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Topper is a great new tool to prepare foryourProfessional Licensure Exam.

Train your mind to quickly answer thousands of licensureexampractice questions anytime, anywhere.

Get immediate feedback and find out the rationale foreachquestion with one swipe.

The question pool is regularly updated by professionals withthecurrent licensure examination trends.

Enjoy an unlimited study mode and practice under timepressurewith the exam simulation mode.

Find out how prepared you are for the exam by checkingyourcompletion level. You can even share your exam simulationscores,and challenge your friends!

Available in all platforms, this is a must have app so youcantop that exam!

Topper is now available for the Pharmacist Licensure Exam.

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    Lead Generation App
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    Capital Blvd Raleigh, North Carolina
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Topper 4.5.0 APK
Topper is a great new tool to prepare foryourProfessional Licensure Exam.Train your mind to quickly answer thousands of licensureexampractice questions anytime, anywhere.Get immediate feedback and find out the rationale foreachquestion with one swipe.The question pool is regularly updated by professionals withthecurrent licensure examination trends.Enjoy an unlimited study mode and practice under timepressurewith the exam simulation mode.Find out how prepared you are for the exam by checkingyourcompletion level. You can even share your exam simulationscores,and challenge your friends!Available in all platforms, this is a must have app so youcantop that exam!Topper is now available for the Pharmacist Licensure Exam.
Filthy Finesse APK
Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Originally rapping as ahobby and for therapeutic purposes, he had no idea this talentwould change his life. Filthy signed to RC Music Management as it’sfirst artist, but this business arrangement was extremely shortlived. He began the writing and recording his 1st studio album atage 17 but the project was never released due to unclearedSamples.After being banned from public school his Junior year ofhigh school, and consequently shunned by some of his family, hebegan to neglect his new found music career saying he ‘felt forced’to rely on street money and his gang affiliations to survive. Hedid so successfully and remained allusive for years beforeultimately taking the fall for a friend with a prior record. Thoughhe was charged with several felonies and took a plea bargain toonly receive one, the nerve wrecking experience itself was an eyeopener for him. ‘It could have went a lot worse’ he says, ‘I’ve gothomies in there [prison] right now, doing a dime [10 years] orbetter’ he elaborates. Though he admits it took a few more yearsand more charges, this felon finally turned his sole focus tomusic, a trade he mastered. Though the passion never left, the payoffs were bleak.In 2012, Filthy would link up with former managerNick ‘NJB’ Bridges, from RC Management, in what was agreed to betheir ‘Last Shot’ before they both moved on and pursued otheroptions in life. Soon after, he began working on what became his1st album Trillmatic, which he finished and released in mid 2013(available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, Muve Music,Rdio, Spotify & more), and seemed to supply the spark theyneeded.Being a product of the ‘golden era’ of Rap & Hip Hop, itshould be no surprise that Filthy insists upon maintaining a highlevel of lyricism, despite the stereotypes of his southern roots.Considered a dirty south lyricist, his hypnotic flow andmesmerizing beat production are sure to please. He’s created hisown lane, or revitalized one, by refusing to be one demential andmaintaining his diversity. At a quick listen, he may sound like a‘trap rapper’ but the punchlines and word play are there. ‘Aconvict with a conscience’ he deemed himself. ‘I make music forradio and food for thought’ he elaborates, ‘Since I don’t have afacade to keep up, I can make music that reflects all of mydifferent moods, not just a select few’.Throughout his journey, hehas opened for national recording artists Yo Gotti, Project Pat,Hell Rell, THE Eastside Boyz, D.Woods and more, performed atcollege homecomings, Charity events, Youth Benefits, as well as onTelevision and both FM & InternetRadio.http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FilthyFinessehttps://www.facebook.com/FilthyFinessehttps://plus.google.com/105203105321950913257/postshttps://twitter.com/filthyfinessehttps://www.linkedin.com/pub/filthy-finesse/46/135/57ahttps://soundcloud.com/filthyfinessehttps://instagram.com/filthyfinesse/https://www.reverbnation.com/filthyfinessehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYR0I2RsHwk
CCOB 6.0.2 APK
The most powerful social network on the web. Why? Becauseeverything is a business. Business students will be running everycompany in the world. Student life is enhanced by socialinteraction. One way to foster that interaction is to reach outsideof your own university and network with students from other schoolswith similar interests. The Group function of this site will allowyou to create groups of interest such as clubs, sports, studygroups and societies. You may be specific with your group to be asinclusive or exclusive as you would like. After creating a group,you will be able to send invitations to other members of the CCOBto join. Connecting business students to each other and to theworld of business. The CCOB is a social network designed to helpcollege business majors connect with professors and potentialemployers. It is also designed to help employers find collegestudents for future employment. All members of this socialcommunity fall into one of three Categories, University/professors,Business Students (Past or present), and Businesses.
Aero-Tour 4.4.5 APK
Aero-Tour based a Bell 206-Jet ranger helicopter with the help ofAAOP Inc. a Manila base Company who operates in Luzon Area, thesaid Partnership with Aero-Tour and AAOP is to accommodate in needof air transport in VIP / Passenger transportand the fast growingbusiness in mining industry for their operation in Mindanao, a safeway to transport passengers/cargo from onsite and offsite, DavaoBase Helicopter can reach through out area Mindanao and Visayasarea..aerial and leisure flight, VIP transport, leaflets and flowerdropping, seismic and mining operation, medical/patient transport,sling and cargo lift, relief operation, skydiving,
The Blacbook 4.1.1 APK
Description• A place to bring the community closer to business in yourarea. • Helping entrepreneurs start business pages for their costumersto visit. • Clients are able to view your everyday changingschedules. • Clients are able to send appointment request(time,date,cost)• The app allows you to speak to all your Clients at the sametime • Your able to search for local businesses in yourarea • Clients can make deposits before making appointments • App will allow you to search pictures for ideas. Each picturewill have the signature on it. Allowing clients to click the signature to find theentrepreneurs page. Everyone will haveprofile/page.
Venomiss 4.4.1 APK
Female MC Venomiss is not only a creator ofmusic but also a fan of Hip Hop. She was born in Newark New Jerseyand raised throughout Orange, East Orange and Montclair, New Jerseyand even briefly in Queens New York.Her fascination with Hip Hop began at an early age of eight as herolder cousins pursued a recording deal. Hip Hop was all around heras New Jersey had many hot artists at the time. She used to put onshows in the living room reciting every song that came on. Shecould probably beat anyone in a game of 90's Hip Hop trivia becauseof it!Music became her bright spot during dark times in her life. Shedecided to pursue rapping herself at the age of 13 starting out instreet battles and cyphers. By age 16, she was everywhere that HipHop was performing in small showcases, open mics , talent shows andbattles. By age 17, she created a record label and even recruitedtalented artists from accross the country that both rapped andproduced. She didn't have the means to make it happen at such ayoung age, but she had the vision!By her teens and college days, she was making a name for herself byperforming and battling and found some success online with over40,000 page views and 20,000 downloads of her music. She won a fewcompetitions while in College and headlined an event at the schoolas a aresult.Although later dropping out of college, she attended WilliamPaterson University in New Jersey she pursued studies in Marketingand Management as a means to help further her dream of beinginvolved in the industry and one day successfully running her ownlabel. College became too expensive for the poor family and she wasforced to leave school to help support the family. However,Venomiss knew what she wanted for herself.During her solo pursuits as a artist she was discovered by theFlamespittaz, an up and coming group in New Jersey. During afreestyle session at a train station in New York, Venomiss jumpedin with a smooth verse and the trio hit it off instantly. Theyimmedietly went to the studio.She went on to become their firstlady.The group disbanded several years later after recieving lots ofattention and notariety for their hard-hitting lyrics andcreativity. They remained good friends but were having some growingpains as a unit. She would go on to work with several groupsthroughout the years although never settling in with any one teamlike she did with Flamespittaz.While working on music and promoting herself, Nick D'Urso, founderof HipHopDurso.com sought out Venomiss and asked her to work withthe site as a blog contributor and she jumped at the chance toinfuse the two things she loves the most; writing and hip hop. Now,Venomiss writes for several publications and websites whilepursuing her own musical ventures. and promoting her brand.Venomiss has worked hard to release her debut Independent releaseLP, Heiress Of The Echelon, and work towards building her newbusiness in writing and journalism. amongst other ventures.She has performed in front of crowds of 400 plus, she has recievednational and international attention, recieved support from DJ'sand online radio stations and has even mot recently had her musicplayed in Milan, Italy. Most recently, she has opened for Princessof Crime Mob and Vamp Life recording artist Militant.In September of 2015, Venomiss was nominated for a New YorkUnderground Music Award for Best Female Rapper of 2015.Her greatest accomplishments are just around the corner.Who knows what's next for Veomiss!
Dmv Wheels And Tires 4.4.1 APK
DMV WHEELS AND TIRES offers a complete line ofcustom wheels, tires, and 24 hour roadside assistance. We are yourone-stop shop for all of your custom wheel and tire needs.Ourmission is to offer the best service to our clients by providing anexcellent product, and an outstanding level of personal servicewith the highest quality work .With hundreds of custom wheels, rimsand ultra-high performance (UHP) tries to choose from DMV Wheelsand Tires offers the perfect wheel and tire solution at competitiveprices no matter your budget. We stock a variety of styles,finishes and colors for most vehicles.We take pride in proper wheel and tire fitment, and guarantee asmooth, vibration-free ride. Our wheel and tire packages aredesigned to meet OEM manufacture load limits and specifications. Wealso offer tire mounting and wheel Alignment.We Are Also A 24 Hour Emergency Road Side Assistance ServiceWith Professional Mechanics On Call
Chinkee Tan 1.0.2 APK
Born and raised in Tondo, Manila, I have Chinese parents and theeldest among my siblings. As a kid, I have witnessed my father’sgreat loss in business so at a very young age of 12, I was exposedand trained to do business. I even invested summer breaks of my 4years in high school in my own video rental shop. Chinkee Tan isknown for his simple formula: “Mindset + Action = Result”. This hashelped thousands and thousands of people to choose to live with apositive mind-set every single day. After they heard him speak orread his books – they were challenged to change their lives bychanging their mind-sets. If you want to experience change in yourcompany you are more than welcome to invite Chinkee Tan in one ofyour seminars by clicking here.RENEW & CHANGE
your mindset tochink positive. REFOCUS your PERSPECTIVE to look at the positivenot on the negative OVERCOME trials, hardships, failures,challenges or even depression.Change your old habit into a NEWHABIT for a NEW YOU Create your VISION, your STRATEGY and yourACTION PLAN to turn your dreams into a reality. To be INSPIRED andbe EMPOWERED so that you
also inspire and empower others.Knowledgeis Power! OUR MAIN GOAL. Is to teach financial literacy thru thisappIf you want to have power to overcome financial debt andchallenges, you need to teach yourself about financial literacy.Unfortunately, our educational system teaches us how to earn money,but never trained us on how to manage and grow. .our money. Thereality is; if we do not know how to manage our money, the moneywill then manage us. Chink Positive Money Kit aims to teach peoplethe value of Saving, Budgeting, Investing and Getting Out ofDebt.To empower people to dream and to hope once againWhen you areout of debts, surely you will live a life that you dreamed of.Toempower people to make the right financial decisions and choicesBefinancially wise in making decisions when it comes to yourfinances.To empower them to be in control of their financesBe incontrol of the money that’s coming in and out from your pocket.Toempower them to improve their standard of livingBe frugal but dreamBIG. To empower people reach their dream of FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Save+ Budget + Getting Out / Staying Out of Debt = Financial Freedom TOINVESTInvestment for some sounds scary. Not everyone have the gutsto take the risk. Some people have the notion that investing isonly for the RICH. Nevertheless, this kit will help you not onlyfreeing you from debt but also how to grow your money.