1.2.5 / November 29, 2016
(4.3/5) (5950)


Tomb hero is a very interesting action game, you will use a uniqueway to escape and destroy the monster in the tomb.Jump back, andshot, you are super fast reaction hero, treasure all over the worldin the tomb, victorious.Each tomb has its own unique littlemonster!Play your super power, let your heroes explore more tombs!

App Information Tomb Heroes

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    Tomb Heroes
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  • Updated
    November 29, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    ZPLAY Games
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    Room 1501(682) 15/F.,SPA Centre,53-55 Lockhart Road,Wanchai
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[Descriptions] In a desolated world, a lonely driver sets off to ajourney to the surreal world of beats. Racing through the gorgeoussoundscape, you explore the world by following the trail ofalluring beats. Adventuring across the road, you jump overobstacles and defeat enemies to finish the race to complete allmusic. Discover the beautifully designed backgrounds and unlock allthe handcrafted uniquely designed cars. Join the fast-paced journeyof rhythmic electronic music and stunningly stylish visuals. 1.STUNNING GRAPHICS Experience the beautifully minimalistic 3D designand surreal graphics of the game world. Journey across themysterious, special themed background landscape. Explore and unlockall the stunning futuristic car designs. 2. EASY CONTROLS Drivesideways and jump to collect beats and avoid obstacles. This veryaddictive game is designed to be simple and easy for anyone toenjoy. 3. ELECTRONIC MUSIC The game world presents variouselectronic indie music. For the best experience play withheadphones and full volume.
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The Little Fox is the first runner of its type on a hexagonalfield. Run through thirteen fairytale planets, passing icy cliffsand volcano craters, finding your way through a bog and a darkcave.Rest assured, no level will give in on your first attempt! Buteach successfully completed level will satisfy your sense ofperfectionism.BeautyTaking the best examples of minimalist low-polygraphics as inspiration, we've created thirteen colorful and uniquethree-dimensional planets for you.The picturesque landscapes ofEternal Winter and the Forgotten Asteroid, the Sweltering Canyonand the Secret Cave, all of these are sure to stand out in yourmemory and make you want to set a screenshot of the game as yourbackground.GameplayOur ace in the hole is innovative gameplay thatis easy to learn, but hard to master. Just two taps (on the leftside of the screen to turn left, on the right to turn right)provides full freedom for moving through the game world.MusicIt isadvised to play The Little Fox with headphones. A selection ofunique tracks, each written with the specifics of each setting inmind, provides complete immersion in the game's atmosphere.Justenjoy it!
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“Tap me +1” is very surprising game that innovatively reinvents away to play with numbers which combines puzzles and relaxation allat once.By simply clicking, you will be filled with the dramaticjoy of the game, which makes you so obsessed in that cannot let gowithout for days!Every conscious move you make in gameplay is toachieve a larger number by combining and eliminating the lessones.It is more challenging and full of fun!It’s time to get rid ofthose boring games, “Tap me +1” will bring you a brand new feelingand it suits you better!
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Thirty percent succeed by luck, Seventy percent earned by wisdom.Do you still think elimination games as "headless tapping orsliding", come to try MR CATT. Slow yourself down and takethoughtful moves, you'll be engaged by this addictive gamedeeply.The game won the Silver Award and the Best Music and SoundEffect Award at Bahamut ACG 2016.Catt is traveling alone throughthe Milky Way. Help him overcome various difficulties while hefinishes his journey.You will travel through a fantastic puzzlegame world which blends together critical thinking elements andblock elimination gameplay.A large number of elaborately designedstages are available. In every stage, you need to think carefullyto eliminate as many objects as possible when combining blocks.There is one unique way to clear each stage.The game designers havecreated a splendid game world in the Milky Way. Throughout thegalaxy, there are numerous celestial bodies available for you tolight up. They will act like dazzling fireworks through yourjourney.Combine blocks and eliminate them. Collect suns, stars, andmoons to help Catt while he bravely pursues the whitecat.ArtisticThe game's graphics include exquisite and artisticpictures, and the carefully composed music and sound effects willmake you lose yourself in the fantastic game world.StorylineTheblack cat will join you as you embark on a memorable journeytogether through the Milky Way in search of the white cat.DetailsArich variety of fun and appealing details can be found throughoutthe game's many areas.GameplayCareful block positioning andcalculation are required to create special elimination effects.