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Play the award winning Tower Bloxx sequel, nowfor Free!
Reach for the skies in an addictive game that’ll test your reflexesand puzzle skills. Experience extreme environments like rain orsnow while building your city and creating skyscrapers in acollection of exciting game modes!

My City

App Information Tower Bloxx: My City

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3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork 1.6.10 APK
Take a thrilling ride through the city that never sleeps with 3DRollercoaster Rush NY!With the revolutionary Pocket Arena, you cannow play your favorite Rollercoaster competing against yourfriends! Play 40 action-packed New York City 3D rollercoastertracks full of steep, sky-scraping peaks, huge drops andgut-wrenching curves! Pull off Extreme Air, Crushing G’s and otherinsane stunts as you overcome challenging breakable tracks,loop-the-loops, chasm jumps and more! Speed increases yourexcitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts areenough to send carts hurtling down to the streets below! FULLVERSION FEATURES:AllJoyn enabled Multiplayer mode! Experience 40ALL NEW Career tracks + 40 ALL NEW Challenge races with over 100crazy loop-the-loops, jumps and tunnels in a stunning New York Citysetting!New, unlimited ways to crash your cart – includingterrifying breakable tracks!Face friends head-to-head in real timewith AllJoyn multiplayer mode!Career Mode – Keep your carts intactthrough huge loop the loops, chasm jumps and more!Challenge Races –race for the best time without flying off the tracks!Score big withinsane stunts like – Extreme Air, Crushing G’s and more!Expertlycrafted tracks with realistic coaster physicsFun and easy Touchcontrols
Tower Bloxx:My City APK
Play the award winning Tower Bloxx sequel,with Pocket Arena!Reach for the skies in an addictive game that’ll test your reflexesand puzzle skills. Experience extreme environments like rain orsnow while building your city and creating skyscrapers in acollection of exciting game modes!Keywords:TowerBloxxTowerBloxxMy CityCityBuildingSimulationPuzzleBoardPocket Arena
Tower Bloxx NewYork APK
The smash hit game comes to NY City! Get up to4 game modes incl. all-new challenges, power-ups and Board Gamemode! Play through up to 5 entire Manhattan districts in Board Gamemode and enjoy addictive block dropping chaos in the BigApple!
Brick Breaker Revolution2 APK
Get blown away by countless levels & up to21 insane power-ups – like Shockwave, Repulsor Paddle, Homing Ball& more! Battle epic modular bosses and take on stunningchallenges as you explore the power of all new traps, magnets,Challenge Pipes & more! Plus, experience the endless excitingaction of classic mode! Break your first brick today to ignite thenew revolution!Features*• A new Revolution full of intense brick breaking action withinfinite levels!• Countless levels, plus more mind-blowing brick types, bossbattles & secret bonus levels than ever!• All new, jaw-dropping features like:– Ball shooting Traps, tricky Magnets, Challenge Pipes &more!• Up to 21 insane power-ups including –– Temporal Warp, Repulsor Paddle, Shockwave, Homing Ball &more!– Some you want, others you don’t!• Intense battles with insane modular bosses!• Plus, experience the endless exciting action of classicmode!• Two game modes – Revolution & Classic – for endless excitingaction!
Rollercoaster Rev 99 tracks 1.1.49 APK
Hold on for 99 tracks of high-speed fun withup to 5 power-ups, ghost race multiplayer mode and more! Experiencetracks that’ll thrill you at every turn – including elements likewater splash, cave tunnel and falling tracks. DigitalChocolate.
Shaolin Jump APK
Prepare to enter the ancient world of Shaolin!You have been chosen for the ultimate test in strength, speed,agility and endurance. Succeed and you will become the ultimateShaolin Monk.With the revolutionary Pocket Arena, you can now play your favoriteShaolin Jump competing against your friends!Play as a young Monk as he battles against the 4 elements ofnature: Water, Wind, Fire & Earth. Players must swiftly guidetheir character through visually stunning worlds to rise pastdangers and unlock the hidden secrets of the Shaolin. Acquiringsuper powers, such as Arcane Wave, Phoenix Wings and Shaolin Shieldwill help defeat enemies that may stand in your path, from giantchameleons to creeping spiders to frenzied birds. Players cancompare their scores with friends on the Game Centre, where onlythe strong, smart and swift top the leaderboard.FEATURES:Visually stunning and Rich in content game.Urgency driven gameplay in 4 staggering zones:oWINDoWATERoFIREoEARTHEngaging casual gameplay, with one touch control.Over 6 acquirable primary powers such as the Running Shoes, ArcaneWave, Shaolin Shield and more.Over 6 Shaolin Super Powers such as the Guardian, Phoenix Wings,Nirvana and more, unlock as the mysterious Dragon scrolls areachieved.New & Intuitive, dynamic level design system giving you freshgameplay experience in every single play session.Enjoy original Shaolin music scores.Face, evade and eliminate eerie enemies and obstacles such as theGiant Chameleons, Creeping Spiders, Hungry Alligator, FrenziedBirds, Bombarding Projectiles and many more!Competitive High score system to challenge and exceedoneself!Completely engaging and highly addictive gameplay with an endlessre-play value.Intense, action packed, fun filled game that pushes one’s focus,precision and reflexes to the limits.
Mini Golf:Theme Park APK
It's FREE! Try and Play full game !Play through 99 tracks and unlock secret powers in a theme parkfull of fun and surprises! Challenge yourself on the 4 courses ofthe Mini-Golf Masters – testing your power, speed, skill andsmarts. Unlock their secret powers to send the ball past trackobstacles like bumpers, spring jumps and teleporters. Get moreholes, more objects and more fun with the most addictive Mini Golfgame for mobile!With the revolutionary Pocket Arena, you can now play your favoriteMini Golf competing against your friends!Get 99 tracks in a theme park full of secret powers, crazyobstacles and characters!• Play as one of 5 characters: Minny Golfer, El Macho Mustacho,Amber, Swift Stroker and Dr. von Putt - each with their own secretspecial power!• Boost your play with up to 4 secret master powers: Jump, BrakeBall and more!• Crazy track objects including big bumpers, teleporters and springjumps to spice up the fun.• Up to 5 theme park areas with expertly designed, unique trackswith spot-on game physics!• Each theme park area has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium andHard. Master them all!• Great controls - gently slide or tap your fingers on the touchscreen to control the golf club• Excellent music and sound effects
Tower Bloxx™ Revolution APK
Welcome to the dazzling future of TowerBuilding!!Tower Bloxx Revolution, is a sequel to the world wide smash hitseries of Tower Bloxx, now with a revolutionary gameplayexperience! Enter the fabulous - futuristic world of Sky City –2699 and go beyond limits in building the most colorful and wackysky scrapping Towers ever!Experience 3 fun filled games in one game, in a sci-fi worldbeyond! Build colorful towers to house the space toons, gain colorcombos and cool power ups that boost the speed of tower building,beat all your opponents and top the charts as the Richest Architectever!3 dazzling & engaging NEW games in one:Casual Game – how Rich can you get?Swift Game – how many Towers can you build, before the Time runsout?Frenzy Game – how quickly can you Align all the blocks? An ultimatetest of Reflexes & Speed!Intuitive and Simple one touch/button gameplay.Amazing visuals of the Future - year 2699.Active Leaderboard system, wherein each opponent competes with eachother and with the Player in every game session, keeping the pacealways active.Over 10 cool Power ups such as Booster, Auto Align, Magnet, Freezeand a lot more.New “Super Combo Session” that engages the player with cash andheight reward in Casual game mode.New & Never before experienced mini-game “Try Your Luck!” whichis a luck based card picking game that rewards you with coolBonuses.New Record system, that holds statistics and information of everysingle achievement of the Player inducing the drive to achievemore!New Tower Review system records your tower design, color, structureand displays it at the end of the game session for you to reviewand hone your performance further.The Award-winning gameplay of Tower Bloxx(TM) now comes with manytimes more fun!