerful features. It can cut (trim), merge (join), convert anyvideo to mp3 and change audio in any video file. Simplicity is onemain key feature we concentrated on during the development of thisapp. Here are some quick features of this "VEdit Video Cutter andMerger" ✓ Video trimmer. Trim or cut video clips right on yourdevice. ✓ Video Merger. Merge or join unlimited number of videofiles into one file. ✓ Video to Audio Converter. Converts any videoto mp3 audio file. ✓ Change audio or mute the sound of any videofile. ✓ Supports most popular video formats. ✓ Playback videoclips. ✓ Built using FFMPEG great media library  ✓ Smart andsimple user interface. Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.
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LiteC - Video to MP3 Audio Converter is Simple and smart tool toconvert any video to audio file. It can extract high quality mp3 orm4a audio from video files on your mobile phone. If you aresearching about mp4 to mp3 converter, this app will be yourneed.Features:* Simple user interface* Fast convert video files toaudio files* Supports various types of videos like mp4, mpg, 3gpand avi* Video preview before conversion process* supports mp3 andm4a file types.LGPL FFmpeg is used.
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Have more than one audio file and want to put them all into onefile? then you certainly need this smart tool to do the job. MP3Audio Merger and Joiner can can merge or join unlimited number ofaudio files into one file even if they are of different extensionsor Bitrates, it can convert them to one type and then mergerthem.MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner Features- Can Process unlimitednumber of audio files.- Can merge or join files with differentextensions or Bitrates.- Clean, simple and powerful UI.- Light anddoes not exhaust the device resources.- Free and available for veryone around the world.LGPL FFmpeg is used.
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