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Construye tus estructuras narrativas de gamificación en formatodigital, usando un sencillo juego de cartas. El Toolkit de DiseñoNarrativo está basado en los estudios sobre las estructuras de loscuentos y el “viaje del héroe” hechos por Propp, Campbell, Rodari,Jung y Vogler. Mediante él podrás crear y analizar cualquier tipode trama para literatura, educación, guionización, sesiones decoaching, discursos empresariales, monólogos, textos paramarketing, dinámicas de grupo en RRHH, etc. Su funcionamiento esmuy sencillo. Combina libremente las 68 cartas y crea el contenidoque desees transmitir con los personajes que intervendrán en él. Elnúmero de posibilidades es muy elevado. También puedes ver vídeosde ejemplo en www.gamisolution.com Proyecto desarrollado encolaboración entre Omnium Lab y Gamisolution InstruccionesSelecciona las cartas del 1 al 12. De este modo, ya tienes ante tila estructura del “Viaje del héroe” en la forma simplificada deVogler. En este esquema observarás que el protagonista empieza laaventura en su mundo ordinario (acto I) y sucesivamente pasa por elmundo extraordinario (acto II) para retornar de nuevo al mundoordinario (acto III). Esto se indica en las cartascorrespondientes. Ahora, puedes quitar las cartas que no vayas anecesitar e incluso reordenarlas a tu gusto sin hacer caso a susnúmeros. A continuación, añade tantas cartas salmón como desees eintercalándolas con las cartas anteriores en las posiciones quedesees. Esto enriquecerá tu historia y te permitirá personalizarlaincluyendo momentos en concreto. Cuando ya tengas tu estructuracreada, selecciona qué personajes de color azul vas a usar (héroe,sombra, etc…) y en qué momento de la historia van a aparecer. Muevelas cartas para ponerlas en la posición que te interese. Porúltimo, complementa tu esquema con las cartas de color lila yrojas, que permitirán afinar la personalidad de tus personajes yabrirte nuevas puertas para construir tramas más complejas. Y sobretodo, ¡imagina y disfruta! Este Toolkit permite absoluta libertadcreativa. Build your gamification narrative structures in digitalformat, using a simple card game. The Narrative Design Toolkit isbased on the studies on story structures and the "hero's journey"made by Propp, Campbell, Rodari, Jung and Vogler. Through it youcan create and analyze any type of plot for literature, education,scriptwriting, coaching sessions, business discourses, monologues,marketing texts, group dynamics in HR, etc. Its operation is verysimple. Combine freely the 68 cards and create the content that youwant to transmit with the characters that will intervene in it. Thenumber of possibilities is very high. You can also watch samplevideos at www.gamisolution.com Project developed in collaborationbetween Omnium Lab and Gamisolution Instructions Select the cardsfrom 1 to 12. In this way, you have before you the structure of the"Journey of the hero" in the simplified form of Vogler. In thisscheme you will observe that the protagonist begins the adventurein his ordinary world (act I) and successively goes through theextraordinary world (act II) to return again to the ordinary world(act III). This is indicated in the corresponding letters. Now, youcan remove the cards that you are not going to need and evenreorder them to your liking without paying attention to theirnumbers. Next, add as many salmon cards as you wish andinterspersing them with the previous cards in the positions youwant. This will enrich your story and allow you to customize itincluding specific moments. Once you have your structure created,select which blue characters you will use (hero, shadow, etc ...)and at what point in the story they will appear. Move the cards toput them in the position that interests you. Finally, complementyour scheme with the lilac and red letters, which will refine thepersonality of your characters and open new doors to build morecomplex plots. And above all, imagine and enjoy! This Toolkitallows absolute creative freedom.

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    Toolkit de Diseño Narrativo para Gamificación
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    February 22, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Omnium Lab
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Serious game about the human tragedy of migration. Live theexperience of a young migrant from their place of origin to changethe usual perspective from which this problem is focused.Video gamedeveloped in Algeciras entirely by young Spaniards, along withyoung migrants and refugees, with the support of the Alliance ofCivilizations of the United Nations and Omnium Lab Studios, whichcounts in first person the odyssey of social inclusion, goingthrough all stages of the Migration tripSurvival lives on in thevideo game experience of thousands of people fleeing war, hungerand very difficult living conditions, who embark on a dangerousjourney to find a better life. They experience the same feelingswhen they leave their places of origin, when they play their livescrossing the Mediterranean, when they flee on the beaches to trynot to be located, when they try to find people who help them toreach their objectives and when they collide with the legislationAnd with the society to try their social inclusion. It achieves thegoal of overcoming fears, prejudices and social barriers by killingthe final monster.Survival is a serious game that seeks to educatethe player about the reality of thousands of people who are facingthe tragedy of migration. It puts the player in the shoes of thesepeople, to try to change the focus, the perspective with which thisproblem is analyzed in our social contexts.The video game wasdeveloped entirely by young Spaniards along with young migrants andrefugees in the Strait of Gibraltar with the help of the UnitedNations Alliance of Civilizations and the development companyOmnium Lab Studios. It is they who have wanted to tell theirexperiences through the game.In Survival, you will pass throughdifferent worlds, depending on each stage of the migratory journey.Each of these worlds corresponds to a different game mechanics, sothe player can find games of conversation, balance, runners,platforms ...Main features: - Video game type SeriousGame - For all ages - Theme of awareness, equality,respect and solidarity. - Free game, without advertising orintegrated purchases, non-profit - Collaborativedevelopment - Participation of 5 nationalities among itsmembers.
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