3.7 / February 22, 2017
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Flashlight Blackout t is Amazing app to turn your device into aTorch light. It will use your device's camera LED / flash / screenas a torch. Simple, Easy and Effective Flashlight Blackout App foryour Android device.FEATURES:Shake your device to on/offflashlight.Screen light- uses your screen as a light source.Flashlight on/ off with one click.Strobe / Blinking light effect.Bulblight - Sweep top-bottom/bottom-top to change brightest bulb.Colorlight- easy to change the colors using sweepleft-right/right-left.Traffic Signal lights with AutomaticTimer.Police lights with blinking effect.Turn your screen light tomaximum brightness.Audio Effects on start and Stop.Widget for home& lock screens - easy way to on/off flash light.FlashlightBlackout App is completely free to download.

App Information Torch Flashlight Blackout

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    Torch Flashlight Blackout
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    February 22, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Flashlight LED Torch Tiny
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LED Flashlight Torch Light 4.2 APK
A free LED Flashlight Torch Light that shines bright and looksgreat on your phone! This quick and easy flashlight has a largepower button that allows you to control (turn on and off) the LEDFlashlight Torch Light (A.K.A. flash) of your camera. Since yourLED camera flash only shines one color, this flashlight app onlypromises one color from your LED, but it is the LED FlashlightTorch Light app available. Light your way in a dark parking lot.Take your dog for an early morning walk safely using this light toilluminate the road. Read our customer reviews! Lots of 5 starreviews!FLASHLIGHT FEATURES:- Easy-to-use ON/OFF on-screen buttonfor maximum ease of use- Fun power up/power down sound effects(with mute button toggle)- Auto-on light mode when LED flashlightapp launched on your phone- Fastest launch- Clean and realistichigh-tech design resembles your phone model- Button outline colorchanges when light is on- Straight forward LEDflashlight/torch/light... no frills or unnecessary effects- Use forthe brightest, most reliable light to find your way
Flashlight HD LED 4.9 APK
Flashlight HD LED is the brightest LED flashlight you will everuse! It also might be the easiest flashlight app you can have foryour Android phone. The flashlight is FREE, compact, convenient andgives you many useful innovative lighting features.Brought to youby the creators of popular BATTERY SAVER, the world’s leadingbattery saver and power manager that can extend your phone’sbattery up to 70%!We hear your requests to add additionalflashlight features. We are working hard to make our flashlightapplication even more fun for you. Flashlight HD LED featuresinclude:1) The brightest flashlight in the history! 2) Adapted tomore than 1000 Android models and the list is still growing3)Includes both LED flashlight and screen flashlight options4)Variety of different light and color screen modes (e.g. strobelight, police light)5) Easy to use flashlight interface withone-touch controls6) Small memory usage, low battery and CPUconsumption7) All Flashlight HD LED are FREE
Flashing Super LED HD 4.9 APK
Flashing Super LED HD is Amazing app to turn your device into atorch light. It will use your device's camera LED / flash / screenas a torch. Simple, Easy and Effective Torch light App for yourAndroid device.FEATURES: Shake your device to on/off flashlight.Screen light- uses your screen as a light source. Flash light on/off with one click. Strobe / Blinking light effect. Bulb light -Sweep top-bottom/bottom-top to change brightest bulb. Color light-easy to change the colors using sweep left-right/right-left.Traffic Signal lights with Automatic Timer. Police lights withblinking effect. Turn your screen light to maximum brightness.Audio Effects on start and Stop. Widget for home & lock screens- easy way to on/off flash light. Flashing Super LED HD App iscompletely free to download.* Please contact the support email forreporting bugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly aspossible.
LED Light Lamp 10.1 APK
The LED Light Lamp for Android, with a simple push, instantlyilluminates your world.Makes life easier that there is an appactually lights up like a REAL torch. Straight-forward interfaceeasy to use, strobe is available.Want a bright light at night?We've got the BRIGHTEST torch to bring the brightness to everynight. Just like a torch, you can light your way with this free LEDLight Lamp app. And there's even a free strobe too! You'll neverhave a brightness problem again with this torch that uses LED andcamera Flash to make every night the brightest night. Don't worryabout paying for big expensive torches, this is a FREE LED LightLamp app that will give you a torch and a strobe light in yourpocket for a flash of brightness on any day of the week. It's thetorch of the future and it's a BRIGHT future!Afraid of darkness?Get this torch for $0.00 NOW!- Unbelievable brightness- WidgetSupport!Faster start-up- Elegant design- Strobe with speed control-Illuminate your night- Turn on the LED flash on the back of yourdevices
Flashlight Expect Flesh 4.18 APK
Unlock your phone's true brightness with the Flashlight ExpectFlesh app for Android mobile devices.It's a free LED flashlightwidget and app, all-in-one.Don't have a camera flash on your phone?No problem. The Super-Bright Screen Glow option illuminates yourentire screen.Features:• Flashlight widget mode• Large, richgraphics• Eye-catching design• Fast flashlight access• Smoothbutton functionality• Maximum LED flash brightness• Access screenglow and backlight (LED alternative)• Flashing light fun with anadjustable speed strobe mode• Simple on/off button keeps you incontrol• It's FREE!Need a helpful tool for hunting lost objects?Try this torch app. Or, use it as an entertaining gadget whilehanging out with friends.This flashlight app improves visibility indark or hard to reach areas, with or without an LED camera flashsource. The power of your phone’s back-light can be a greatalternative flashlight.Get Flashlight Expect Flesh features in onesimple app. Download Flashlight Expect Flesh now!
High Powered Flashlight 3.5 APK
High Powered Flashligh is a free flashlight app that use yourdevice camera flash as led torch lightsfeaturesSupport tablet torchlightsIt is very fast and bright torch lightsEasy to use ledtorchNo intuitive adverts.Super Bright flashlight AppMaximum cameraLed torch .Tablet torchlight at brightestTorchlight Startsinstantly on starting appLow battery consumptionBright led screenlightsBeautiful layout and simple controls.Small memory Usage, lowbattery and CPU consumption. Screen at Bright Maximum
Flashlight LED Torch Light 4.5 APK
Flashlight LED Torch Light is the app to turn your device into abright torch instantly. This torch app uses the LED of your phone'scamera flash to illuminate the way. A must have app for allphones!Galaxy S4 User - "Bright! OMG its bright. Wait im blind..Thumbs up" Tiny file size Uses LED as a super bright torch Optionalscreen light HD graphicsRecently Tested with: Nexus 5 SamsungGalaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Note II Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy S3 SamsungGalaxy Ace HTC Oneand supports hundreds of other modelstoo!Fantastic device support backed up by rapid email responsemakes this the only torch Flashlight LED Torch Light app you willever need and its free to use!We have had many reports that thistorch app works across many devices where others don't so if othertorch apps have failed, maybe this is the one for you.Thepermissions are to allow the Flashlight LED Torch Light to accessto the LED light of the camera (if you have one) and the others areto show some ads to support development and for this only.
Flashlight Clock SOS 4.1 APK
If you never think of changing Flashlight Clock SOS, think again!GOFlashlight Clock SOS is the brightest, fastest, and most handyflashlight you will ever have! It can use both your device's cameraLED and screen as a bright flashlight.What's more,STROBE/BlinkingMode is also available!Features Fastest startup Strobe/Blinkingmode Swipe to change the frequency sensitively Screen Light Usesyour full screen as a light source (works on all devices) More than10 colors SOS Mode 1*1 widget Add a widget for quick access Elegantdesign. The most beautiful Flashlight Clock SOS It is all free foryou. Enjoy!