1. / December 25, 2016
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Survival Shooter.. Horror shooting gameA top-down survival shooterproject is based form Unity tutorial series. Features========- 3DGraphics- 10 Amazing Waves - 15 Realistic enemys- Realistic andchallenging A.I enemys.. horror rmonsters toys enemys- Awesomeweapons of mass destructionThis game has 20 waves, but it loopsaround with increased difficulty after wave 10. However, It startsto break down around wave 10.The amount of enemies and effectsbecome overwhelming and the difficulty is not very well balanced...A top-down survival shooter project is form Unity tutorial series.Survive the Night pls..

App Information Top Down Survival Shooter

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    Top Down Survival Shooter
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    December 25, 2016
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Vit Labs Mobile
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