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Welcome to world of unique extreme driving, racingchampionship,driving thrill and stunt adventures. Enter into highspeed racingworld and have best jeep racing experience. 4x4 jeeps,huge monstertrucks, SUVs and many other modern vehicles are addedin Fastmonster racing: extreme speed drift. Real truck drag racingis anaddictive game for racing lovers. Best racing challengesandnon-stop jeep racing fun you ever imagine. Race at high speedanddrive against legend drivers of town. Won the tournament andbecomea legend racer in this adrenaline-fueled racing game.Unstoppableracing fun in fantastic racing environment andpost-apocalypticvehicles with nitro power, it will be an amazingmonster truckracing experience. Hit play, define new racing genreand enjoy oneof the best monster jeep racing game. Race for theglory, racefast, won the world racing of unstoppable machines andunique carsagainst rivals mad. Have great fun with big wheels inthis new freemonster truck racing game. Enjoy 4x4 monster freetruck 3D stuntsand smash rivals in this epic racing: rally driver3D. Test yourtruck and jeep driving skills and become elite raceron stunningracing tracks. Drive extreme powerful monster truck withimpossiblespeed and become best rally driver. Game Play In car,jeep ormonster truck driving, shifting of gear on right time isanimportant task. Gear shifting on right time will lead you tobestdriving and also your vehicle gives its maximum performance.Inthis auto driving jeep racing game, player has to shift gearsonaccurate time. Any mistake regarding gear shift will leadtowardsdefeat in the race. To win the race, gears should be shiftonperfect time. Perfect gear shifting (when speed needle entersintogreen area) will lead towards victory. Early and late gearshiftingwill resultant as defeat in the race. Powerful nitro isalso addedto help player to win the race. Every winning will givesome amountof cash. Upgrade your vehicle with cash earned bywinning the race.So, you will be able to won next races and gettingability ofexpertly timing gear changings. Crazy monster truck free3D isquality racing arcade game with impressive detailed graphicsofmonster truck offroad racing, realistically createdenvironmentsand detailed cars, enjoy real racing fun in realisticenvironmentwith quality exciting sounds. Multiple environments likesunny,rainy and fog are added with extreme 3D visuals. Multipletracksalso like off-road, on-road, hilly, desert added for makingyouracing and driving experience more joyful. Bestvehicle/carcontrols and ultra-realistic engine physics is added.Realisticengine sounds and power boost nitro will increase fun formanytimes Key Features • 30 exciting levels and more additionscomingsoon • 5 fantastic racing vehicles with smooth controls •DesertMonster, derby champion, road flyer, route dragon and others•Unstoppable racing fun • Realistic racing vehicle enginephysicsused • Time to time upgrades throughout game vehicle store•Cutting edge 3D graphics • Beautiful environments • Easygearshifting and speed boosting nitro • Inn-app purchases added toeasevirtual purchases • Play freely without internet access onceyoudownload it

App Information Top Gear Drag Racing

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    Top Gear Drag Racing
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    September 18, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Free Game Valley
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Tractor Farming Driver Simulator 2018 1.1.6 APK
Agriculture is the main source of economy in the most countries ofthe World. People love farming and build featured farmhouses forthis purpose. There are a lot of things in farming and agricultureincluding Tractor simulation. It is difficult to fulfill thefarming desire and drive the Tractor in the fields. So we areproviding a platform for Tractor Simulator lovers and Farmers toenjoy the real-time Tractor simulation virtually. All the featuresand the agriculture processes are extreme real that player feelshimself/herself in a real Agricultural farm. A complete virtualFarm Simulator to play and enjoy the tractor driving in the fieldsis designed for the Farmers and simulation players both as well.Game Play As a farmer, the player will be standing near thetractor. Tractor Trolley has a Main role-play in the farming andagriculture. Driving a heavy tractor is an ultimate fun itself.Move farmer as 3rd person, and get in the Tractor. Switch on thetractor and drive the tractor to the agricultural equipment, asuitable and desired farming tool. The main Process is divided intotwo parts: • Cultivation • Harvesting 1. Cultivation It containsall processes before the crop is reaped, tools and machines are:Plough - Ploughing the farmland Rotavator – preparing land for nextcrop. It is used for breaking up or tilling the soil. Seed Driller- A seed drill is a sowing device that sows the seed in the soil atproper depth and distance. Then it covers them with soil. Itprotects the seeds from birds and saves time and labor. When plantsgrow enough to be appearing, urea and water required for thegrowth. Spray Machine – Is used to spray the required and necessaryanti germs medicines in liquid form to save the crops from harmfulinsects. 2. Harvesting Best harvesting machine is available toefficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. This machine doescombine three separate harvesting operations into a single process:• Reaping – cuts the crops • Threshing - Separates grains from cornor other crops • Winnowing – To blow of air through grains in orderto remove the chaff. In Simple, Harvester cuts the crops andcollects, gathers a crop as a harvest. For its combining Operation,It’s also called Combine Harvester or Combine in short. Attach theappropriate tools one by one in the game to complete all tasks inorder. If you pick the wrong tool, a notice will pop up. Cultivateand harvest the crops in different areas of the countryside andexplore new farmlands. An old and classic Village environment givesan extra edge of excitement in the role play of a farmer.Simulation Simulations games are fun itself, but when it comes totractor simulation, the thrill is at its peak. Drive a heavytractor in the mountain hilly area is an extreme driving challenge.Driving, attach tools, detach them, to plough/plow in the fields,all are much realistic to enjoy the real farming and LandCultivation. Play and enjoy the virtual farming with tractorsimulation. Corps takes time to grow, so to give the natural look,real-time day and night effect is added in the Game play. ControlsControls are as realistic as in real time scenario Accelerate,Brakes, Attach, detach Buttons for Tractors functionality FeaturesReal tractor simulation controls Complete farming tricks inwell-designed environment Graphics are up to the mark RealisticEngine Sounds for Engine Start, accelerate, brakes Effects of dustand smoke are real as tractor moves off-road track and in the fieldStart the tractor and move toward the fields, market is waiting forthe Supply.
Speedy Truck Driver Simulator: Offroad Transport 1.0.4 APK
Driving Simulation, Parking addiction, job based levels, Hours ofgame play and nonstop fun is on the roads. Drive big and heavytrucks on the vast roads of the grand cities. Explore the newhighways and have fun while driving. This simulator game offers areal truck driving experience that will let you become a realtrucker. This City Heavy Cargo Truck Jobs: Driving & Simulationdelivers an exciting driving and transporting experience withrealistic controls, engine sounds and fantastic city environment.Travel across different cities and off road countryside areas innew trucks in each cargo mission. You can transport cool stuff suchas cold drink containers, trees logs, food, water & fueltankers and many more. Play the realistic simulator, transportcargo, earn money and buy new trucks, customize them or upgrade.Start your engine and move your heavy truck out of the parking.Find and select the job for you. When the job is selected, you willbe asked to drive to the container to attach with the truck.Container position will be marked on the map, displayed on thescreen. Navigate the truck to the container and attach it. MultipleTrucks: There are different types of trucks in the game. Select,customize and upgrade your trucks at your own choice. Variety ofJobs: This is a job base transportation and driving simulationgame. There are no typical level selections but a little advancesystem of jobs and tasks. One after the other job, continuous gameplay gives you a real life transport system. Transporting woodlogs, foods and cold drinks containers, water supply tankers, fueltankers transportation are the basic jobs to do. Every job hasdifferent cash, rewarded at the end of the job. You can buy andupgrade trucks and customize them. Game Save Mode: This is a newand unique feature but very effective as well. Game Save Mode is anadvance gaming feature. On the long drive drivers need rest in reallife, as same as in this game. This feature gives the truck driversan opportunity to stop the truck at specific rest areas and cansave the game. Players can resume the game from the save point atany time. Their game progress and game data will not be lost. Thereare three slots given to save the game at three different points.If there is a need to save the game more than three times, you cansave but 4th will be saved at 1st (oldest one) saved point. CashLoose: Yes you may have lost your money too. In every businessthere aren’t only profits. Chances of loosing cash in this game arepresent. When you are on the roads, these are the possible finesyou have to pay instantly; Accidents with Other traffic vehiclesHitting with the on road obstacles Over speeding fines SOS: This isan emergency button, when driver stuck in a situation where hecan’t find a way or out of fuel or stuck in a place where he can’teven move. Upon pressing this SOS button driver have to pay somefee and he will be out of any problem. Become a professional bigtruck driver and explore the new trucking areas. Features:  Mapincluding the fuel points and rest areas displayed  Realistictruck physics  AI (Artificial Intelligence)Traffic cars system  Avariety Of trucks to drive  Truck upgrade & customizationSystem  Lots of trailers and goods to transport  Realistic Day& night cycle System  In game Visual and mechanical damage onvehicles  Fuel consumption and Fines  Improved & smoothcontrols, tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls  DashboardCamera view for all trucks  Cool and optimized graphics  SOS foremergency Let's Start the 18 Wheeler Heavy cargo Truck engine,drive the heavy duty vehicles on the highways, the vast road of thecity and off-road area between the beautiful mountains.Try to bethe best Truck Driver in the trucking world. Come On, Drive beforethe supplies ran out!
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver: Chingchi Rickshaw Game 1.02 APK
A classic way of transporting people is presented. Tuk Tuk Rickshawis a two person space vehicle for picking the passengers fromdifferent points and to drop them to their destinations. Rickshawis mostly used for transporting people, luggage and goods as wellwithin the city or small area. Game Play Start your rickshaw andmove to the nearest bus station for pick up the passengers. Thereis a parking area in front of the stop. You must park your rickshawwithin the parking area. Passenger will walk and sit in the Tuk Tukor chingchi rikshaw which you drive. You can pick one person fromone stop. Maximum 2 people can sit in the small rickshaw and youcan any time upgrade your rickshaw (provided in vehicle selection)having more sittings capacity. You will be rewarded after everycomplete trip with cash. From This amount you can upgrade your TukTuk Rickshaw. The main mission is to upgrade your driving licenseand be a professional driver of the transport rickshaw. And this isonly possible when you Unlock and play the challenge mode. GameModes There are three Challenging modes in the game: Free Mode:Gives the opportunity of explore the city as much as you want to.Pick up the passengers and drop them at their destinations.Practice your rickshaw driving skills by drive a classic autorickshaw as a taxi in a modern city. Career Mode: Complete all thegiven chapters in the career mode to reform and expert your drivingskills. Career Mode will lead you to the last and Big ChallengeMode. Challenge Mode: In this exciting and expert level Mode youcan upgrade your auto rickshaw license to the professional drivinglicense. There are three licenses given and third one is last.Enjoy the best and new drive modern rickshaw game 2018. Speeddriving on highway, parking at assigned stops, picks and dropservice in the modern city is included in this Taxi Rickshawsimulator. If you are crazy and passionate to drive a classic taxirickshaw in day and night modes then Taxi Rickshaw Transport: Pick& Drop Challenge , a modern city traffic rickshaw game hasgiven you a big chance. You can travel with a new tuk tuk rickshawas a smart transport driver. Day/Night Mode: This is a userselection travel time. Player can decide whether he can travel in aday time or evening or even he can travel at night. WeatherConditions: There are different conditions given in the game toshine the environment with the beautiful effects. Rain, Snow andfog are optionally present in the game. Key Features: Awesome 3DModern city environment Adventurous and thrilling Tuk Tuk rickshawdriving Extreme Taxi rickshaw driving with thrilling curves anddangerous turns. Multiple camera views to enhance and play gamewith different angles. Advanced rickshaw vehicle physics 3D HDgraphical design Weather effects and conditions Cool sound effects.Tilt and touch controls are given optionally Start your autorickshaw and engage customers to be a professional Auto Taxirickshaw Driver.
Rally Racer Fury 3D: Extreme Racing Game 1.0.2 APK
Free game valley brings for you one of the finest adrenalinefast-paced 3D racing game. In this game share your drivingexperience with worldwide car racing game players throughleaderboard. This championship is between real cars, on real trackswith drifting and stunts. Climb your score on board and become bestscorer One of the best games is bringing fun and great excitementin extreme adventure high speedy racing game. Extreme Mountainracing adventure journey game is real test for fast speed drivers.Real fast speedy drivers will drive in multiple tracks in real fastspeed game theme. Crazy fast driver will face various scenarios infast car racing game. Extremely fast rivals will give real toughchallenge to drivers. This speedy extreme racing game is completepackage for racing games lover. Racing fever always produces highspeed race on most difficult tracks throughout the knockout racechallenge. This extremely ‘drag & Drift’ racing game fulfillsall requirements of racing sensation. Crazy adventure racing gametheme is providing unlimited fun and best entertainment for playersof 3D Rally racing game. Among the Top Free Time Killer RacingGames, Rally Racer Fury 3D is live on store for free with highquality graphics. Start your super sports car engine and enjoy thehigh speed racing adventure. Drive different super cars as everycar has different properties and racing features. Now there is achance to prove that you are the most competitive car driver in thecar racing world. Combinations of speed, drift, rush and skids aremost important for head to head race with auto rivals. In thereactions of AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents, driver willuse wheel drift and road drift for non-stop race. Drag force in theracing game is of much importance as it will keep the vehicle on acircular track. Green bump on road is real test of auto rivals andknockout challenger. This top time free killer racing game hasamazing realistic environment for super high speed racing.Beautiful buildings, skyscrapers and glorious hilly areas are realbeauty of this racing game. Rally Racer Fury 3D provides multipleracing modes in the game for players, drivers and crazy racers.Racing modes in game are: Classic Mode To become a winner of thismode, player needs to get 1st or 2nd position. While getting thelower positions Drive will be disqualified and race will be failed.Elimination Mode In this Knockout round challenge different lapsare added on the tracks. Last car of the race will be eliminated oncompleting every race lap. Racer needs to maintain 2nd lastposition always that is minimum requirement to stay in the race fornext lap. 1st position holder is titled as best super car racedrive. Eliminate other rivals in each loop and be on top. CheckPoint Mode Along the car driving player’s task is to get allcheckpoints placed on the track in given time. If driver misses asingle check point the race level will be failed. There are norival or opponent car racers in this mode. Dual Mode This dual moderace is ideal for challenge against best player. This 'one-on-one 'mode will fulfill all requirements like speeding the supervehicles, drag the car and 'Hit & Run' during knockoutchallenge between two drivers. In this mode there are two cars onlyalong the race track. One is player’s car and second is theiropponent car. Accept this challenge and the opponent to become thechampion of super car race. Features Realistic car controls,Vehicle’s physics and beautiful 3D graphics Easy car handlingMultiple car controls Tilt, steering and right left buttons Speedyturbo engine cars models available for drive Challenging racingtrack specially designed for smart riders Real time route map andcar speedometer for route guidance
Real Car Parking Simulator 3D 1.03 APK
Time to improve car driving skills. Real 3D car parking simulationwill let you test and improve your driving and parking skills.Drive car on multiple tracks and park the car on right place. Supercar driver parking expert is amazing car parking game withrealistic car physics to improve your car parking and car drivingskills. Multiple parking levels with realistic environments andreal car physics. It will let you become smart driver and realparking legend. Start the journey of fun with learning and showyour skills of car driving by perfect parking of car on rightparking place. Driving a car on road is easy but parking car onright parking space is not an easy job. Polish your driving skillsand park car on perfect parking spot in parking lot. Game Play Realparking: car driver expert is a complete package for parking gamelovers. Start from initial level of parking and then step by stepit goes on peak. In this real crazy 3D car parking simulation,there are multiple cars as well. One of them will be unlock onstartup and others has to unlock. Cars can be unlocked by spendingcoins and coins can be earned through completing levels. Coins canalso earned through inn app purchases. Start your career with yourname and have fun with speedy car. With completion of levels,upgrade your garage and add more luxurious cars. Accident sensorsare applied in cars. As you hit car anyway, sensor will beindicate. After five accidents, your level will be failed. Aftercompletion of one level, next will be unlocked. And on completionof parking fury: car drive expert, you will be a legend driver withperfect parking skills. Startup levels of real parking fever 3Dwill be easy for smooth parking but step by step, adventure andthrill goes up and up. As a result, hard parking will be in finallevels. And it make you master car driver parking expert. Graphicsand sound Quality graphics with excellent eye catching colorcombination will amaze you. Crazy speedy car parking is not likeother car parking games with ordinary graphics. High definitiongraphics and relative sounds will definitely increase fun for you.Controls and performance Controls of parking expert: real cardriver are smooth. Flowing controls will never irritate you whileplaying this parking adventure: speedy car driver. Hours of playingwithout getting bore. It’s a time killer excellent car drivingsimulator game with outstanding performance. Stunning graphics,quality sound, smooth controls and great performance make realspeed parking3D one of the best car parking game. Bright Features •Addictive gameplay • Bundle of Exciting levels • Two differentparking chapters • Multiple nitro speed cars • Smooth controls:using realistic car controls physics • High definition 3d graphics• Quality melodious sound • Real 3D environment • Best test forparking skill. • Single player off line game • Inn-app purchasesincludes that helps to purchase more advanced cars • Daily rewards:Claim your reward and get free coins • Great performance even ondevices with low configuration • Three different car controls:steering wheel, arrow buttons and tilt control • This fun games iscompletely free for all • Download now and improve your driving,parking skills in game
City Rickshaw Cargo Transport: Driver Simulator 3D 1.0 APK
Rickshaw or Loader Rickshaw is a very classic and traditionaltransport vehicle for cargo transportation. And we are giving you asensation to drive the classic Auto Rickshaw in the modern city. Weare presenting “Rickshaw City Cargo Simulation” game for free. It’snot a game only but also an Auto Rickshaw cargo simulator. The funand the challenge both are simultaneous when the roads are busywith the traffic. The opposite traffic is an ultimate challenge forRickshaw Driver to transport goods to the destination within thespecific time. The reward is given for timely and safelytransportation of the cargo. Game Play Start the Rickshaw and moveto the destination. The destination is marked on the map with theMarked Red Pin, displayed on the screen. You are the driver and thechoice of route selection is yours. The shortest Route to thedestination will save the time. Yes, time is the main and importantkey to the cargo and delivery system. As the Rickshaw moves thetimer is started and will continue until you reach the destination.After starting the travel the timer will not stop even you stop thevehicle. Avoid stopping or using break unnecessarily. Hitting willcost you time loss. Time is not the only thing to monitor but thefuel bar is also a danger line. Faster the speed will be, more thefuel consumption. When auto rickshaw is stopped, a very littleamount of fuel will be consumed. But the time will be wasted. Youare out of fuel or have less fuel? No need to worry, There are fuelStation indicating as Blue ‘F’ on the map to refuel. Main gameobjective is to reach the pickup point and cargo will be loadedautomatically but you have to stay for a while until goods areloaded completely. Then Move to the destination for the drop. Thereare multiple levels with more difficulties to challenge your CargoRickshaw Driving skills. There are other rickshaws on the roads;you must avoid hitting with them. It will lead you to the failure.Because you are driving the cargo rickshaw Loader in the city soall the city traffic may encounter you. There are Buses, cars andother vehicles moving on the roads around you. Watch for the busand other traffic at the squares especially, a small negligencewill smash you and the mission will be failed. Complete all thechallenges and tasks given by your transport company and become theultimate cargo Auto Rickshaw Driver. Features Realistic RickshawSounds Natural City Environment Amazing game Play Smooth andrealistic Controls Intelligent Light system for Indicators, Headlight and brake lights Camera Rotation (for back view) on reverseEnjoy the classic drive on the Auto Rickshaw and explore the city.
Bull Cargo Transport: Offroad Driver Simulator 1.0 APK
Bull cargo is transporting simulation game which is representingoldage transportation system when there are no moderntransportingvehicles and other cargo facilities available. Cargopick &drop mostly did with help of animals. Off-road bull cartcargo willlet you have transportation fun of multiple goods on abull withcart. It will be great fun with old age game with thetraditionaltransportation system. Each time you will play, eachtime you willfeel new enjoyment.Game PlayIn this Bull Carriagetransport game,the player has to transport goods from one place toanother. Thisbull runner game will let you explore beautifulvillage environmentwith cart driving. You will have limited time tocompletetransportation task. Bull cart runner is one of thebesttraditional transportation bulls riding game. 5differentchallenging chapters for transportation of goods areadded. Eachchapter contains 6 exciting levels. On completion ofeach level,next will unlock and same in case of chapters, oncompletion ofeach chapter, next chapter will unlock. More than 10bulls areadded for you to have more fun with bull riding. One bullwill beunlocked and others are locked. Locked transportation bullscan beunlocked with coins and coins can be earned throughcompletinglevels. Two different carts are also added in bull cartcargodriver. In-app also added for ease player to buy bulls andotheritems. Two different carts also added in game. Same likebulls, onecart is unlocked and other is locked. Locked cart can beunlockedthrough coins. Graphics Beautiful environment of thevillage,charming animations, melodious sounds and stunninggraphics, allthese things made this 3D bull cart transportationgame fantastic.Traditional cargo with such a beautiful environment,it will be anunforgettable experience for you.PerformanceSmoothperformance andflowing controls will definitely increase yourtransportation funwhile playing.Features• Traditional bull ridingbased gameplay•Single player bull rider game• Beautiful 3D villageenvironment •Smooth controls• 30 exciting levels• More than 10bulls• Two cartsare added• In-app purchases added• Smart guide willhelp where togo
Ultimate Beach Racing 1.0 APK
Racing on the beach is fun and free game valley is presentingacomplete package of kart driving simulation fun on beach sidesandislands. Ultimate beach racing is based on buggy kart racing.Drivefast and faster as you can. Beat your opponents and won thebuggyracing championship. Best time pas game for people of allages.Ride over buggy and discover more beautiful racing tracks inbuggyracing fever 3D. Enjoy realistic buggy driving, have daredrive,drift on roads, speed up to the limit and have racingexperiencefull of fun. It is an ultimate test of your drivingskills. Improveyour buggy kart driving and have fun with extremebuggy driving.Drive extreme fast, have wonderful crazy stunts andwon thetournaments and become champion of beach side racing. Playone ofthe best free racing game and enjoy fast paced racing fun inbuggyon the beach. Take a twist of buggy driving, buggy parkingandbuggy racing.Game PlayHigh speed horse power HP racing engineofbuggy and 5 different types of races are waiting for you.Drivehigh speed buggy, get coins and pickups and won the race.Upgradeyour buggy with coins, beat other rival drivers and havemore funwith buggy kart racing. Unlock a variety of buggies, racingwithdifferent drivers on different tracks, have more fun inthisextreme kart buggy racing game.Different chapters are addedinfinal kart racing. Each chapter contains different levelsandracing tracks and parking tracks. To unlock the next chapter,getsufficient stars in previous levels. Fantastic racing scenes ofthebeach and beautiful buggies will let you have more and more funinbeach racing master.Explore the world of beautiful islands andhavefun with buggy racing simulation. Upgrade your buggy anddriverover beautiful beach tracks. Earn coins and hit hurdles tohavemore fun. Two basic buggy driving controls are added. One isbuttoncontrol and other is tilt control. Race is auto, you justhave tocontrol your buggy. Ultra-nitro boost is also available toboostspeed of your buggy jeep. All controls of this crazy kartracinggame are smooth and flowing. Fantastic beach environment witheyecatching color combinations and high definition graphicswithmelodious sounds are used in beach kart racer game. You havetoride different kind of vehicles in this game like car,jeep,monster truck, kids truck and quad bike so you can say this isacar racing, jeep racing, truck racing, and kids racing game allinone vehicle pack.Features• Next generation beautifulgraphics•Realistic buggy engine physics• Beautiful racing beachtracks•Flowing smooth gameplay• 5 exciting racing chapters• Eachchaptercontains 5 exciting races• 5 fantastic buggy karts withstunningcharacters• Buggies are upgrade-able• Beach final buggyracing is agreat fun game for all• Final buggy kart racing is anoffline game•Endless gameplay makes it best time pass game• One ofthe best free3D racing game• Totally free racing game