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In this game we found yet another way in order we can make pastawith tomato sauce and please try this method to see if it issuccessful. If you're ready to try this fun game you can start bycleaning and cut into very small pieces of garlic cube. Still haveto cut onions and tomatoes just in very small pieces you can use itlater. You must prepare the tomato sauce so we put chopped tomatoesin a blender and we'll leave it there for a few minutes at highestspeed. Then we have to put in a pan in which we add the mushrooms,onion and garlic to be able to fry a little, and we will add overthe sauce did before. Furthermore we should prepare pasta so weboil in boiling water for a few minutes to cook properly. You needto prepare the meat, which we will add the tomato sauce mixed withonions, mushrooms and garlic fried than cooked pasta before. Putthis mixture in a dish and we can call friends to taste thepreparation made by us. Please try other games for girls in thiscategory to see if you handle the preparation of a dish verycomplex.Instructions: Use your degetete to play

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Hello, we all love the fairy tales, since childhood the parentsread us magic stories before bedtime. We all know that besidesfairy princes and princesses we can meet the bad guy or the badwitch, but that who is good and helps the protagonist is always thegood fairy. For example, a long-awaited children's fairy is ToothFairy. In fairy tales these creatures are not described as chicwomen but they are girls and they need special care.In this make-upgame you will meet a young fairy who wants to go to a partyorganized by a prince in honor of good and beauty. He invited allthe magical creatures so our fairy must be beautiful and attractmany looks. Through this girl game you get a chance to prove howskilled you are in, which means preparing for a big party. Fairy istired, so you will have to do all things. Follow the instructionsand everything will be easy.Fairy must go shopping. She will choosethe store closest to home. She have to buy: soap, shower gel,bubble bath, sponge, shampoo, exfoliating gel, toothpaste and bodylotion.After she gets home, fairy wants to make a relaxing bath.She needs your help and you have to respect her wishes. First helpher to wash her hair, then going to a body wash with a mild soap.Finally she wants to play with bubbles, so help her choose foamerbathroom smelling of roses. Remember that after any application ofa product you need to rinse.After the bath we have to take care ofher skin. And what is most suitable for this? A facial treatmentespecially for the fairies. On the table are various creamsprepared, and utensils. You have to use with care: device removedacne, tweezers to remove unwanted hairs, exfoliating cream,moisturizing cream, cream against dark circles, flowers and fruitsfor their application on the face, especially the eyes. Rinse aftereach application.Now finally, after being spoiled and became verybeautiful and relaxed, fairy must choose with your help the rightoutfit and matching accessories. She will be the most beautifulfairy at the party that will take place in an enchanted forest.Thefairy is the happiest, without you she would not be able to prepareso quickly but also to be the most beautiful.Thank you for choosingthis game and invite you to choose and other fairy games and gamesfor girls online to test your skills further.Instructions: Use yourfingers to playThanks for being a good friend.Have fun!