1.5 / October 5, 2017
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Head into a square world of blocky tower defense! Build your owndefenses against waves of monsters coming from the mine! Craft yourstrategy to protect your base against the endless monsteronslaught. Have fun with the exploration of multiple types oftowers used for castle defense against creeps. Become the king oftower defense and protect your kingdom in a fight with a rush ofmonsters!Featuring:- Action-packed defense against an alieninvasion- Crafting & building of multiple towers- Best towerdefense games, no wifi required- Exploration of enemy waves rangingfrom lite to hard- Survival against the odds- Creative mode formaze buildingWitness breathtaking battles against an invasion ofzombie, mutant and alien monsters in one of the new tower defensegames of 2017! The heroes of this realm failed in their kingdomdefense against the rush of beasts from another dimension. They'vetried to wage war with them in their natural surroundings - in theancient mine. Craft of magic didn't help in the fight, but it hasleft the realm in a state of destruction. These are the times whenyou, a brave hero, have to survive to protect the kingdom. Preparefor the best tower defense game of 2017!Build complex mazes toconfuse and weaken your enemies. Use multiple kinds of towers togain an edge against the forces of evil. Tap into the powers ofelements to annihilate more powerful foes. Create surprising trapsusing auras to buff your surrounding buildings. Crafting of yourtower defense line is a serious task, this is no arcade shootinggame! Battles that you'll be winning will be full of action andfighting. All of this comes at a surprising price - nothing! Thisbest new tower defense game of 2017 is completely free. Who said,that you have to pay for good things in life? Games for free (&offline) like this give you the greatest opportunity ever - to playout epic fantasies in kingdoms where heroes fight against zombieinvasions, where your name will be sung by the minstrels for agesto come!Wait no longer, because there is glory to be won in battle!This best new tower defense game of 2017, fully playable withoutwifi (offline) will bring you the most extreme arcade actionemotions. Download now!

App Information Tower Defense Craft: Arcade Crafting TD Games 2017

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    Tower Defense Craft: Arcade Crafting TD Games 2017
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    October 5, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Free 3D Crafting Adventure Games For Boys & Girls
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Exploration Lite: Girls 1.1 APK
Crafting & building for girls! Exploration lite of squareblocky world! New pocket edition of design craft! Build castle,zoo, theme park, shopping mall or a whole town (town builder!)Change clothes, dress up and be a fabulous princess! Girl craft newawesome things like jewelry, dresses and accessories! Startbuilding blocky world using blocks, craft new items, finish questsand be a real princess! Pocket edition of exploration lite forgirls! Crafting & building! Explore cube city! Drive throughthe blocky square streets! Be a Top Girl! Build and create!Decorate the room or whole house (design craft)! Have a pet (dog,cat, panda etc.) Start the story mode! Build a doll house anddecorate it with fancy stylish furniture! (dollhouse craft mode!)Visit nail salon or have a make up! Makeover of a square world!Create a high school party, invite best friends! Pick up yourcrush! Date boys and go shopping with girls! Exploration lite freefull version for girls! Build a house and invite your boyfriend! Bethe best girlfriend in the world! Chat with NPCs (please note - youare not chatting with real person!) Start dating handsome boys, buynew clothes, build explore and create an infinite world! Craftitems, build worlds! The world is endless! Survival mode orcreative mode? Build houses and grow vegetables! Build a glam dollhouse or your dream house! (dream house craft!). Become an interiordesigner starting with a dream doll house! Use 3D environment(sandbox) to create anything you want! Summer fun with “Explorationlite for girls”. No high school romance or shopping day fun!Creative game for creative girls! Free! Take your BFF and create aroom for them! Glam doll salon the new way! Explore, build, craft,mine! For girls this game gives opportunity to use creativity andfashionist skills! Make up a doll house the way you want! princessdoll doll house for free! Fashion story in a blocky infinite world(sandbox). Craft Play Share! Evolution craft & free games forgirls!Features: Build using blocksCraft itemsChat with NPCPlaymusic minigamesMount and ride animals (horse, cat, dog, pandaetc.)Infinite world! (sandbox)Upcoming features:Multiplayer (multicraft)Spa salon modeFashion craft (design) craft for girls modeMyunicorn & mini games! Crafting & building
World War of Warplanes 2: WW2 Plane Dogfight Game 1.3 APK
Get ready to sit behind the steers of fighter planes in one of thebest airplane games of dogfight about World War 2! Take control ofthe WW2 battlefield and become the ace of skies in air fightercombat.Choose from a selection of warplanes made for combat in thetime when there were no jet fighters, helicopters, gunships and f16or f18 - expect to fly biplanes in dogfight WWII. Master aircraftcombat in 1942, the year of the biggest battles in the Second GreatWar. The flight model is much more dynamic than in WW1, as theflying planes are much faster in this conflict.FEATURES:-Dogfighting like an ace- Epic fighter plane combat- Selection ofWorld War 2 fighter planes- COMING SOON: dogfight games onlinemodeYou can use a selection of clever strategies to outthink yourfoes in this World War 2 aircraft battle simulator game. Cut thedistance in aerial dogfight, outmaneuver the enemy WW2 bomberplanes, play any kind of fighter airplane games to shoot off theirwings! Any move is allowed on the World War 2 battlefields.The gamewas designed as a plane shooting game for kids and adults alike.Expect the best elements from dogfight simulator games and arcadeairplane flying and shooting. Your aircraft attack will be start areal war. Thunder of explosions will be heard. Only an ace of WW2dogfight will keep his wings in this world of war planes. In thisworld you can only count on your buddies from your fighter wingteam - or rather you will be able to do that in the future versionof this game, when multiplayer dogfight for the elite is added.Until then, you'll have to go all shooty at skies that are filledwith AI enemies.Perform extreme maneuvers that could embarrassmodern jet fighter pilots in combat and flight simulator alike.When in doubt, do a barrel roll and leave these WW2 fighter planesin behind, let them play war games while you retreat. Heed the callof warfare and do your duty with a modern feel of combat.In WorldWar 2 games flying planes is bound to be much more complicated thanin WW1 dogfight apps. Modern air combat in that time was actuallyextremely dynamic. When you'll get behind the steers of airfighters that are presented to you you'll immediately feel the rawpower of the most advanced World War 2 airplanes. Be sure to masteryour piloting skills to achieve air supremacy. Whether you fightover land or as an air navy fighter, lite is not the word you coulduse to describe the task at hand. Take your medal off, honor isearned in fighter plane combat, not on parades!Don't wait anylonger and download now. Go higher, farther, faster - the air forcewants you!
Crossy Hoppers: Road Jump Game 1.01 APK
Jump right into this fresh FREE road crossing game! Pick yourcharacter and start playing right now! Try out this simple game forgirls, boys, whole family & everyone else! Tap the screen tojump, try to go as far as you can! Game based on the classicfroggy-like games! Simple and fast gameplay, easy to learn, easy toplay, and brings tons of fun! Go now on your journey and live yourown adventure! Oldschool style game with new features! It’s jumpyand crossy,road is full of dangers though! Be careful of variousobstacles! Avoid many cars and trucks! Swipe to the sides to escapeall dire situations! Go past the rivers, don’t get wet! Jump onlogs and don’t fall into the water! Be the best hopper! Play withyour friends for even more fun and see who will go the furthest!Become the master jumper of all time! Travel through rich, colorfulnever-ending environment! This blocky cube world is waiting foryou! Beautiful graphics make this game even better! Stylish,refreshed and renewed 8-bit looks creates unique experience! Chooseone of available unique hopping heroes! See your cute animaljumping! Unlock new carefully crafted beautiful pixel jumpers thatwill make every new round a new adventure! Jump like a frog,GER,ENG, RUS, PL and other language versions supported! A new title onthe market! Fresh take on the classic games! Try out and seeEndless fun is right here! Free game, no pay to play, no pay towin! Only true pure gameplay!Features:An endless, colourfulself-generating world!Four unique playable heroes to choosefrom!Fast and easy play, hard to master!Highreplayability!Absolutely FREE to play, nomicrotransactions!Upcoming Features:Multiplayer with manypeople!Unique powers for each character!New obstacles anddangers!Survival mode!Time attack! Go as far as you can in limitedtime!New environment elements! Winter, autumn and springseasons!Global high score ranking!Achievements! Complete everyquest!Collectible powerups!Level up! Gather experience and developyour favourite heroes!And much more! Don’t loose your chance toplay and see those awesome changes! Tell your friends and join thecommunity today!
Blocky Mayhem: New Shooting Arcade Game 1.0 APK
Grab your bazooka and get right into arcade shooting action in aselection of crazy arenas! Defend yourself against incoming wavesof zombies and monsters using powerful weapons! Shoot 'em up in thetop new action game of 2017! Prepare to deliver mayhem in an epiconslaught. The science has gone too far and the mutant zombiebeasts have overtaken your neighbourhood, changing it in anpost-apocalyptic wasteland - and now you have to make sure that thereckoning will be long and hard - just like your bazooka! A newshooting game that you need - blocky mayhem in a pixel world, onlyyou, your gun and the zombies - everything like it should be. Startyour shooting missions in a war, where shooting people is the leastterrible thing that can happen!Blazing features:- high qualityblocky graphics- extreme shooting action- modern pixel combat-offline shooting- shooter defense in a crazy world- arcademechanics that won't give you a headacheTest different weapons tosee what works best for you! You like to blow things up? Try thebazooka. You enjoy getting close to your targets? A shotgun it is!Or maybe you prefer a high tech precision laser? Last but notleast, you can unlock the elite minigun and unleash the power ofautofire on your enemies! If you're looking for shooting gamesoffline then look no longer! Your FPS needs will be satisfied byextremely dynamic dual stick action. Anybody with two thumbs canplay - it's easy to learn but hard to master. To become a top downshooter master you'll have to spend lots of time shooting monsters.This will be easy enough though if you're a natural born monsterkiller! This game is extremely well optimized - experience highquality graphics and never see your fps drop. Not many free arcadeshooting games can say this! Wait no longer and get into anadventure of mayhem in one of the best shooting games with highquality graphics! This twin (dual) stick shooter will bring youhours of monster crushing fun. Do you have what it takes to survivethe Bazooka Mayhem?
Zombie Traffic Racer: Extreme City Car Racing 1.0 APK
Crazy cars vs monsters! Start a scary survival adventure and breakzombie line of defense as a driver on an endless asphalt highway.Shoot zombies or run them over - blocky (un) dead horde will becomea roadkill!Extreme city racing in zombie ageRemember good old timeswhen you was just an extreme car driver? The times when you onlycared about crazy car stunts or another speed challenge? It’s allgone! Now you have to deal with hordes of block zombie and runthrough asphalt city streets full of stupid monsters! Forget aboutyour jet car and car stunts. It’s not a stunt simulation game! Useyour mad skills to survive the horror in an epic city escape from areal danger zone. Think you’ve seen all racing action games outthere? You’re wrong - at least until you played our zombie trafficracer game - new version! Zombie death race off to start - craftcars, upgrades and survive!Thanks to your car mechanic, you have aplenty of racing cars to choose from. Become a traffic racer incar, truck, bus, 4x4 jeep racer or even a monster truck! Jump intofast craft mode and enhance your extreme city car with nitro andother fancy upgrades! It’s a survival game, but it’s not one ofthose zombie car games when you’re left for dead - keep your eyeson the ball. Taking part in zombie invasion wasn’t a dream ofprofessional car jumper, but with your mad skills, fast city carsand plenty of options to craft cars, upgrades and even heavyweaponry, you must try to survive this zombie tsunami as long asyou can! Keep the balls rolling!Aim on (un) dead target and startzombie shooting!Did somebody said heavy weaponry? Yes, feel like atzombie offroad safari adventure! You can not only drive on endlessasphalt highway - this city car racing game lets you also shootzombies down! Install one of the many weapons like handguns,shotguns, laser guns or even a RPG and take part in racing onasphalt dead road! Use destructible environment to smash zombieslike tsunami! This zombie traffic racer game provides endlesspossibilities of killing zombies! Swipe on side to kill even moreand don’t forget to shoot zombies, which you recently smashed -you’ll get extra XP for that! Unlock more weapons to make sureevery (un) dead target is dead by daylight - endless trafficroadkill! Become an traffic racer in extreme world full of stupidmonsters and put a zombie age to an end!If it bleeds, you can killit. It’s a first and the most important rule in this zombie trafficracer game. Remember this and race off the danger zone full ofstupid zombies. Push the nitro button, launch the RPG and send thiszombie traffic to hell! It’s one of the best zombie killing gamesof 2017. Don’t hesitate any longer - DOWNLOAD NOW with just one tapand play one of the best action racing games for boys. Enjoy thepure fun of killing zombie on an endless asphalt highway. Roadkillis all you’ll left behind.UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!Newcars to craft!New scary stupid monsters to kill!New weapons ofdestruction to customize a car or truck!More obstacles!
Extreme Stunt Simulator: City Car Racing 3D 🏁 1.0 APK
City car stunt game for fans of arcade games! Top speed in extremestunt challenge! Drive ahead: cars, jet car, 4x4 jeep racer, trucksor monster truck! Join crazy driving test and become master ofstunt jump!Craft a car stunt legend - extreme cars racingAre youready to begin monster stunt challenge? Real arcade adventure gameawaits! Choose your car and jump behind a steering wheel. In thisexciting combination of extreme stunt simulator and car racing gameyou can drive a car, jet car, 4x4 jeep racer, truck or even monstertruck! Dash ahead with top speed and without limits! Perform adangerous car stunt jump on asphalt road like a real flying ace.Traffic jam doesn’t exist here - don’t expect to become anothertraffic drifter. It’s not one of the many simple racing games,where you have to drift between cars and trucks trying to find yourway through other road racers. Here you depend absolutely on yourcar jumper abilities. This game is not called extreme stuntsimulator without a reason! Escape from traffic jam - insane carstunt jump is all you need!Choose your sandbox playground. Testyour car stunt jump skills in many different landscapes! Race onasphalt highway through city, desert, savanna or safari! Tap anitro to speed up this car city challenge and swipe to sides toavoid obstacles! Keep your eyes on the ball - you wouldn’t like toend up city car racing in flames, would you? It’s just a stuntsimulator, but crashing can be real! Extreme Stunt Simulator iseasy to learn, but hard to master! With beautifully crafted 3Dlandscape it’s easy to lose the track in this sandbox world, butdon’t drag along! This car racing game rewards only the bravest carstunt jumper! Crazy hoppers road jump game for boys and girls, forkids and family alike! Race against time and keep the ballsrolling!Rings of fire. Balls from snow. Bombs. Wreckages. You dealwith all of it on the asphalt road that can lead you to become amaster of stunt jump. Keep the balls rolling on top speed makingbarrel or other freaky stunt jumps while flying over train! Earngold and glory, unlock new racing cars and make even the mostinsane car stunt jump. Don’t lose your time for some other carracing games. Among all racer car games for boys and girl you won’tfind any better simulator of car jumping. DOWNLOAD NOW ExtremeStunt Simulator FOR FREE and enjoy one of the best racing car games3D of 2017!CORE FEATURES:Become the most skilled car jumper!Chooseyour vehicle! Cars, jet car, 4x4 jeep, trucks and even monstertruck!Monster driving challenge without limit!Barrel or donut!Extreme stunts to make!Tap the nitro!One of the most realistic carstunt simulator games ever!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!Co-opmode!Story mode!More extreme cars to choose from!Monster trucks!Jetcars!More customization options!
A-MAZE-D: 3D Maze Puzzle Games King - And More! 1.0 APK
A-MAZE-D brings you the ultimate labyrinth 3d maze experience!Enjoythese enchanting features:★ Create your own maze world★ Hard puzzlesolving★ Maze challenge games - pick your own difficulty level!★The most groundbreaking 3D puzzle game of 2017★ Puzzle games forkids and adults★ Set the maze king freeHope you brought your witswith you, because it's not an easy maze game for kids! Have a lookinto the magical world of A-MAZE-D and let your imagination takeyou right in! Get right into the maze dungeons and start breakingthese 3d puzzle challenges. Search for the exit using theClairvoyant Vision Mode and navigate your way to escape the mazeworld 3d. Control your butterfly avatar and try to fly out of thisfun and complex mind teaser. You can pick your own difficultylevel, so play either maze games for big children or solve reallyhard mazes for the hardcore labyrinth crunchers. You are in fullcontrol of the level of fun you'll be encountering. Here you canperform an epic escape from the maze and more! Change your ingameavatar, create new and more complex hard mazes, improve your puzzleskills! Explore the maze world and ultimately solve the hardestmaze puzzle 3d! All of these challenges were created to test yourintellect and sharpen your wit. When you'll finally take care ofthe maze king games and break out of the labyrinth game you'll beable to return any time you want - this maze puzzle 3D allows youfor an infinite number of playthroughs! If you want to play one ofthe puzzle games for girls or maze games for kids and adults - waitno longer, as A-MAZE-D offers the perfect levels of challenginglabyrinths for people of all ages and genders! Anybody can increasetheir puzzle solving skills using this maze app. It's all just onetap away! Enter a magical world of colorful mazes and relaxingmusic. Let your imagination flow free while you travel through theargent glow of mystical labyrinths.The best 3d maze game - freekids puzzle is available now for free, so download and play NOW!
Moto Hill Climb Rider: Extreme Stunt Bike Racing 1.12 APK
It’s an escape from animal farm! Jump on motorbike and race off forsurvival! Travel from farm city, craft a legend as hill climbracing driver. Game of crazy stunt jumps is about to begin!Don’tstuck in moto traffic jam!Keep your eyes on the ball! This arcaderace is a real bike challenge. You play as an animal hero, whoaren’t going to live on animal farm any more, so he decided toescape. And what’s better than making an escape on motorbike whileperforming crazy stunt jumps? It’s not one of those traffic jamrider games, where you have to craft cars, drive jet cars or doingsome nonsense street racing. It’s neither a pet racing game forkids nor some car craft with exploration lite for girls. It’s apure motocross madness! Become a hill climb bike racing driver onan endless asphalt road to survival!Explore different landscapes inthis hill climb adventureIt’s all begin on animal farm, butmotorbike race to freedom is long and full of hardships. In thisextreme stunt bike racing game you can avoid obstacles along theway or… Use them! Jump from ramps to perform insane stunt bikejumps! You wouldn’t make such a dirt ride in car! Craft your waythrough hill. Climb and push nitro to jump ahead! Feel like aflying ace on colorful flight through beautifully, hand-craftedlandscapes - you’ll be A-MAZE-D! No time to stuck on traffic jam onasphalt highway. Rider with mad skills in bike racing like you canmake a motocross downhill anywhere!Get more points while in fly!Unlock extreme stunt jumps and enhance your bike racingexperienceIt’s not a moto GP. The more extreme stunt bike jumps youperform, the better rewards you’ll get! Try to make a barrel,wheelie or stoppie. Go up hill or downhill and make an extremestunt bike jump like no other moto traffic rider on road full ofsurprises. Avoid obstacles and be a traffic racing rider as long asyou can! But keep your eyes on the ball - fly over traffic jam andhill climbing farmers. Don’t let these stunt bikes haters catchyou! Unlock new bikes and skins for your favourite motorbike. Youmay play as an animal, but you can still shine like a professionalstunt racer!Don’t act like a zombie on an asphalt highway. Downloadone of the best sidescrolling traffic rider games for kids andbecome the best rider of all hill climb animals in extreme bikeracing. TRY IT NOW - FOR FREE!CORE FEATURES:Choose one of unique,hand-crafted animal heroes!Escape from farm on a road full ofdangers!Drive a motorcycle and hill climb with it like neverbefore!Make an extreme stunt bike jumps!Be the best rider from allanimals riding motorbikes ever!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayermode!Co-op mode!Trial ride mode!More cute zoo animals tochoose!Driving a car! Craft a new way to escape!