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Tone is one of the best application to play with your music filesinyour android phone. Keep a pocket mixer in your phone.Theapplication is packed with the features that people can berequiredor be useful to people in any situations. The applicationis thebest to use in any case. The application is also made to do alotmore than just play music. The application is also one of themostinnovative application in the field of music. MP3 Cutter :=allowsusers to remove and retain the favourite parts of the musicfromany song. The cutter is precise to the tenth of a second andcan beused to get an exact and beautiful cut of your music files.Listento the trimmed part before you want to save the file and ifyou aresatisfied with this, then save the file and listen to thoseforyour own good. Audio Recorder := allows you to record theaudio.Record audio whenever you want wherever you want, as peryourplacement. The application uses all the microphones availableinthe device to record and remove the background noise fromtherecorded audio to get a clear listening experience. Theapplicationalso uses the extra microphones to record the bestquality audio.Just tap on a button and start recording the bestaudio that youcan possibly record. Tag Editor:= is the one of thebest parts ofthe Tone App. Customize your best music files as peryour needs.This lets you edit the best music parts in the form oftags of themusic files. The application lets you edit almost everymetadata inthe music file that you want to customize. MP3 Mixer :=is thefeature of the Tone app that allows the users to make asingle songfrom many songs. The application is one of the bestmusic mixers inthe world that any application is fitted with. Mixerallows usersto control the volume of the music files from the bestand least ofthe application. Select your best music files andselect the musicvolumes that you want and simple it is done in atap of a button.The application lets users allow the mixing of themusic from manyformats. Music Player is fully compatible withalmost every phoneof any size. The application is packed with manyfeatures that nomusic has. The application can also play music ofalmost any formatincluding the latest ones. The Tone music playerhas so manyfeatures and it is one of the few application that iscompatiblewith almost all the equalizers in the store availabletoday. Theinbuilt music player is capable of playing all thecreated musicfiles from the application. It is also able to playmusic fromother sources. Multi Languages:- The Application providemultilanguages :-English,Arabic,German:-Spanish,french,Indonesian:-Italian,Japanese,Korean:-Russian,Turkish Features ========:-Supported for Android LatestVersion :-Add to playlist option:-Edit playlist :-support forandroid 8 notification :-Best Musicplayer :-Cutter, Merger, Mixer,Tag Editor, Re coder. :-Added Manymore Feature. :-Equalizer.:-Multi Languages Supported Feel free torate this application andif you have any suggestions for featuresthat we should add in thisapplication please do tell us in thecomments down below or write tous at the email address given.

App Information Tone : MP3 Audio Editor

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    Tone : MP3 Audio Editor
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  • Updated
    March 10, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    J Mobile Media App
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    Music & Audio
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    311, Angel square, Near VIP Circle Mota Varchha, Uttaran, Surat
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The Tempo music player is the one thing that everyone needs. Musicis something that is supposed to cheer everyone up. Music is thetheme of many cultures. There are many developments in the field ofmusic. Those developments are not quite yet more and more exploredin the form of mobile application. So we are proud to launch theapplication that is made for the music enthusiasts. The applicationis also made to do a lot more than just play music. The applicationis also one of the most innovative application in the field ofmusic.MP3 Cutter: allows users to cut the favorite parts of themusic. Those favorite parts can be saved as a mp3. Those musicparts can also be shared with people in social media. Save thefavorite Tempo music parts in a specific location and access themanytime from within the application. Trim the music, listen to itjust to verify whether you got the best part or not, and then saveit in your phone.Audio Recorder : allows you to record the audio.There are many places where people want to record the audio. Theapplication uses all the microphones available in the device torecord and remove the background noise from the recorded audio. Theapplication also uses the extra microphones to record the bestquality audio. Just tap on a button and start recording the bestaudio that you can possibly record.Tag Editor: is the one of thebest parts of the Tempo App. You can customize your best musicfiles as per your needs. This feature lets you edit the best musicparts in the form of tags. The application lets you edit almostevery metadata in the music file that you want to customize.MP3Mixer: is the feature of the Tempo app that allows the users tomake a single song from many songs. The application is one of thebest mixers in the world. Mixer allows users to control the volumeof the music files. It is simple to mix the music. Select your bestmusic files and select the music volumes that you want and simpleit is done in a tap of a button. The application lets users allowthe mixing of the music from many formats.Music Player: is theTempo Music Player that is fully compatible with almost everyphone. The application is packed with many features. The Tempomusic player has so many features and it is one of the fewapplication that is compatible with almost all the equalizers inthe store available today. The inbuilt music player is capable ofplaying all the created music files from the application. It isalso able to play music from other sources. This is one of the onlyfew applications that is capable of delivering the best musiccontent. The application is also packed with many features. Theapplication is also packed in with an equalizer that allows userswith no equalizer in the phone to set the tone of the music. Theapplication has the features in it. Download and install theapplication to make use of all those features.Feel free to ratethis application and if you have any suggestions for features thatwe should add in this application please do tell us in the commentsdown below or write to us at the email address given.
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One of the most feared and best countries. The country is aparadise to live in. The country for this reason is getting a newthing to flaunt for. The Russia browser is the application that ismade specially for the people living in the Russian country. Theapplication is mainly made for people who are browsing in thecountry. This is one of the most easy to use and fast browsers thatthe country can get. The small size also comes into play as thebrowser is very small in size and does not take too much space inthe memory. The browser loads the web pages like lightning fastspeed. The pages are compressed so that it takes less data from thecarrier and also make the browsing faster and faster. This is alsoin combination with the security algorithms that the browser isputting into. The browser is also made up of many securityalgorithms that make it different from other browsing applications.There is also a download pause stop and cancel feature that will bevery helpful in putting the security of the application. Features=========== -Small Size -Fast and reliable -user Privacy -Speciallyengineered for -----COUNTRY NAME------ -Battery Optimizations -LowPower Usage Download and enjoy all those features! Tell us in thereview if you have any suggestions that we can implement.
Japan Browser 1.0.1 APK
Japan is the country of innovation. Japan browser is for people wholive in remote areas and are not most familiar with the internetfiasco going on in the internet. Japan browser lets users use theirsimple intellect to get what they want. This makes this browser oneof the most usable browsers for people who like simplicity andbetter browsing capabilities. Many people who are old can use thisapp in very simple way. Japan’s only dedicated browser for thepeople living in that area.Algorithms that work behind your screenis what makes this application a charm to use. There are barriersthat prevent this application and making your browsing experiencesafe as possible. This combined with the great UI of theapplication makes it a must use application for all the people wholive in japan. Features============-Small Size-Fast andreliable-user Privacy -Specially engineered for Japan-BatteryOptimizations-Low Power Usage- Easy to access- Store history- getReal experience Download and enjoy all those features! Tell us inthe review if you have any suggestions that we can implement.
Cleaner for Whatsapp 1.0.2 APK
Cleaner for WhatsApp is best storage space optimizer app thatcleanup useless files from WhatsApp application. Download now tooptimize your phone and delete unused whatsapp images, whatsappvideos, audio files and other media items.There are many times whenpeople don't want to delete each and every data one by one. Thistakes a lot of time and also people get irritated while doing so.This is where this application comes in handy. The applicationprovides users with options to delete all of the data or selecteddata. This helps users who are not interested in clearing fulldata. Apart from images and videos, the application can also cleanother types of files that are used by whatsapp. The applicationsupports audio, video, notes backups and a whole lot of featuresthat are new to the application.Features==========:- Simple andEasy to Use UI:- Manage sent and received data differently. In eachcategory users can check sent and :-:- received data in twodifferent sections.:- Manage Downloaded Profile pictures:- Scan anddelete each folder content:- Clear all data at once:- Preview filesbefore cleaning the files.:- Check memory usage for each folder andalso the no of files that folder contains:- Auto clean Option andalso a reminder that will remind you to clean data after a fewdays.Thanks for Downloading. Please tell us if there are anyimprovements that can be done to the current version in thecomments.
I Support LiverPool 1.0.2 APK
The reds are one of the most decorated teams in the world offootball. The team has went on to win many titles and also win theheart of the people. Considered as one of the best team who hadbest fans. The most loyal fans are about to get more and moreloyal. This application is made specially made for the fans of thereds. The reds fans, Rejoice, you are about to get more and morefierce.The application is fitted with many filters speciallydesigned for the fans who support the Reds. The application letsyou share the images to show-off on the social media and make otherfans jealous. This application also lets you change the displaypicture aka profile picture on many social media platforms andother applications. There are more than 50 filters in theapplication. There are also many quotes that can be filled with thefilters.The simple and easy to use UI of the application isreflected when you use the application. The application is simplyto make your rival fans jealous. The application does not deviatein any way from the main feature of thisapplication.Features===========:- 25+ filters:- 20 + filters withchants:- Best Enemy taglines:- Material UI:- Best Filters:- SmallSize:- set as dp in social media:- set as wallpaper:- many more Howto use Application ===================:- Choose the photo from thegallery. Or you can also capture from the camera.:- Crop the photoand resize it as per your needs:- Apply the filter on the photo.:-Select a filter that you want to use as part of app to overlay overyour face or everybody as you like!:- After adorn your feel betterframe directly saved your SD-Card and phone memory with HDresolution...:- Share your created photo with your friends andfamily ,Download and enjoy all those features! Tell us in thereview if you have any suggestions that we can implement.
The Gandhi -The Great FREEDOM FIGHTERS 1.0.1 APK
On the occasion of world Non-violence day, the app is made tospread the message of nonviolence to the world. Download the appand spread the message of nonviolence in the world.MohandasKaramchand Gandhi, a.k.a. Gandhiji, is one of the most celebratedpersons in the world. He is celebrated as the Father of Nation inIndia and was also one of the many philosophers in the world. Thelife story of Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most intriguing andinteresting. Mahatma Gandhi was the one man who single handedlybrought the end to the Apartheid Movement in South Africa. TheBarrister who graduated from the Inner temple of the LondonCollege. The application is designed as a tribute to this personwho all Indians see everyday on every indian rupee bill. The appcontains the details of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The applicationhas more than 300 quotes by and for Mahatma gandhi. Those quotescan be shared with your family and friends. The application ispacked with the quotes from the Mahatma Gandhi. The life story ofMahatma gandhi is one of the most renowned stories of all time.There are many movements that he took part in. He was known for hisfaith and also the peace stories.Features============:- Simple UI:-300+ Quotes:- Timeline of Mahatma Gandhi:- Easy to use:- All aboutGandhiji at one placePlease suggest any other Ideas. Review theapplication in the review section and let us know anything that wecan change and add in.
I Support Chelsea 1.0.2 APK
Support the football by sharing their pics with filters. Theapplication is mainly consisted of many filters. They are one ofthe few clubs that have a huge fan base in this world. Theapplication also allow users to edit the photos before sharing.Show the support of your club your friends and also yourself.Thisapplication is for true Blues fans who are hardcore. The fans arealso the core of any football team. The application makes this asthe center of the promise to deliver for your favorite footballteam. The application is the application that has the best andwittiest filters. Those can be made and customized on the basis ofuser's needs.The application allows you to share the made imagesand then save it in the phone. The main feature of the applicationis reflected in the UI of the application. The simplistic andmaterial UI of the application makes it easy to use. Theapplication can also take small pictures and make them a qualityone.Features============:- 25+ Frame filters:- 10+ filters withchants:- Best Enemy taglines:- Material UI:- Best Filters:- SmallSizeHow to use Application ===================:- Choose the photofrom the gallery. Or you can also capture from the camera.:- Cropthe photo and resize it as per your needs:- Apply the filter on thephoto.:- Select a filter that you want to use as part of app tooverlay over your face or everybody as you like!:- After adorn yourfeel better frame directly saved your SD-Card and phone memory withHD resolution...:- Share your created photo with your friends andfamily.Download and enjoy all those features! Tell us in the reviewif you have any suggestions that we can implement.
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The country with one of the best development in its region. Theapplication is made specially with people of Kuwait in ind. Theapplication is made for people with a low data plan. This is madewith a very little speed. The browser is made just for the rightkind of people, basically everyone. The browser is made with agreat UI and with the easy to use interface that makes it one ofthe easiest browsers to use.The browsers is packed with a lot ofthe algorithms and this is what is a great sign of a safe andsecure browser. The browser is also compatible with a large numberof mobile phones and can work efficiently in all of those devices.The browser is also comprised of many page compression algorithmsso as to make the browser more and more faster and easier. This isalso why the browser will work on the slowest of the internetconnections.Features================-Small Size-Fast andreliable-user Privacy -All things fine in one place-Speciallyengineered for Kuwait-Battery Optimizations-Low Power Usage- BetterGUI- Every thing Mange Form one placeDownload and enjoy all thosefeatures! Tell us in the review if you have any suggestions that wecan implement.