9.0 / November 4, 2017
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Feel the exorbitant rate for the best!This racing game usesrealistic physics of cars, which will give the real feeling ofdriving and racing. Dynamic change of day and night gives you theopportunity to ride at any time of the day. At night, you will feelthe realism of the present, which will give you our racingsimulator. If you are confident in their abilities and skills ofdriving, choose the fastest race and take full control of thevehicle. The choice represented a lot of race cars with differentspecifications. The supercar will give you a pleasant feeling ofdriving fast and safely allows to maneuver in the dense flow ofroad traffic. Sport Coupe is not as powerful, but also more easy tomanage. Heavy truck and a huge SUV - the car for those who areconfident in their abilities. Pick-up is not so easy to manage, andits dimensions have to be taken into account by performing a riskymaneuver!Super Street Racing is a super 2D arcade racing game thatwill provide enough depth and variety of gameplay, in order tosatisfy every fan of the genre. Improve your driver skills when youare in traffic. Now you can feel like a super car driver on thestreet. Do not crash your car into oncoming cars at high speeds, tobe on the top of the street! Super Street Racing 2D is a free game!Tell your friends, call them on the competition!SPEED RIDINGTakepart in high-speed races, drive a car in the flow of traffic andovertake other cars!The street racing has no restrictions. Moredanger - more coins!Real simulator DRIFTepic physics andinexpressible beauty drifts are waiting for you.MOST REALISTICMOBILE RACING GAMEwe use the newest 2D HD graphicsTHIS SOUNDS OFMOTORS AND TURBINESMost coveted DRIFT GAMECAUTION! This game canabsorb you for many hours, do not forget to take a break every 40minutes!WE LOVE TALKIf you have anything to add about the game,please contact us.Game Features:- Dynamic change of time of day;-Realistic car physics;- Huge variety of race tracks;- Unlock carscan only earn points;- Ability prodelyvat extreme stunts;-Intuitive controls;- Thanks to the simple management, you willquickly adapt to the game;- Ability to improve the racing car toyour liking;- The roar of engines;- A huge fleet;- Detail of theworld environment;- Realistic acceleration;- Superski 2D graphics;-Cool music.Future plans:- Increase the number of machines to 50-Create more cards- Enter multiplayer mode

App Information Top Down Speed Racing

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    Top Down Speed Racing
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    November 4, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Microwater Media
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    Полины Осипенко, 18 к1 кв20
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Box Move Puzzle 16.0 APK
It's time to work on a bulldozer!Greet a new puzzle in the genre ofSokoban. You will manage a bulldozer and you need to move the boxeswith the goods. At first glance, it is an easy job, but do notbe so self-confident, our developers have tried to make the levelsare very complicated, so you can not just go through the game. Morethan 200 different levels are waiting for you. Qualitative study ofanimation bulldozer, he shakes and emits sounds like a real! Twotypes of control. Sound settings. Bright and colorful design of thegame. Simply stunning design, download, and you like it! Theessence of the game is to move the bulldozer boxes, they need toget back on terms. As soon as you put the box on the point, it willbe highlighted in blue. You can move only forward or a box on theside, you do not get to drag a box back. So be careful and do notput the box in the corner. But if this happens, you can cancel thecourse or to start the level over again. Simple operation, youdo not have to press buttons randomly or possess certain skills.The game in which you need not hurry, it is better to think asfollows, before making any move. Puzzle for all the family, thereare no restrictions. It is a free game, it does not require aninternet connection. You can play absolutely any time.Features:- Anew puzzle game in the genre of Sokoban;- More than 200 differentlevels;- A qualitative study of animation bulldozer;- Two types ofcontrol;- Sound system;- Bright and colorful design of the game;-Stunning design;- Easy operation;- A free game.How to play:It isnecessary to move the bulldozer boxes, they need to get back onterms.All questions and suggestions in the comments, as well as inour groups.VK - https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466Have a nice game! =)
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Car Traffic Speed Racing 3D 5.0 APK
"Cars, races and speed 3D" terrific game, addictive gameplay,oncoming cars, collect bonuses and become the best racer.Coolphysics, stunning race tracks and cars. "Cars, races and speed 3D»creates a new type of racing for Android users.Feel the speed ofthe race and in the new free game of survival. Teetering betweenchaos and control. Click on the gas and hang in as long aspossible.No need to pay to come to a victory, "Cars, races andspeed 3D» absolutely free game. We know that you love to drive, sowe decided to include in the game for more than 20 coolest racing.Make the engine of his car and raced through the busy highways, dothe stunts, overtake rivals and prove to your friends that you'rethe best! Asphalt worldwide is glowing from the crazy races. Willyou have the courage to resist the temptation to crash intooncoming car ?! In "Machines and race speed 3D» you dictate laws!Buy a new car and try to become the fastest and most successfuldriver in the global players tops! Racing now - will WWTP other!The game sets a new standard in the genre of racing at maximumacceleration. Drive the high-end luxury cars, and show everyonewho's boss. Immediately get behind the wheel and get ready for whatyou will capture the spirit as soon as you press the start button.In the game "Cars, races and speed 3D» you can change settings andtrip characteristics as you please. Increase engine power upgradetheir equipment, repaint your car. All this will definitely affectthe realistic driving simulation. Opening the elite race cars, youwill feel the lord of the roads.SPEED RIDINGTake part in high-speedraces, drive a car in the flow of traffic and overtake othercars!In "Machines and race speed 3D» there are no restrictions.More danger - more coins!High-quality graphicsEnjoy the mostadvanced 3D-graphics with realistic atmosphere and incrediblydetailed vehicles.Your dream carImprove your car to the limit, giveit a personal touch with colors, wheels and bumpers.Make it better,faster, more powerful and more beautiful.FAST chase andfearlessTunable their cars as often as possible, including the hugeflow of cars.Features:- 3D-graphics of the first level and gnarlyimpact-crash sound effects,- Upgrade and customize your own car,-Earn free money to unlock new cars,- Race for your own ways: youcan touch and mouse, tilt,- Enjoy more than 10 hours of gameplay inthe massive career mode with 48 levels,- Realistic car racingexperience,- Excellent high quality graphics,- Enjoy the race fromdifferent angles,- Real-time car racing physics,- Ability to useanother machine,- HD-quality games to enjoy,- Wacky Races,-Excellent 3D graphics,- Racing cars and improved bumper, spoiler,-Ability to pump the car for themselves,- A wide choice of routes,-Dynamic gameplay arcade racing - board hated rivals,- Pleasant andrealistic management- Different cars to choose from: bizneskary,sports cars, luxury cars,- Detailed environments of the world,-Exciting engine sounds and excellent background music,- Easymanagement,- Coloring car unexpected colors.Control:-Use Gyroscope,keys,-No Brakes, only forward!Later:- Increasing the level Subcars- Increasing the number of runs,- More colors, vinyl upgrade.