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Top bangla breaking news apps is a one ofthebest android apps for newspaper reader.by using this app youcanread maximum bangladeshi newspaper in one app.this app willshowtop breaking news of most popular bangladeshi and westbengalnewspapers.this app is all in one app.
Main Features:
* Top bangladeshi newspaper is one app
* Latest breaking news of most popular newspaper in one app
* Smooth and user friendly
* Outstanding Layout
* Top west bengal newspaper is one app
Most popular news you will get from this app
1) Prothom-Alo
2) Ntvbd News
3) Amardesh
4) Jugantor
5) Kalerkontho
6) bdnews24.com
7) Banglanews24.com
8) Purbobangla.com
9) Daily Nayadiganto
10) Anadabazar Patrika
and many more newspaper includingbangladeshpratidin,sheershanews,samakal, and most popular banglaonlinenewspapers.

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Top Bangla Breaking News 1.0 APK
Top bangla breaking news apps is a one ofthebest android apps for newspaper reader.by using this app youcanread maximum bangladeshi newspaper in one app.this app willshowtop breaking news of most popular bangladeshi and westbengalnewspapers.this app is all in one app.Main Features:* Top bangladeshi newspaper is one app* Latest breaking news of most popular newspaper in one app* Smooth and user friendly* Outstanding Layout* Top west bengal newspaper is one appMost popular news you will get from this app1) Prothom-Alo2) Ntvbd News3) Amardesh4) Jugantor5) Kalerkontho6) bdnews24.com7) Banglanews24.com8) Purbobangla.com9) Daily Nayadiganto10) Anadabazar Patrikaand many more newspaper includingbangladeshpratidin,sheershanews,samakal, and most popular banglaonlinenewspapers.
Limo Official App 1.18 APK
GLOBAL CRYPTO CURRENCIES TRADING specializes in Crypto-CurrencyTrading (real-time buy and sell). This is one of the largest andmost experienced platform for buying and selling crypto currenciesin Africa.
Hospital App – Hospital Auto Management System App 1.1.1 APK
Hospital Automanager is a hospital management software that isbasically built for websites and androids. Hospital automanager appcan enhance working efficiency, helps to improve patient care,provide a better management system, and many more! You can get lotsof excellent features and modules in this app for operating yourbusiness smoothly. Also, you can maintain your entire system fromany time and anywhere by using this hospital automanager app. Themost important factor is that to use this excellent app, you needto buy our full source code with the website. Because this app isgiven as a demo. The hospital management app is mainly used formaintaining any hospital’s functionalities and activitiesautomatically. For this circumstance, hospital automanager is thebest hospital management app, because this app helps to operateyour business accurately. Also, it can handle the appointmentsystem efficiently. As well as, you can get an easy and comfortablesystem. Demo Login Info: User : admin@demo.com Password: 12345Website demo: https://bhospital.bdtask.com/ To learn more detailsabout our website please click on this:https://www.bdtask.com/hospital-management-software.php Features ofHospital Automanager: Provides separate interfaces for doctors,patients, etc. Manages financial activities accurately Includedwith the HR management system Has OPD and IPD management systemSecure electronic messaging system Provides online appointmentsystem Stores healthcare-related information in this app Easy tomaintenance and customization Multi-language support systemEffective hospital management solution Included with the pharmacymanagement system Proper bed management system Utilizes incloud-based technology Streamlined report management systemLabour-saving billing management system and many more. Benefits ofHospital Automanager software and app In this section, we willdiscuss some important benefits of our hospital automanager app:Enhances Revenue Hospital automanager app helps to increase thetotal revenue of your business. It is the key factor in anybusiness. Moreover, this app can provide a real-time reportgeneration system that helps to generate real-time reports. As aresult, you can understand the overall profit and expense easily byusing this app. Reduces Time, Cost & Error This app can reducetime, cost, and error. If you can maintain your business manually,then it will be very costly, time-consuming, and sometimes therewill be chances to occur in various kinds of errors. So, you need adynamic and automated system. For that purpose, our app will be thebest choice for your business. Improves Data Security The hospitalmanagement system apps can improve data security more than a manualsystem. You can enhance the data security system by using thehospital automanager app. Moreover, using this app, there is nochance of leakage or damage to any data or information. So, it isthe most secure hospital management system app. EffectiveMonitoring This app helps to track and monitor every activity ofyour business. On the other hand, in a manual business process, itwill be impossible for tracking every factor of your business. So,this app will be very helpful to run your business successfully.Easy to use You can get a fully user-friendly and easy interfacefor all doctors, patients, and others. Also, you do not need anyextra coding knowledge for operating this app. As well as, we willprovide complete documentation that will help you to understand allaspects easily. Contact: Address: B-25, Mannan Plaza, 4th Floor,Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh Web: https://www.bdtask.com/Email: business@bdtask.com Skype: bdtask
Mobile Point Of Sale 1.2.4 APK
M-POS android app helps to manage your sales activities and boostup your business revenue. It is a more affordable, reliable, andcomplete solution to thrive in your business sales. Main Featuresof MPOS Online & Offline Sale System You can sell any productwithout any internet connection through this app. So, it allowsboth online and offline sales. Multi-language Support System Thisapp is supported in four different languages. So, you can changeany language and set up your preferable one. Profile Editing SystemYou can provide this app to your personnel, and they can modify anyinformation in their profile through this app. POS Invoice Withthis app, you can generate sales invoices automatically. Also, itallows both online and offline POS invoice printing. PrinterSupport System This app can allow two types of printer supportsystems, such as a small POS printer(58mm) and a standard POSprinter(80mm). Accurate Reports This feature allows you to provideaccurate reports that will help you understand your business'sstate. Accessible Interface It has a more convenient interface tooperate the entire system effortlessly and perform the salesactivities smoothly. Purchase History This feature can allow you topurchase any product from the suppliers and provides an entirepurchase report instantly. QR Code Scanning This app allows you toquickly sell any product and add any product securely through theQR code scanning system. Data Filtering System You can filter outany particular data or information in several modules through thisfeature that will save your time.
Isshue - Multi Store eCommerce Solution App 2.0.1 APK
Isshue multi-store shopping cart app is a complete solution foranonline business management system. This app isflexible,upgradeable, and affordable. This app will help thecustomer makepurchases from the website, and the customer canselect the productand add everything to the virtual cart. TheShopping Cart appallows customers to see what has been added totheir shopping cartand add or delete more. Using this application,they can easilyorder something from the website, and they can payfor it through asecure payment gateway. If you want to buy our app,then first youhave to buy the website. You will get both websitesand apps withfull source code. You don't need any extra regularmonthlysubscription fee, and you can get it through a one-timepayment.Demo Acc Login Details : email: bdtask@gmail.com pass:123456 Webdemo: http://sotly.me/isshue Please visit for detailswebsite:https://www.bdtask.com/multi-store-ecommerce-shopping-cart-software/Featureof Isshue shopping cart software: > Order managementsystem >Secure payment gateway > Create order > View allorder details> Easy login system > Select category >Delete and editorder > View invoice > View all invoicedetails > Createcomments or review Benefits of using Isshueshopping cart app: Easyto use: If you have a dynamic website,every time a user logs in,the browser asks the user to sign in toan account to continueshopping. In mobile applications, the userdetails are stored in theapplication, and users can only sign inonce while installing thesoftware. Safer shopping: Due to securityissues, most online storesdecide to accept the shopping cartapplication, keeping in mind thatpayment and transactions arefacilitated, and well managed. In placeof the licensed cart,customers have peace of mind that their moneywill safely reach thedesired destination, and you will get it too.Easy payments:Another significant advantage of shopping cartsoftware is beingable to collect payments in a hassle-free manner,as it gives youall the processing features you need to chargecustomers withouthaving to leave the platform. More flexible: Nowshopping hasbecome much more comfortable. You can make purchasesfrom anywhereusing this app. You don't have to bother too much forthis. Timeand money-saving: Our shopping cart software app willsave both ofyour customer's money and time. They can order fromanywhere at anytime. Sometimes in the office, it's difficult forcustomers tobrowse websites, and at that time, they can do it fromtheir mobilephone. So it will save both of their issues. Privacyand datasecurity: All customer data will be protected in ourshopping cartapp. Customers need to register first, and they canlog in withoutany difficulty with their information. There is noway to publishthe data. Customers can only see their own data, noteach other'sdata. Contact with us for source code: Email:business@bdtask.comSkype: bdtask
Bhojon - Kitchen App 1.8.7 APK
Bhojon - kitchen app is mainly a kitchen management system appthatis a part of the Bhojon Restaurant Management System App. Thisappis predominantly a demo file of the kitchen management system.Touse this app, you need to purchase our full package,includingsource code, website, and app. This app helps tocommunicate withthe kitchen. When the admin or waiter sends anyfood request, thenthe kitchen app users can understand it easilyand accept theorder. Also, they can provide the food status, whichwill beupdated in every step from processing to complete. DemoLogin info--> Email- elon@email.com Password -123456 Websitedemo:https://sotly.me/bdtaskrms To learn more details about ourwebsite,please click onthis:https://www.bdtask.com/restaurant-management-system.php Get QRcodeinstruction --> Please enter into this Url-https://restaurant.bdtask.com/login Then Settings> AppSetting,Here you can get your kitchen app QR code. Features ofBhojon -Kitchen App QR code scanning system Order getting systemOrderaccepting system Provides food status Overall notificationsystemContact: Address: B-25, Mannan Plaza, 4th Floor,Khilkhet,Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh Web: https://www.bdtask.com/Email:business@bdtask.com Skype: bdtask
SimbCoin 1.7 APK
SIMBCOIN (SMB) is a Token based on the Ethereum ERC20 system,anintelligent contract technology in Blockchain. In the operationofthis technology, the mining is not essential. A tokencontractdeployed on Ethereum is a smart-contract like any other,simplycontaining a register designating the owners of tokens ofthecontract and managing all the transfers of these tokens byupdatingsaid register. For example, if X sends a transfertransaction of100 tokens to Y, the contract modifies its registerto reduce thetotal number of tokens of X by 100 and at the sametime increasethat of Y. So it is a question of intelligentregister, hence thename Ethereum Request Comment (ERC20). Thus, thenew assetmanagement system tokens in regulation offers a maximumlevel ofsecurity, which want that when buying a token, it is abouta shareof corresponding share of the issuing company, becausebehind alltoken is a project, hence the type of token that isSIMBCOIN, aSecurity Token Offering (STO).[simbcoin, Simbcoin, Simb,coin ]