1.0.3 / April 10, 2017
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Are you tired of all the new boring shooting puzzle games? Just tryour novice and unique free arcade Toby: Brick Breaker retro game.Toby works hard every day because he has a dream, to reach hisbeloved Moon, but the journey will not be easy.The main Freaturesof our Brick Breaker Game:★ Several power-ups to help you fighting★ Local and online Leaderboards★ Colorful Graphic EffectsStartingthe game - you’re instantly filled with inexpressible energy, turndriven mood, feel pulse and burn by desire to reach Moon. This isnot only a retro shooting game, its an online fun game which won’tlet you get bored ever again.Despite a lot of work – Toby facesmore and more obstacles, and the work is getting harder and harder.Our cool funny game is also a free online ball game. You have atough goal in that bouncing game as there is an evil hardcore Boss,rugged villain Don Wollywood – he does everything to stop Toby. Trythe strength and energy of the indefatigable Toby, the BrickBreaker within our new addictive endless game, help Toby to performan extraordinary work in order to achieve his dream - the Moon!Butbeing Toby Brick Breaker -it is not option to give up and despair.Smashing bricks – you’re already run by a dream and there’s no wayback, only forward and even more sparked by desire to reach a goal.Help Toby to realize his dreams, fight with him against DonWollywood and its robot and have fun with your new challenge.A verybright, enthralling and adventurous retro brick breaker game, withthe roots of the 80s - will make you feel the taste of workaholicdreamer and become an addictive gamer competing for the TopLeaderboard positions with your friends!

App Information Toby: Brick Breaker Arcade

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    Toby: Brick Breaker Arcade
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    April 10, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    7 Raven Studios
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    93 Phisitkoranee Road 83150 Patong, Phuket, Thailand (TH)
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